Sunday, June 26, 2022

Monday's Shoot - Macy Divine (New Model)

Pardon me for the sappy introduction, but sometimes you just have to be honest. Today I met a new friend - someone I almost passed up meeting with altogether. That person is Macy Divine. You can find on Twitter at @RealMacyDivine.

Macy reached out to me last week and asked if I would like to work together. She'd be in the area for a couple of days. I found her to be gorgeous and really wanted to take her up on the offer. Sadly, however, some things in my life are a little up in the air right now. I told her I wished I could, but things they way they are, I'd have to decline. I told her why and she told me if I changed my mind, or things opened up, to let her know. She said she understood, but really had hoped the two of us could work together at some point.

Long story short, Macy and I kept exchanging messages following that introduction. She totally won me over with her friendly attitude and assuring nature. I ultimately decided to meet and boy am I ever glad I did. 

Many of you know that the majority of Soles of Silk models are my personal friends and friends of those friends. Every so often over the site's 18 years I have met with models I've met online, but it's been a while since that has occurred. You can blame some of that on Covid, but the truth of the matter is I've always enjoyed doing this with my friends and many of you have come to love them and their work. 

Well, now I have a new friend coming to Soles of Silk with this week's update and her name is Macy Devine. Just like those friends I usually rely on, I feel like I've known Macy for years. I'm not exaggerating at all. She was one of the sweetest, down to earth people I've met from the likes of Twitter and other social media outlets. And to think that this almost didn't happen!

Set 1: I'm Cuckin' It

When chatting with Macy in the lead up to today's shoot I had shared some photos from past sets. She admitted that she liked the idea of doing something more on the bratty side or teasing side. She loved Alice's 4th of July Hotdogs set and a few others I had sent her. That's when I had the perfect idea - one that also included some food and size teasing!

I've been holding onto a shirt that spoofs McDonald's "I'm lovin' it," slogan with one saying, "I'm Cuckin' It." It also ditches the golden arches for some golden male/female symbols to go along with the message.

As for the food, I picked up several orders of fries from McDonald's on the way to the shoot. Let's just say Macy seemed to like those bigger, much longer fries better. Poor small fries! Some of them met their demise too as she ripped them apart and squeezed them between her plump toes. According to her, they deserved it. Did I say how much I like Macy yet? 

Set 2: N64 Shirt

For our second set on the day I kept things on the simple side. Macy admitted to being into Nintendo games and I just so happened to a have an N64 shirt and some Nintendo socks in my stash of props and attire. I bring them to every shoot and am constantly adding things to it that I might one day use in a set. She loved the idea, so back onto the bed she went.

Since I had a few pairs of Nintendo socks, and we couldn't figure out which ones to use, we used two pair. For the entirety of this set Macy put on and tugged off the socks. Sometimes they were matching and other time they were mismatched. I think sock lovers will love this one, especially if you like models a bit on the nerdy side. Macy fully admits to being a full-on nerd too, so have at it boys.

With her prior commitments we only shot these two sets, but I am happy to add them into the mix of the site's upcoming updates. I love how they came out and Macy really owned both of them with her playful nature. And she was such a pleasure to shoot too. I couldn't believe that she's only recently got into fetish modeling with how well she did. Seriously, I expected her to say she had been doing this for years. 

If there are any other photographers out there looking for an awesome model, one who is dependable, an awesome communicator, and is as friendly as they come, I vouch for her 100 percent. I can't wait to be before her soft soles again and hope she becomes a regular on Soles of Silk. And yes, I know her feet are soft because I made sure to rub them a time or two. Sorry, had to brag a little. Oh, and she's ticklish too. Not that I tickled them playfully once or twice. Okay, enough bragging. Time to get some sleep. Thanks again Macy!

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