Saturday's Shoot - Allie & Juliet

You know what's pretty cool? Having a friend ask me what I'm doing tomorrow because the weather is going to be nice and she'd like to shoot, if I was free. That's what Juliet did to me on Friday. Since she lives with Allie, she talked to her as well and the two of them agreed to make use of the good weather and get in a couple more sets. None of this was planned. The only thing I knew was that Allie was going to wear flats in one set and Juliet, a pair of boots in one of hers. Where we'd shoot and any other sets we'd do were all just a play as we go sort of thing. Here's how things turned out:

Allie went first, shooting a set out on a pier while people curiously looked on.

Watched by Fisherman

I feel like I've shot Allie by the water almost every single time we shot, with just a couple of exceptions. You know what that means? Wind. You know what that also means? Hair blowing all over the place. We joked while shooting this one that we need to start finding places to shoot that aren't on the water. Meanwhile, Juliet is yelling at her to just tie her hair back like hers was. Allie said no and Juliet shrugged.

When we began this set, there was a couple fishing way down the shoreline. We caught them looking our way a few times, but it wasn't like they were close to us. We just kept doing our thing. About half way through the set, however, another couple came walking along the pier and sat down on the bench about half way between us and the other couple. We definitely caught them checking out what we were doing. Allie didn't care, however, and we just kept shooting. Finally, a man in a red shirt came down to fish and set up not too far away from us. Allie saw him looking her way numerous times, but again, we kept going. I wonder if he liked feet or just thought we were weird? I often wonder. Even with all the eyes on us, we finished up and it was onto Juliet's first set of the day.

It was a warm day out, so Juliet's feet were a little sweaty in this one.

Black Boots & Socks

Like I said in the intro, today was nice and warm. So while Allie and I were shooting her set, Juliet sat on the pier watching stuff on her phone and probably taking selfies. All the while, her feet were getting a little sweaty inside her boots and black socks. You could see it plain as day when she pulled off her socks in the set too. Fans of sweaty feet will surely enjoy that. I know both Juliet and Allie joked that I probably loved it. I did.

The set went off without anyone coming by or glaring at us from a distance. I wondered if we would have any issues since we moved into the non-waterfront area of the park (sorry, Allie) for this one. It was all good though as the closest people were to us was probably in the parking lot a few hundred feet away. We blew threw this set quickly and were onto our next location. Well, sorta. The first place we went was quite busy, so we went somewhere else nearby where no one was - some train tracks.

Juliet shot the first of the two sets we did on the train bridge.

On the Tracks

Years ago I found a small train bridge over a creek. These tracks are hardly ever used, if at all. We decided to give it a try again. Both girls wanted to do a set on the bridge once they saw it. Not wanting to do another multi-model set, however, I had my work cut out for me. 

What I decided to do was shoot Juliet first and use more on the track portion of the bridge. Then after she was done, shoot Allie's set mostly on the bridge's supports to show the background a bit more. I don't think I totally succeeded in with that plan as the girls both shot in some overlapping areas, but will anyone really care? I doubt it.

With Juliet going first, we shot right on the tracks and a metal foot path portion alongside the tracks. There was a railing there as well, but over half of it laid in the river below, ripped from its foundation. I'm not sure if was a train that did that, or people. There were signs of damage all over the place from people hanging out on the bridge. Between the graffiti, trash, and broken glass, I wouldn't be surprised if some jackass broke the railing. I told Juliet to be careful whenever she was close to that area of the bridge, obviously.

I struggled a bit with this set being limited by the landscaping for angles. The sun was also positioned up in the sky to where I couldn't shoot certain ways or Juliet would be mostly in shadow. I also tried to stay clear of the area where Allie was supposed to shoot her set afterward. Still, we got things done and it was time for the last shoot of the day.

Allie also shot on the train bridge, but in her flats.

On the Tracks with Flats

At first, I thought shooting in Allie's planned spot on the bridge's cement foundation wasn't going to work. There were tall weeds all over the place and the ground sloped downward where I'd need to stand. Furthermore, if I fell, I'd go right into some swampy area where we kept hearing something moving around down below. Who knows what it was, but we did see two dead snakes in the grass walking to the bridge earlier. I prayed no snakes would come up on me while shooting this. Thankfully, other than a couple lady bugs, we were just fine!

Honestly, this area turned out to work out nicer than most of the spots I had just shot in Juliet's set. I was able to get down low and shoot Allie at ground level. I was unable to get down that low with Juliet because I didn't feel comfortable laying on the tracks. I didn't think a train would come, and even if it did, we'd have plenty of time to move off the tracks. There was just a lot of weeds, broken glass, and yeah... those snakes. So her set was more high angles.

Once we moved off the cement portion of the bridge, Allie and I faced some of the same issues I face with Juliet prior. We did the best we could and still got in some great shots.

All in all, I am happy with today's shoot. I went from a day with nothing planned to a day with two friends who have really enjoyed shooting in recent weeks. They're both now leading the way for early 2020 Star Model considerations with Allie shooting eight sets and Juliet, six. Not bad for someone who hadn't shot in three years and someone who literally just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago. I love to see it! Thanks for hitting me up last night Juliet. Well, I think it was night. It was dark out. It could have been 3:30 p.m. for all I know. I hate when the sun goes down this early. Ugh!

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