Monday's Shoot - Kelsey

Kelsey was long overdue for a shoot. With both of us changing jobs over the summer and her injuring her ankle last month, finding time hasn't been easy. One thing we did manage to do, however, was toss around fun ideas for when we finally did shoot - too many ideas to do in a single day. So even though we managed to shoot five amazing sets today, we still have plenty of ideas yet to come. Fingers crossed that we'll find time again here soon for even more! For now though, onto today's sets.

Set 1: Hometown Team Superstition

Back in March Kelsey sat on a set of bleachers, wearing orange sneakers and an Orioles shirt, with her toes painted orange. Next to her she had a couple of baseballs and a glove. Since then the Orioles have been one of the best teams in all of baseball. 

So guess how we started off today's shoot? If you said with Kelsey wearing purple sneakers, a Ravens shirt, and her nails painted purple, you'd be correct. Let's see if lightning can strike twice. If so then you'll see Kelsey do an Orioles and Ravens set next year too. Heck, maybe every year moving forward.

While our original plan to use bleachers to match the Orioles set didn't work out, it was for the best. Out on one of the fields we spotted some tackling sleds and one of the tires used during practices/work outs. They provided a far superior setting for this set.

And a special thanks to Kelsey before I move on. In most of the shots done over on the the tackle sleds, she had a thick metal pole stuck between her booty cheeks. It wasn't comfy, but it made for a fun angle with her feet pressed to the dummy. Sorry Kelsey! Love ya!

Set 2: Grape Jelly Slices, This Time

Okay, now for some more superstitious fun. The same day Kelsey did her Orioles set she also did a set with orange jelly slices. I figured they'd make for another set to do while she had orange toes. I turned out to be correct and we had a blast shooting that very public set. That's the set when someone yelled, "What's your Feet Finder?" at Kelsey from a nearby intersection. Fun times!

Knowing Kelsey would have purple toes today I decided to order some grape jelly slices this time to further stick with tradition. While we weren't close enough to any intersections this time around to be in the public eye, that allowed Kelsey make a much bigger mess this time around. By the end of this set her feet, hands, the bench, and the bowls were covered in purple sugary goodness. Look at it caked up between her toes and in all those thick wrinkles along her soles.

Set 3: Blue Ball Slapping

Just a couple of days ago Kelsey made a joke about doing a ballbusting theme after seeing Leah's latest samples. She got a laugh out of the schoolgirl set where Leah squeezed and slapped a set of squishy blue balls throughout the set. Well, unknown to Kelsey, she'd be doing her very own ballbusting set today too.

Before we began shooting Kelsey and this morning Kelsey stopped for a pedicure. While I was waiting for her I went to a nearby store and that's where I saw them. Two huge squishy blue balls. I bought two of them (for obvious reasons) and put them in my car. When Kelsey was finished her pedi and we got out on the road, that's when I told her I found something for one of her sets today.

Kelsey rolled her eyes and laughed when she saw what I bought. What started as a joke last week was now her reality. And you know what? She owned it and had so much fun shooting this set. A few people passing us by while shooting didn't stop us either. The one with the metal detector probably had the best view. It came during the video clip when Kelsey was slapping the balls with her sandals and squishing them under her feet. Those slaps were so loud! I can only imagine what he was thinking.

Set 4: Clear Flip Flops - Kelsey's Turn

After shooting the three sets above we decided to drive over to a nearby park - one we used last year. With everything we had shot being so colorful and filled with props, I wanted these sets to feature more earthy tones and be a little simpler. No blue balls, jelly slices, footballs, etc. Just Kelsey's feet and some footwear.

Now if you're looking at Kelsey's clear flip flops and wondering if those are the same ones Reese recently wore, then good eyes! They are indeed the same exact pair. Reese wore them first, but they were originally intended for Kelsey. Since we were unable to shoot for the last few months, I went ahead and asked Reese to wear them and thought having them pop up with different models moving forward would be fun. So don't count on this being the last time you see these same clear flip flops. Not sure if they'll fit Allie's little feet though and I'd love to see her in a pair too. Maybe I'll need to buy a second pair for the girls with tiny feet?

Set 5: On the Footbridge

With the fourth set in the books Kelsey and I decided to shoot one last set before heading back home. We only had to walk a few feet away from the bench we had just used for this spot. Earlier a family had walked out onto the bridge, but since they left during our previous set, it was ours for the taking.

At the end of this bridge is the small island where Kelsey and I shot her pumpkins set last year. I had thought about heading back out there and shooting in a different direction, but ultimately thought the bridge would be a better spot. And yes, those sandals were the ones Kelsey used to slap the blue balls with earlier, if you were wondering. They were only used for slapping in that set, so I didn't feel like we were reusing footwear technically.

We made great time on this set and toyed with the idea of doing a sixth set. While we could have probably made it work with the pace we were shooting, we didn't want to get back to the house last minute in case we hit traffic on the way home. We called it a day as far as photos went and made our way to the car. During the ride home Kelsey looked though the photos and said she liked how the sets turned out. Since I was driving I had to wait until we got back to her house to take a look. That's when I pulled off a couple of the Ravens shots from the camera onto my phone to post on Twitter (@SolesofSilk). And no, I'm not calling it X. So dumb...

I can't wait to post these sets to the site over the next few months. Of course, I can't wait to shoot the other ideas Kelsey and I have kicked around, plus whatever else pops into our head. Kicked and pops both being intended puns in that sentence!

Thanks so much Kelsey. You were amazing, as always. It's always fun to get together and shoot new photos and hang out with a trusted friend. Here's to many more, and with some of those coming soon!

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