Saturday's Shoot - Allie

Allie's back! Today's shoot marks her first new sets of 2022 and if I'm being honest, I missed her and those adorable size 5's so much! Allie has been one of my most dependable models over the last two years, so it's great having her back. 

Originally, Allie and I made plans to meet to shoot last week. With it being the end of September, I wasn't sure if the sunlight would be ideal for the hour she was open. We talked about it, nixed those plans, and rescheduled for today. We couldn't have asked for a better day either. There was a light breeze, and although mostly cloudy when we began, the sun did poke out for the most part.

Since Allie had plans later in the afternoon, we decided to meet up a little before noon to get underway. We lucked out that our desired photo location was open to use without a person in sight. We've struck out in the past with showing up to places only to find them overly crowded. We did have to find another place to shoot the second set, but that was only because we didn't have time to waste to see if those spots would open up. Now, onto the sets!

Set 1: Drawbridge

While looking online for some possible locations yesterday, I found a waterfront park close to several bridges. One of those bridges was also a drawbridge and I really wanted to use that spot, if we could. 

I arrived at the park a few minute before Allie and her boyfriend. I walked around and noticed the pier to be empty. No one was fishing, which is usually what deters me from shooting on some of the ideal waterfront spots I've found over the years. That wasn't the case today and when Allie arrived, we claimed the pier and got things underway.

Set 2: Park Bench

After finishing up the first set, we saw a few families throughout park. They were either in or close to the other spots I thought about using for a second or third set. Not wanting to wait around to see if they'd eventually move on, we found another park not too far away from us and made our way there. I didn't want to waste our time.

This second park was not on the waterfront, but it did feature a large pond. I decided not to feature it in the background at all since Allie has done quite a few waterfront locations since her 2017 debut. She agreed with that sentiment and we kept things to a bench about 50 feet away from the pond.

While this set was very simple, I did get a bunch of good shots of those soft soles and cute toes. And if you like flats, Allie started off wearing a pair in this one. I figured I'd share that since you can't see them in the sample photo above. Oh, and sandals were in the first set. I forgot to mention that when talking about the first set. You can kind of see them sticking up in the bottom right area of that first sample shot though.

With having to relocate to the second park and walking around that area to find where we wanted to shoot, we managed just these two sets today. Don't worry though, these surely won't be the only two she shoots in 2022. Now that Allie's back, I'm sure I'm going to be seeing a lot more of those small feet again. Lucky me! And of course, lucky you since she lets me photograph them and share those photos with all of you.

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