Monday's Shoot - Leah

Monday started out like most other days when it comes to getting ready for a shoot. I packed my stuff, hit a couple of stores for some last-minute items, then made my way to my model's house. On this day, I would be shooting with Leah.

Once Leah entered the picture (pun intended), things got quite interesting. Just ask the lady who gave her a pedicure. When walking into the nail salon Leah looked at me and mumbled that she wasn't wearing any underwear. She was also wearing a skirt. Oops! 

Leah tried her best to hide her girl parts and seemed to be doing a good job. Well, at least for a little while. After 10 minutes of sitting in the chair, Leah was given a towel to put over her lap. I was cracking up so much and texting Leah all kinds of wisecracks about her situation. She was rolling her eyes at me, trying not to laugh.

Once the fun at the nail salon came to an end, we grabbed a quick bite to eat. From there we were on our way to shoot some much-needed photos. I had a few ideas in mind for what we'd shoot that day, but we both brought extra outfits and props in case we had time for extra sets. That worked out for the better since we ended up saving one of our ideas for another day. More on that later. Here's a look at what we did end up shooting:

Set 1: PlayStation 1

Over the years I have done several video game themed sets. Most of those were done with handheld systems, but ever since Mindee's Nintendo Entertainment System themed set, I've wanted to theme shoots around some of my other retro consoles. High on that list has always been the PlayStation 1. Well yesterday that finally became a reality with Leah kicking things off in nerd mode.

Along with the system, I brought a handful of popular games, a multi-tap, four controllers (including two original non-analog versions), a memory card, and a Game Shark. Hey... Leah might want to cheat from time to time. Tomb Raider is hard! That Lara Croft kicks all kind of ass, even in her PS1 blocky form.

I'm glad I finally was able to make this set a reality. Hopefully I can pull some of my other consoles out for other sets soon.

Set 2: Blacked Out

Back to Mindee for a minute. Another set Mindee did that I always liked was the one where she wore pink thigh high stockings with a pair of black fence nets over top. Looking to do a stocking set Monday, and having a pair of black fence nets, I asked Leah if she'd like to wear them. She had never done fence net stockings yet, so I thought that would be good. That was my original plan, but as we all know, plans change. 

Realizing I had a pair of regular black thigh high stockings in addition to the fence nets, I pitched the idea to double them up like Mindee did in her set. Even though both pairs of stockings were black, I thought it would look neat. Leah liked the idea too and that's what we ended up going with.

I'll tell you what, I liked how the black on black looked so much. The fence nets added texture on top of the smooth look of the standard stockings. Add in Leah's black attire and this set just had a naughty vibe that I loved. This was Leah's favorite set of the day and while I did love all of our set on the day, this edges out the next one ever so slightly. Emphasis on the word "edges" once you see the next set's theme.

Set 3: Schoolgirl Blue Balls

I've always been into women who know how to tease. When it comes to Leah, she gets an A-plus when it comes to teasing. Since we are talking grades, I guess the whole schoolgirl theme we went with for this set works perfectly. She brought along the outfit just in case. Obviously, I'm glad she did.

We decided to the schoolgirl outfit with a cute pair of socks that I've had in my possession for years. They are small ankle socks made from a white stocking material. We found it added a nice touch. Plus, going with the white this time around played off the "innocent" aspect of a tease so well. 

And speaking of those socks, Leah dropped those squishy blue balls into them and beat them senseless with her rulers. Message received loud and clear, Leah!

Set 4: Tarot Cards

Whenever I get a chance to have one of my models incorporate something they enjoy doing into their sets, I'm always game. With Leah's love for tarot cards, we both thought it would be fun to include them in a set one day. We weren't sure if we'd get to do it on Monday, but time restraints ultimately led to us going with the tarot cards. What was the original plan, you ask? A teasing ice cream set. Don't worry, it's just on the back burner until we can get together again. 

Leah set up her cards on the coffee table for this one, along with a few crystals and candles. From there her soft soles joined those objects and she began going through the cards. I wonder what my reading revealed?

Once we finished up with the tarot cards, we were done shooting for the evening. Leah and I looked through her photos and she was in love with all four sets. We both agreed that this was some of her best work to date and we think all of her fans will agree. Everything just came out so well. If you're a fan of Leah, be sure to check out these sets as they hit the site over the next few weeks.

Leah and I are looking forward to getting together again soon for some more sets, and I'm sure, fun times. She recently met someone who has shown some interest in shooting as well, so there might be model team up in her future. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks for an amazing day of photos and great times, Leah.

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