Models I Miss - Marcy


Marcy shot her first-ever set not too long after turning 18 back in 2010.


"I just don't enjoy, I LOVE having my feet pampered..."
- Marcy: Introductory Interview

Welcome to the seventh entry into the Models I Miss series on the Soles of Silk Blog. This installment marks the return of a series I launched in 2016, which went on to feature six different models over the course of two years. I couldn't think of a better model to relaunch this series than one of the most energetic, fun-loving, and most teasing models to grace the pages of the site - Marcy.

Marcy's first set, the one shown above, marked her debut on Soles of Silk back in April 2010. She had just turned 18 and was still in high school at the time. She wasted no time wanting to show off her slender size 8's. A former co-worker of mine, Marcy would always ask me if she can shoot whenever we were on shift together.

"When you turn 18," I'd always reply.

The reason Marcy knew about the site was because she was friends with several older co-workers who shot for me. She is also Mindee's cousin. I guess girls talk? No matter how she found out, she wanted me to know that I would be taking pictures of her feet when the day came.

With that backstory, it seemed only fitting to do a "barely legal" theme for her debut. I found her a shirt online with "barely legal" across the chest. Marcy loved the idea and we put our minds to fleshing out the idea even more. That's when we came up with the idea of her playing hooky from class, especially since she was still in school. To top it off, Marcy would check out her first-ever porno magazine that she hid in her bookbag. Naturally, I picked Leg Show to tie in with the fetish.

That same day, Marcy also shot her first sweaty feet set with sneakers and socks set on the a track. During the shoot I admitted my love for sweaty and she smiled. She didn't judge, but instead asked me to feel how sweaty her feet were with a sinister grin. They were very moist and I told her as much. 

Marcy laughed and said, "Good." 

This is when Marcy shared with me how much she loves having her feet rubbed. I took the hint and put my camera down. I rubbed her moist soles and in between those damp toes, while people circled the track around us. Had that foot rub not have lasted so long, we might have gotten in a third set that day. Oh well, no regrets.

As fun as that day was, nothing could have prepared me for our next shoot. It was raining hard that morning when we woke up. It was calling for a pause in the rain later in the afternoon and we decided to see what we could do. I recommended a mud theme and she loved the idea.

When I arrived at Marcy's house she was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt. I mentioned that she might want to switch into shorts so her jeans didn't get ruined. She shrugged and said it's okay. When I recommended that she could always roll them, that's when I learned how my day was about go.

I will NEVER forget shooting this set with Marcy on a rainy day.

"I'm not just sticking my feet in the mud," Marcy said. "I'm getting all in that mud."

As you can see from the photo above, she did just that. She was a mess, but she was having the time of her life. Sometimes it's just fun to be a big kid. That didn't stop someone from pulling over in a white work van as he drove past the park.

"Fucking weirdos," he shouted before driving off. 

While I did shoot Marcy solo again after this infamous mud set, her most memorable shoots came when she was alongside Mindee. The two of them played off each other like you wouldn't believe. My teasing was endless, and the foot rubs aplenty.

Just like when I shot with Marcy solo, I was quickly introduced to how things would be each and every time these two shot together. It was always playful. Toes would be sniffed and bitten and soles tickled or kissed. I was so damn jealous and the both of them knew it. 

"Want a taste?" Mindee asked me holding up candy canes she was sticking between Marcy's toes.

Before I could mutter a response, Marcy said, "If he wasn't excited by that, this will do it," as she started nibbling Mindee's toes.

The two of them would just laugh at me, knowing what they were saying and doing was such a tease. Thankfully after the set, both had me sit on the floor and rub their feet as they relaxed on the couch up above. Still, that didn't stop them from further teasing.

Who remembers this welcome page graphic?

As much as I'd love shooting the candy canes set, the next set Marcy and Mindee shot together ranks as one of my all-time favorites. For longtime fans, you probably remember seeing the splash page graphic above on the site's welcome page. It was one I used for several years.

The idea to do a soccer themed set was Marcy's. She played soccer in high school and thought it would be fun. I always love incorporating things my models enjoy into their sets too, so it was perfect.

We shot this set on a turf field located inside another track. Just like her first shoot, Marcy would be doing another sweaty feet set with sneakers and socks at a track. This time, however, Mindee was along for the fun.

We obviously got a lot of looks shooting this one. Both cousins pulled off each other's socks, sniffed them, and each other's feet throughout the set. People looked as they walked by and this only encouraged both of them to put on more of a show when those nosey people came closer.

Their third and final team up was also candy themed. Instead of featuring candy canes though, we went with an M&M's theme. Since both their names begin with the letter "m," it seemed like a fun idea. Oh, and Marcy insisted that she got to wear the green M&M's shirt due to the long-standing idea that the green one was the "sexy" M&M.

Do I really need to say how much fun these two had shooting this? I will say I don't think I ever ate so many M&M's in one setting. And no, they weren't the ones fresh from the pack, inside the bowl, or laying on the bed. All of them were ones the girls had stuck between their toes to see if they'd melt. 

Remember the old slogan, "Melts in your mouth, not in your hands?" Well, Marcy and Mindee were testing to see if they'd melt under their feet, or between their toes. Surprisingly, they didn't melt much, if at all. They did get soft though as it was warm and damp between those toes.

Marcy reading a Wizard of Oz graphic novel.

I think it's pretty evident why I miss shooting with Marcy so much. She was a ball of energy. She enjoyed shooting and teasing me, and in turn, all of you in the process. She's someone I'd welcome back in a heartbeat if the chance arrived.

Marcy and I still keep in touch and she knows how much I miss shooting her. I'll be sending this blog to her once it's published too. She loves whenever I post flashback photos on social media featuring her sets. I know she'll love reading my words and knowing how much of an impact she had during her time shooting for Soles of Silk. She'll also certainly love knowing just how tormenting her teasing and playfulness was every time I pointed my camera her way.

Marcy, if you're reading this, thank you. You were always someone I loved having in front of my camera. My only regret is that we didn't shoot more. The door is always open and feel free to kick it down like Sam and Tory in Cobra Kai. That karate-themed set would be perfect for you. Guessing I'd be bullied by those feet too if that set ever happened? It'd be worth it!

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