Monday's Shoot - Abby

Over the weekend Abby and I talked about getting together for another round of photos. Earlier this year we shot during the day of WWE Summer Slam prior to watching the show. With their Extreme Rules pay-per-view on Saturday we thought about doing the same.

Ultimately, things did not go to plan Saturday afternoon, but we did manage to reschedule for today. That turned out to be a good thing too because today was about 10 degrees warmer. The only thing we had some issues with was where to shoot. I had a few spots in mind, but we kept striking out with too many people being present at each. Instead we were able to adjust and find spots near those places that worked out perfectly. These are the sets that we were able to do.

Set 1: Black Sneakers & Socks

I told Abby to bring a pair of sneakers along today. We were keeping things casual and sneakers can be done in most places. After striking out at our first two locations, I saw a community center with several ball fields nearby. We made our way over and had a look around.

The spot we wanted to use, which can be seen in the photo above, didn't come to us right away. There was only one person on the grounds and he just so happened to be right next to these bleachers. He was on his phone, yelling at someone. We looked around for another place to use and found a bench further out.

Of course, as soon as we were about to get underway, the man got up and walked off. Over to the bleachers we went. While our friend on the phone didn't leave the area entirely, he was far enough away to where we didn't care. I'm sure he was still close enough when we started to see that Abby was showing off her feet for the camera, though.

Oh, and before we move on, it was Abby's idea to include socks for this set. Since her first set this year was in sneakers without socks, she thought it would be nice to change it up. So you sock fans, or sneaker and sock combo fans, you have her to thank for this.

Set 2: Not the Originally Planned Pier

After driving to a new spot, we struck out yet again. Not because of people, but because the pier I thought about using was fenced off. We could have probably snuck around the fence, but I wasn't trying to risk getting in trouble for photos. Plus, maybe it was fenced off for structural reasons? It didn't say. Oh well, back to the car we went to find somewhere else to shoot.

Only a few minutes into our drive we spotted some piers in the distance behind some houses. We could tell they were in a large clearing, so we decided to check it out. Luckily for us, it was another park in the area that I totally forgot about.

We decided to keep this set 100 percent barefoot. No shoes, no socks, just feet - wrinkled ones, of course. We began right at the base of the pier along the shoreline. Throughout the shoot we moved further back before ending up at its farthest end. Along the way, we even spotted some jellyfish down below.

With these two sets Abby has now shot eight total in 2022. Talk about a nice turn around. Prior to 2022, Abby had only shot one set over the previous six years. That came in 2018. Like I've said before, it's been great having her back. I know you all agree. Be on the lookout for something from her hitting the site soon - probably from her art series.

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