Soles of Silk - 2020's Star Models

This year's Star Models listing is going to be ever so slightly different. Usually, in these lists, I name the Top 3 models who shot the most new sets during the calendar year. Well, it goes without saying that 2020 was not a typical year. I didn't shoot too much at all in 2020. Hell, until the end of summer, I had only shot two sets total, both with Kaycee. Luckily, however, a few other models got into the mix once they began feeling comfortable with shooting again.

Since a total of four models shot for me in 2020, all of them are going to be represented - and rightfully so. Those models are Ava, Kaycee, Juliet, and Allie. Ladies, in a year that was so uncertain, you all kicked off your shoes and made sure Soles of Silk had enough content to make it through the year. Getting together with each and every one of you was a great time, each and every time. I wish we would have had another month or so of warm weather so we could have shot a few more times too. Don't worry though... I plan on making up for some of this lost time in 2021. Since you ladies were there for me this year, you're going to be the first ones I go to when it's time to shoot again in 2021.

4. Ava
Debuted: 2018
# of sets posed for in 2020: 2

Back in 2018 Ava shot her first photos for Soles of Silk. She ended up loving it and was happy that people loved her big size 9 feet. We met up a couple of times, but never ended up shooting again until this year. For most of 2019 I wasn't shooting too much either, to be honest. I had built up a backlog of sets that I still needed to publish. My plan was to get back in touch with Ava the rest of the models in 2020. Then, 2020 happened!

Thankfully, once I decided to quit the job I held for 24 years, I reached out to a handful of models. I had a handful of models agree to shoot, two of which hadn't shot for more than two years - Ava being one of them. She told me she'd love to and we began to talk ideas.

After a few rainouts and super sweltering hot days, Ava and I finally managed to get together. It had been a while since we had seen one another and wow, did she ever look good! I couldn't wait to point my camera her way for the first time in a long time, and get up close and personal with those soles. My camera was going to capture every deep wrinkle, especially at the time of day we shot. I knew each one of those thick, meaty wrinkles were bound to cast a nice shadow, making each and every one of them even more pronounced.

Ava and talked about shooting again after her return shoot, but sadly we didn't find the time. I blame myself for that as I sit here, with a shirt I bought for her folded up here on my computer desk. We have some plans for some very teasing themes and I can't wait to see her make them happen. It looks like it'll have to wait for 2021 though with damn pandemic spiking again this last month. Here's hoping to see Ava on next year's Star Model list as well.

3. Kaycee
Debuted: 2014
# of sets posed for in 2020: 5

Back in March, before the world seemed to be flipped upside down, I shot two sets with Kaycee. They were done on a whim because it was warmer than usual that day and we were both off. On that day we talked about getting together throughout the spring and summer, shooting countless new sets. I've always wanted Kaycee to become even more of a regular than she already is. Yeah... then 2020 made itself known.

There was a point in time over the summer that I wondered if the two sets I shot with Kaycee would be the only ones I did all year. As the weeks ticked by, I knew I'd be okay as I still had a bunch of unpublished contest to work with. The thing was, I didn't know how long this was going to last. That's when I began asking people if they'd like to try to shoot something outside, if they felt comfortable. Kaycee was obviously one of them and she was the first one to shoot once I charged up the camera batteries again.

Talk about a way to kick things off too! We shot another two sets, this time getting in a set I've long wanted her to do and another one that we've both said we were going to do for ages now. Both carried a naughty overtone, but Kaycee owned them in a playful, yet "bitchy" manner that just oozed sexiness to me. The first one, her Ball Buster set with the big squishy blue balls, had Kaycee in rare form. Then, after a short break to cool off, she put on a black shirt that read "Fuck" with its definition printed below. I've had this shirt, and a few other of the props used in the set, for a couple of years now. It's actually an inside joke because Kaycee has a potty mouth and I'm always telling her, "Shh, there are kids around." Like with the Ball Buster set, I told her to show some attitude in that one too. And boy, did she.

With four sets in the books, Kaycee jumped in front of the camera one final time, this time doing her second ever, trio shoot. She, along with the two models who edged her out this year for Star Models, Juliet and Allie, teamed up in a sweaty feet set where all three kicked off a pair of Converse shoes, without socks. My favorite.

Like Ava, I expect Kaycee and I will jump back into things in 2021. I know I can always count on some stellar sets whenever Kaycee and I get together. I still want her to shoot more often, if she can. She's got enough photos waiting to go onto the site to put her into the 2K Club, but I'd like to see her reach 3K and beyond.

2. Juliet
Debuted: 2020
# of sets posed for in 2020: 6

I didn't know how many sets I'd actually shoot this year, let alone what models I'd shoot them with. I really didn't think I'd debut any new models, but alas, Juliet bared her 18 year old soles just one day after her 18th birthday in September. Here's the short version of how that came to be: I used to work with Juliet for a couple of years - obviously before was 18. I met Allie in 2017, who is engaged to Juliet's older brother. Allie makes her return to the site this year, the same year that Juliet turns 18. The two live together, so I tell her if Juliet feels like shooting after her birthday, bring her along. She did and di so just one day after hitting the big one-eight.

Juliet, who was accompanied by Allie and Kaycee for her first shoot, shot two sets on the day. The first shoot I insisted on doing with her by her lonesome as a debut set. I found her a shirt that had the number 18 printed on the chest. We kept it that simple, adding some sneakers without socks to the mix, which was actually Juliet's suggestion. Naturally, I loved the idea. 

Since the weather was supposed to turn to rain a couple hours after we began the shoot, we were only able to get in the set above, plus one that featured Juliet with Allie and Kaycee in a trio. It was a sweaty feet Converse set. Yup, no socks for all three models. I think Juliet quickly realized that it is one of my favorite types of shoots to do, especially since Kaycee and Allie were joking about sweaty feet and me liking them the entire outing.

For the next few months, I'd meet up with both Juliet and Allie a few times to shoot. Juliet really enjoys shooting and actively seeks me out to shoot. I love that and hope she keeps doing so moving forward. It would be nice to see her become a regular. If her debut is any indication, watch out Mindee! Ha!

1. Allie
Debuted: 2017
# of sets posed for in 2020: 8

A lot of things captured headlines in 2020, but for Soles of Silk, Allie's return was huge... massive, honestly. Funny as she's so little and her feet look smaller than the size 5 she claims. All that aside, Allie literally made me excited to shoot again after what was turning into a crap-tastic year.

Kaycee and Ava had already shot sets toward the end of August. Allie and I had been trying to get her photos in all the while, but we kept running into some issues with the weather. We weren't able to shoot until the beginning of September. Little did I know we'd shoot again in September, a couple more times in October, and then again in November too. Not only did she shoot a bunch of amazing sets, but she also appeared in a couple sets that you'll find my annual Top 10 sets of the year. 

Allie was also instrumental in getting the site's lone new model for 2020, Juliet, to shoot. The two of them were together every time we shot once Juliet turned of age. So you can say, without Allie, I probably don't have Juliet either. That's a lot of newly shot sets for the site - a bunch of awesome ones at that. You're going to love a bunch of the ones that have yet to make it onto the site still too (like all the ones showcased in this blog).

You will be seeing a lot of Allie in 2021 with her unpublished sets, but I venture to say that she's not done - not by a long shot. Like Juliet, Allie loved shooting all these new sets and had tons of fun doing so. I think it's safe to say that there will be a lot more Allie coming your way in 2021, and hopefully onward. 

Star Model Leader Count (as of 2020)

This portion of the Star Models blog began being documented in 2017. I wanted to see which models made the most appearances as Star Models throughout the years and who actually shot the most, well, the most. Wanting to know this information, I decided to share the results at the conclusion of these blogs as they progress. I will include this on each and every installment moving forward.

Most Overall Appearances
  • 7 appearances - Mindee (2007, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
  • 3 appearances - Madison (2004, 2006, 2008), Layla (2005, 2007, 2009), Wendy (2006, 2008, 2012), Cierra (2008, 2009, 2010), Jamie (2010, 2012, 2014)
  • 2 appearances - Kellie (2005, 2006), Molly (2005, 2006), Jordana (2008, 2010), Mileena (2011, 2012), Ryan (2011, 2013), Charlee (2011, 2018), Alice (2015, 2016), Jasey Rae (2017, 2019), Kaycee (2015, 2020)
  • 1 appearance - Lauryn (2004), Lisa Tyler (2004), Sue Lovely (2004), Kimmie (2005), Lexi (2005), Abby (2007), Lady Steph (2008), Jaylee Austin (2009), Kayleigh (2011), Aspen (2012), Nikki (2012), Megan Jones (2013), Emerald (2014), Felicia (2014), Lela Beryl (2014), Kelsey (2016), Melani (2017), Alexa (2017), Esmerelda (2018), Princess Nikki (2017), Allie (2020), Juliet (2020), Ava (2020)

Most Overall 1st Place Appearances

  • 6 appearances - Mindee (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
  • 2 appearances - Kellie (2005, 2006), Jamie (2010, 2014)
  • 1 appearance - Madison (2004), Layla (2005), Wendy (2012), Cierra (2008), Jaylee Austin (2009), Mileena (2011), Ryan (2011), Alice (2016), Allie (2020)
Thanks for joining me on this stroll through Soles of Silk's history. I always aim to give my models as much credit as possible. Without them, Soles of Silk wouldn't be what it is. Please be sure to come back again this time next year when we look at 2021's Star Models.

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