Saturday's Shoot - Abby

Last week Abby and I made plans to shoot some new sets on Saturday. What would we shoot? Neither of us had any idea. Abby said we should just go with the flow and whatever happens, happens. That has worked well in the past for me, but mostly with outdoor sets. It's not too hard to find a neat place. For indoor sets though, I like to have some kind of plan.

It wasn't until the night before our shoot that I came up with a couple of ideas, both of which we ended up using. Oddly enough, both were flashbacks to past memories for the two of us - back to the days when we used to date in college.

Set 1: 35mm Days

As many of you know, Abby was my first true foot model. She modeled for lots of photos for me on my old freebie sites pre-dating Soles of Silk. Digital photography was just getting started back then, so everything was done on 35mm film.

For the last few years all of my pre-Soles of Silk photography has been sitting in photo books out in a storage locker. Hundreds of photos of dozens of models are in these books. Abby makes up a good portion of those photos, shooting both when we dated and even after we broke up. 

Since I am in the process of cleaning out the storage locker, I thought including these photos in a modern set would be fun. I hadn't taken them out of my car yet either. Abby loved the idea, so that's what we did for the first set.

Abby had tons of fun looking back though all those memories. I remember all the sets fondly, although I'm not crazy about my photography skills from that era. My lighting and/or flash usage left a lot to be desired - at least compared to what I do now. Artists are always their own worst critic. Well, foot models tend to be very critical of their photos too, but that's a whole different story.

Set 2: Pizza Bagels

As for the second set, Abby squished some pizza bagels between her toes and under her soft soles. "How is this a flashback?" you ask? Well, back in our college days, with limited budgets, pizza bagels were a favorite food of our while sitting on the couch, checking out a movie. Well, when I wasn't rubbing her feet, of course. That should be a given.

Abby and I had talked about doing this idea a while ago, but ended up going with a Strawberry Crunch Cake instead. That set was published last year and was a favorite of many. The pizza bagels have been on the back burner, pun intended, ever since. It's kind of neat how we ended up finally shooting the idea on the same day as another set that brought back so many memories. It was very fitting.

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