Sunday's Shoot - Kelsey

We've been talking about finding some time to shoot for weeks now and today it finally happened. Kelsey has shot her first new photos of 2023 and was it ever an adventure. From great photos to someone spotting us and making some comments, it was a memorable day for sure! Let's get into the two sets we did, one of which, you'll be seeing this very week on the site.

Set 1: Let's Go O's!

This coming Thursday on March 30th, the Orioles play the Boston Red Sox on Opening Day. Wanting to shoot a set themed to the home team once again, I was after Kelsey to see if she had any open days before the season began. Well, she did, but it wasn't until a few days before Opening Day. Beggars can't be choosers. We made plans and got the set in first thing today. You won't have to wait long to see it either. It will be going up on Wednesday, March, 29, just in time for the season's start.

Kelsey went out and got herself an orange pedicure for this shoot and stole her son's Orioles shirt and glove. I lent her my balls... baseballs, of course. Don't be a perv! We found a spot where only a few people were out and about and shot over 80 photos. While there were a people walking by us from time to time during this shoot, no one bothered us since we'd stop when someone got close. This didn't hold true for the second set of the day, though.

Set 2: Orange Jelly Slices

Since we didn't get started until around 4:30 p.m., I didn't want to waste sunlight looking for somewhere else to shoot. Luckily a small pavilion at the same park was totally open. It was close to a busy intersection, though. More on this in a bit.

For her second set on the day I wanted to keep playing off Kelsey's orange pedi. I had picked up some orange jelly slices - uou know, the real sticky, sugar-covered ones you see at amusement parks and the beach? Yup, those. Of course Kelsey was like, "Oh great," when I pulled them out for her to stick between her toes. I mean she did have this to say in her recent 2022 Star Model Interview, though, "... I love making a mess with food using my feet." Then later added, "I just have a thing for food shoots and squishing things under my feet." 

That you do, Kelsey. That you do! So don't act like you didn't enjoy getting your toes and soles all sticky.

About 50 photos into this set someone inside a car at the nearby intersection saw what we were up to. They shouted, "What's your Feet Finder?" at us a couple of times. My guess is we had a confirmed fellow foot fetishist spot what we were doing. I mean, how many people not into feet even know what Feet Finder is? Heck, I've been doing this for decades and have never even used the site.

When we wrapped this set we had hoped to try for a third, but there was just too many people around the one area we wanted to use. We tried driving over to another spot not too far away, but by then we were limited by the sun going down.

Kelsey and I are hoping to meet up on Wednesday when we get off work to try to squeeze in another set or two. You might be seeing her popping up here in a few days with all new previews. More sets with Kelsey is never a bad thing. I know quite a few of you were looking forward to today's shoot based off my teasing it on Twitter (@SolesofSilk). I hope you like these and what we do on Wednesday.

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