Tuesday, February 22, 2022

1K Club - Ava's Footography

I knew Ava was going to look adorable in this adult onesie, but damn...

Since her last published set on January 19, 2022, Ava has been sitting just four photos shy of 1,000. Knowing she was so close to becoming the site's 20th model to join the 1K Club (1,000 photos), both Ava and I have been excited to see this day finally arrive. I think I picked the perfect set to honor the occasion as well - Ava's Cozy Queen set. Expect to find this somewhere on "My Favorite Sets of 2022," at the end of the year. It's so damn cute!

I am so happy to be seeing one of my most dependable models over the last few years take her place in the 1K Club. All the models have earned their place in the club have shot memorable sets and done so much for Soles of Silk. Ava deserves to be talked about among those models. And if I know Ava, I fully expect she will want to see her photo count rise higher and higher, putting her into the rare air of the 2K Club and even beyond. I am sure up for that! More time with Ava and her size 9 feet? Count me in!

Before I get ahead of myself and talk about Ava's future, let's first take a look at her past. Let's look at where she currently stands with all 20 models in Soles of Silk's 1K Club. All of these models deserve praise and to be recognized as the site's top models. Countless hours and effort from each has went into making the site what it has become. Ava included. Today, we honor her:

  1. Mindee - 9,399 photos
  2. Charlee - 2,929 photos
  3. Alice - 2,561 photos
  4. Cierra - 2,484 photos
  5. Kaycee - 1,967 photos
  6. Layla - 1,942 photos
  7. Kelsey - 1,889 photos
  8. Jamie (tied) - 1,874 photos
  9. Madison (tied) - 1,874 photos
  10. Jasey Rae - 1,787 photos
  11. Wendy - 1,763 photos
  12. Kellie - 1,740 photos
  13. Melani - 1,658 photos
  14. Abby - 1,457 photos
  15. Kayleigh - 1,434 photos
  16. Jordana - 1,266 photos
  17. Emerald - 1,252 photos
  18. Kimmie - 1,220 photos
  19. Allie - 1,149 photos
  20. Ava - 1,067 photos

As you can see, Ava's photo count of 1,067 has her only a few sets shy of moving up and passing some of the site's other 1K Club members. With four unpublished sets, including two solo sets and two with Charlee, those will put her right up around Kayleigh. With her ambitious drive throughout 2021, earning her the top spot on "2021's Star Models," expect to see her keep climbing. I truly think the 2K Club will happen for her without a doubt. Then Ava will be included in something that only four models, at this time, have been able to do.

There's me talking about the future again. It's so easy to do with Ava. I feel like she and I are always talking about wanting to shoot more and more. So let me slow down yet again and get back to how Ava got to her 1,067 photo count.

Debuting in 2018, Ava bared her big size 9 soles for the first time. She was a little timid at first, but enjoyed shooting those first sets nonetheless. She'd later team up with our mutual coworker, Carmella, to do her first, and still only published, duo set. Don't worry, one of those two with Charlee will be hitting the site soon, for sure.

After her first few shoots my overall stockpile of unpublished sets was so large that I slowed down on shooting in 2019. It wasn't until 2020, that Ava and I would shoot again. Just let me say though, the sets we did that day... Wow! I loved them and Ava owned the day. She looked stunning and had a bit more confidence than when she the first time. There I was expecting her to be rusty. Nope! She was all about returning and between her confidence and the amazing sets we did, I knew Ava needed to shoot again. And shoot again she did!

Throughout 2021 Ava would reign supreme. Eight of her sets would be published throughout the year, one from her 2020 shoot and remaining seven coming from the 13 she shot in 2021. The remainder of those 2021 sets are the ones  I've been publishing in 2022 thus far. We shot all the way up through Christmas, earning her that top Star Model spot. 

Speaking of Christmas, her Naughty/Nice set earned the Number 1 spot on "My Favorite Sets of 2021." Wasn't that such an adorable set? She pulled off that "nice" demeanor pretty good being she's clearly naughty. Yes, it's true. Haven't you seen her size teasing and ballbusting sets? She always wanted to do them and seemed like a natural. Heck, she even had blue Christmas balls front and center in Christmas set too! So much evidence for naughty!

Okay, enough talking about Ava's naughty side. Here's a timeline of all of Ava' sets from her 2018 debut to this week, when she joined the 1K Club:

  1. (2018) Marsh Flip Flops
  2. (2018) Baby Oiled Size 9's
  3. (2019) Jammin'
  4. (2020) Sweaty Sneakers w/ Carmella
  5. (2020) Ravens Flip Flops
  6. (2021) Gray Sneakers
  7. (2021) Park Path
  8. (2021) Colorful Sneakers
  9. (2021) Kit Kat Size Tease
  10. (2021) Love Ballbusting
  11. (2021) White Fence Nets
  12. (2021) Candy Filled Shoes
  13. (2021) Naughty/Nice Socks
  14. (2022) Ugg Boots
  15. (2022) Cozy Queen

As you can see, Ava's made quite the splash on Soles of Silk in recently. If you're thinking it was just with her updates, you'd be mistaken. Ava has been featured in several interviews, countless artwork in the downloads area, and even integrated into the site's d├ęcor with header bars and banners (see bottom of this blog). I wanted her front and center and she most certainly is at this time.

Before closing this out, let's go ahead and address Ava's future that I kept getting sidetracked into up above. You will be seeing plenty of her in the coming weeks. Just like with this Cozy Queen set, the sets coming your way will all be memorable and ones you won't want to miss. Those should take us through the remainder of these colder months.

Before long it should be warming up and Ava and I can get back to shooting this year just like we did last year - maybe even a bit more. I can't wait and know she can't either. I'm hoping to shoot some of the things we've talked about, like going to the ocean for swimsuit sets out on the beach. Sandy soles and booty? Count me in! And count me in for writing another footography for this awesome model and amazing friend. That one will just with the number "2" in front of the K instead.

One of two amazing sets coming your way featuring Ava & Charlee together.

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