Sunday's Shoot - Leah

As I was preparing for my shoot with Abby on Saturday, Leah messaged me to let me know she had finished her 2022 Star Model Interview. I'll be posting that with this week's update. That wasn't all that came up in that conversation, though. Leah asked me if I was free to shoot either tomorrow or next week. I said both are open and to pick what works best for her. She picked to shoot the very next day, on Sunday.

Naturally, I had no immediate ideas on what we'd shoot. Like Abby, Leah suggested we just get together and "figure it out." She had some fun and sexy clothing options she said she could use. I said okay and that I'd hit her up later on after I finished up with Abby.

Fast forward a few hours and I still had no idea what to shoot with Leah. She had her mind set on doing at least one teasing/naughty set. I wasn't complaining. She sent me a photo of a shirt she has with a Dominos Pizza logo spoof that reads, "Dominant" instead. Of course I said yes. We also decided to toss in a few extra fun things into the set. You'll see that later on.

Set 1: Crystals

For her first set, we ended up doing the "figure it out" approach. Leah cleared a space in her office and propped her feet up on her desk. We threw a stack of books on the table and she decided to stick some of her crystals between her little toes.

Yeah, sometimes sets can be this simple. I often overthink things and then I remember that most of you just want to see the models showing off their feet. You don't even care how the rooms are set up, if she's in a cool outdoor setting, or there is some sort of theme. I also find that when I free my head concentrating so much on those items myself, I can concentrate better on some simple, yet adorable poses like the one above.

Set 2: Locking Bois

Now we go from adorable to naughty. Leah wanted to be a mean girl in one of her sets. It's just her thing. Well, maybe it's my thing too? I'll never tell - although I probably have over and over in all my blogs and set descriptions on the site. Oh well!

Anyhow, you can clearly see that Leah is in the mood to lock up some bois. You better hope you're not among them. Something tells me that if she had her way, all of us would probably be denied until she saw fit regardless. Oh, and that yellow item barely sticking into the frame on the right side is indeed a banana. She just so happened to have one in her room when we began the shoot and it found its way into the set too. Go figure.

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