Monday's Shoot - Reese

A few weeks ago I purchased a new camera - a Sony A7 IV. I made plans with Kelsey to shoot a week after, but that never came to pass. A week later, I made plans with Kelsey's friend, Roxy, who would be making her debut. On the one day we both matched our schedules, the skies were filled with smoke due to the wildfires in Canada blowing this way. We decided to try again on another day. I just couldn't catch a break. It doesn't help that I have a tight work schedule either, but I have been trying.

During this entire ordeal I was in regular talks with Reese to make her much needed return. Reese hasn't shot new content since 2018 and was one of the many friends/models who I hadn't worked with since the pandemic. During that time I used up my stockpile of unpublished photos sets, including the two she shot with Mindee. Well, that is in the rearview mirror and now, so is Reese's return.

Reese and I met up for a few hours this morning and shot three new sets. We kept things simple, electing to go for things people request instead of me finding some unique place out in the middle of nowhere to shoot. While I do like doing that, we only had a few hours today and quite frankly, I needed as many sets as I could squeeze in. Oh, and speaking of squeezing, I had also promised Reese some long overdue foot rub time. So I didn't want to waste time I could spend at her feet, driving. Do you blame me?

Set 1: Sneakers... Finally

From the first conversation Reese and I had about shooting today, one thing was for sure - she was going to be shooting at least one set in sneakers. And yes, without socks. Reese had no qualms about it and thought it sounded cute that I'm into sweaty feet. She wore a black pair of sneakers, which got her feet nice and warm before freeing them before my new camera.

If you're wondering how hot it was today, my arms, face, and neck got sunburned. Reese also said she had some sunburned spots on her when I texted her sitting down here to write this. All that being said, you know what that means, right? That means her feet were nice and sweaty inside those shoes. We wouldn't want it any other way, right fellas?

Set 2: Shining in the Sun

Although you could see Reese's feet looking a little moist in her sneakers set, the second set on the day would see them straight up glisten. Since so many people request baby oiled feet, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to shoot one. Reese hadn't done one yet either, so it was perfect. 

Set 3: Boats & Toes

After a short break to cool off, Reese and I jumped in our cars and made our way to a nature preserve. I originally planned to shoot her third set by the marsh on one of their piers. When we arrived, however, I saw a better place to shoot - a replica boat in the center of a roundabout. 

The light was hitting the area just right and I had never been able to use this location in the past. People have always been sitting in, or right around the spot. Today, however, we had it to ourselves. So I guess we did get in a nice little unique spot after all. Easily my favorite location of the day. I also liked the contrast between the white boat and Reese's black attire, including her sandals.

After our third set, I treated Reese's slender soles to that foot rub I had been promising for weeks. She looked through the photos on the camera and was happy with how things looked. She also commented how nice the massage felt, which was just as big of a compliment as the one about the photos. I'm the pampering type, so it's nice to know it was relaxing for her. It also relaxes me quite a bit as I can just unwind and shoot the shit with a friend.

Reese is certainly looking forward to shooting again soon. Hopefully we can find some time in a few weeks to do some more. I have a week off and am hoping to maximize that time to meet with a few others as well. I'll keep you all posted. 

I can't wait to share one of these sets with this week's update. Now... which one? Any requests?

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