Saturday's Shoot - Abby

It had been a few months since I last shot new content for Soles of Silk. I had met with several models just before the holidays to stockpile sets to get me through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Here in January, however, I needed to get someone in front of the camera. It ended up being harder said than done.

A few weeks ago I began a new job and have been dedicating my time to learning new skills and adjusting to a new schedule. This hindered my ability to plan some much needed camera time. On Saturday, however, I was able to pull the camera out and shoot the site's first sets of 2023 with Abby

One of the two sets we shot below will be making its way onto the site this very week. I finally emptied my coffer of unpublished sets and now need to start rebuilding things. Thankfully Allie will be shooting this Saturday. I'll have to try to plan with some of the site's other models too now that I've gotten a grasp on my schedule.

Set 1: Wonder Woman Books

Abby and I are both huge fans of Wonder Woman. She has a bunch of statues and Funko Pops from the movie. I have a lot of them too, in addition to countless comics, books, and other goodies. My collecting habits over the last decade have seen me accumulate way too much Wonder Woman merch. It's really out of hand.

All that being said, Abby and I weren't sure what we should do for our second of the two sets we planned to shoot. We wanted to keep it simple, so I suggested bringing some of my Wonder Woman books along for her to look over... barefoot, of course! Abby loved the idea and that set kicked off our day. Well, after some camera problems I had shooting Kelsey back in October popped up again. 

It might be time for me to invest in a new camera, or at least a lens. There's something going on with the auto focus. Every so often it just won't focus. If I move the lens in and out manually it sometimes begins working again right away. Other times I have to let it sit for a few seconds and then all of a sudden, it's fine. I'm not sure what's going on, but the camera is a decade old. It just might be time.

Set 2: Grapes & Wine

With all the camera issues I had during the first set, I was glad it cooperated 99 percent of the time during our second set. I told Abby I wanted to see her smash some grapes under her soft feet weeks ago when we began planning. This would be similar to Mindee's blueberry set, but we decided to add in some wine too. Abby drank some of it and the rest she poured over her countless wrinkles.

We both learned something during this shoot too. Grapes are much harder to burst than we originally thought. The green grapes were especially tough. I joked that much like boy bits, they're tougher than they feel. Abby just rolled her eyes and gave me her typical smirk.

Getting a late start on the day, and trying to build up some extra funds in the bank with my new job, we only shot two sets Saturday. Once we finished though, we sat down to catch WWE's Royal Rumble. Foot photos and wrestling - it's a combination we've done a few times now when planning shoots. We might just have to do it again for Wrestlemania, especially since it's a two-day event.

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