Saturday's Shoot - Allie

One week ago Abby was in front of my camera shooting some much needed content for Soles of Silk. Trying to build up some sets for the future, I found myself back behind the camera again, this time with Allie baring her tiny size 5's. With her last sets coming back in September 2022, she was overdue. Both of us were excited to finally shoot some new photos and we had several ideas in mind. So let me stop with the intro so I can get into what Allie and I found ourselves shooting just 24 hours ago.

Sets 1 & 2: Fence Nets & Pudding

Allie told me a while ago that she really wanted to do a set with pudding. She loved squishing a pumpkin pie under her feet for a Thanksgiving in 2021 and was eager to step in something else fun and yummy. I told Allie that I wasn't opposed to her doing a pudding set, but I had done several with the likes of Sara Swirls, Mindee, and Melani. While they all took place years ago, I'd still want to somehow make one Allie would do different. That's just the creative side of me.

Long story short, not too long after Allie mentioned pudding, I saw Unicorn Pudding packs at the grocery store. It featured pink and blue pudding inside. What flavors were they? Who knows? What I did know is that they would certainly be the different. I sent a photo of it to Allie and she was all about it.

A few weeks later, just prior to her shoot, I remembered that I had a pair of pink fence net stockings. I asked Allie her thoughts on wearing them. Mindee squished blueberries wearing black fence net pantyhose in a set last year and it looked amazing. Combining them with the pink and blue pudding would add even more bright color to the set. Once again, Allie loved the idea.

The night before our shoot, while trying to figure out a third set theme, I told Allie that we could turn the fence nets and pudding set into two separate sister sets. Part 1 would see Allie start off barefoot and pull on the fence net stockings. This would give her time to fully play with them and use them as props instead of just being worn in a pudding set. 

Part 2 of the set would see her start off in the stockings and then introduce the pudding packs to her itty bitty feet. I knew the gooey pudding would ooze between her toes and down her soles, catching the stockings as it made its way down her feet. It would still allow us to do the original idea we wanted to do.

Allie's opinion? She loved it. As you can see, we were on the same page yesterday and the results showed. These are some of my favorite sets of Allie, right along with the one that came next.

Set 3: Hugs & Kisses

Since Allie and I were shooting this weekend, the timing was perfect to make one of our sets themed to Valentine's Day. I always try to shoot holiday themed sets when I can, if I can. That doesn't always play out, but it did here.

For this one, although it does include some chocolates, it doesn't see Allie's soft little soles and plump toes get messy. Nope. Plus, the unwrapped chocolates didn't last very long between the two of us. I guess I don't really need to explain my snacking habits here.

Allie is someone who is all about celebrating different holidays and this is yet another holiday set she found herself doing for the site. Now with Valentine's Day crossed off her list, she can add it to the Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving sets she's done in the past. I'm pretty sure she wants to do ones for St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, Christmas, New Years, and probably Arbor Day or something. You know I'm for it. Anything involving this fun-loving friend of mine showing off her little feetsies more often I'd be all about. Thanks for shooting these awesome photos yesterday, Allie. It was great getting to shoot and hang out with you again.

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