Tuesday's Shoot - Allie

It's been three years since I last had Allie and her tiny size 5 feet in front of my camera. Our first shoot came on July 30, 2017, which you can read about in the blog, "Sunday's Shoot - Allie." We did two sets that day and that was the plan for yesterday too. Well, until I screwed up and forgot to bring one of the props needed for our second theme. Nevertheless, we tried to squeeze in a second set with sneakers, but with the heavy overcast, it was just too dark and gloomy by time we finished our first set.

For the first time in 3 years, I got to shoot with Allie.

Boots & Thigh Highs... Oh My

Allie's first set was always planned to be one with her wearing a Def Leppard shirt - her favorite band. In the weeks leading up to our shoot, we decided to have her wear some boots and thigh high stockings in the set too. We didn't want just any stockings, however. I suggested we do something like fishnets or fence nets. When I went to the store, I did grab some fence nets, but they were pantyhose and not thigh highs. The store also had the unique thigh highs you can see in the photo above. I bought both and let Allie pick. She went with the thigh highs over the fence net pantyhose.

I didn't want to shoot this set just anywhere. I didn't think it would look right to shoot it in front of a bunch of flowers, or along a river, for example. That's when I remembered a place I had used many years ago. It's an old historic fort that has a lot of busted up concrete, old metal staircases, and is crumbling in places. Allie liked the idea, so that's where we ended up.

With the heavy overcast that was still present, there weren't many people outside, which was good news for us. The spot we picked, we would be able to hear people coming from a distance too. We weren't too worried about anyone being nosey. So once Allie straightened up her stockings, we were underway.

I took the first few shots down at the base of a metal staircase, just below an overhanging porch area above. From there, I had her move to the steps and then to the first platform of the multi-leveled staircase. At the end, we moved back onto the staircase again for a few more.

While on this platform, Allie removed her boots and stockings. We shot most of the photos at this spot since it let me be right in front of those itty bitty feet. They really are so little and look even tinier than they are. Honestly, they're adorable.

Since it was a little muggy outside, Allie's feet did moisten up a bit. This made all the dirt and debris on the stairs cling to those small soles. I told her to just leave it there. It added another layer to the hard edged feeling of the location and theme. When we moved back down onto the staircase for the last few shots, those feet had become even dustier. I focused my camera on those soles and shot the last photos of the set. Even all dusty with the dirt, Allie's soles look so cute. I will have to have her do an all out, dirty feet set one day down the line.

We moved back up to the platform for the video clip. This time around, instead of taking off both boots and then both stockings, Allie pulled off one boot and then the stocking from the same leg. This let her have a barefoot and a booted foot in the clip. Just something a little different in the clip versus the set. I liked it and it was all her doing.

My Blunder

Like I mentioned in the intro, I forgot to bring a prop for yesterday's second set. To be honest, we were limited on good lighting anyhow, so it might have worked out best that we saved it for another day. Allie is keeping me posted about her openings over the next couple of weeks. We want to shoot a couple more sets in addition to the one we were unable to shoot yesterday. Also, a team up with Allie and Kaycee is in the works. They both know one another, so getting them together is bound to be fun! I can't wait for those because we already have two ideas in mind that are bound to be so much fun.

Even though we only got in the one set yesterday, it was so good to catch up with Allie again after all these years. With all that's been going on this year and the over-shooting I did over the last couple of years, there's a few people I needed to catch up with. She was one of them. Now that I've had her back in front of my camera, she's someone I want to keep shooting moving forward. It sounds like we're on our way to making sure that happens with multiple set ideas planned for future shoots.

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