Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tuesday's Shoot - Ava

Last year, in late August, Ava shot two new sets for site and man... they were amazing. The one, a Ravens-themed set, made its way onto my listing of my "Favorite Sets of 2020." The second one didn't get published until this year, but I'll tell you know, it's up there on my early list of favorites for this year's listing.

Well, it looks like Ava might have just added two more sets that could challenge as some of my favorite sets for 2021, especially the second one we did. It's so good! Let's take a look.

Set 1: Gucci Slides

Ava's first set on the day saw her wearing some Gucci slides. She brought these with her because we changed our plans ust hours before meeting up. Finding out that Ava was also open to shooting again later this week, I decided to hold off on one of the sets so we could do it indoors. Without giving away the theme, let's just say it is probably better that we decided not to do it outside. Well, at least not where we shot today. It might have gained us a bit of unwanted attention. That's all I'll say about that.

So yeah, the slides were something that Ava grabbed and brought with her on a whim. Our second set was to feature sneakers. While I certainly didn't mind doing two sneakers themed sets today, I told Ava to bring whatever she wanted. She picked the slides.

Naturally, we decided to shoot this set right along the main walk path at the rec park. We had to stop a few times when people got close, but if they weren't right up on us, we just kept on shooting. There's no way that some of those didn't see us shooting. Like I've told so many models in the past, however, from a distance, people probably can't even tell that I'm focused on their feet. Well, there are some poses that it's pretty evident, but it's not the majority.

Set 2: Sneakers & No Socks... Again (Hopefully Again & Again)

I probably confessed a dozen times to Ava just how much I loved her gray sneakers set from last year - one she did without socks. I told her how it's one of my favorite sub-genres to shoot many times over and she seems to love my passion for it. She's told me she'd love to shoot as many of them as I'd like to shoot with her too. When they come out like the one from last year and the one here from today, you best bet I'm going to keep doing them.

Needless to say, I freaking love this set. Ava looks amazing and all the colors just pop. Oh yeah, and she's barefoot after pulling her feet from those sneakers, without socks. Have I said how much I love that?

I don't want to sound like a massive fan boy and keep going on and on about this set. It's simple, but so damn sexy. I'm just going to let the sample shot above speak for itself. It also adorns my PC's desktop as wallpaper too. I have a funny feeling it's going to spend lots of time there. Well, unless her and her size 9 feet go and out-do these sets on Thursday. The sets Ava has shot these last few times, that seems to be a likely scenario!

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