Sunday's Shoot - Ava

It was 12 days ago when I wrote my first non-update blog in some time. It was titled, "2020 Has Sucked, But it's Time to Shoot." In that blog I mentioned that I have reached out to a number of the site's models about setting up some shoots. That very next day, I was able to shoot two amazing sets with Kaycee, which you can also read about in the blog, "Wednesday's Shoot - Kaycee" from August 19, 2020.

Well, it took a little bit longer than I had planned, but I got in another shoot today, this time with Ava. It had been two years since our last shoot, so she was long overdue. She, like a few other models who you should see shooting soon, all had to be pushed back due to rain and extreme heat this last week. Sadly, both Carmella and Allie might have to be pushed back again here on Monday and Tuesday. The forecast is calling for heavy rain in this region to start this week. Oh well, at least I got in Ava today. Her sets turned out so well. I couldn't have asked for better!

Ava knows I like sweaty feet sets, so she was game for bringing some sneakers along for a set.

Ahh, Ava's Sweaty Feet

One thing I have expressed to all my models who have agreed to shoot for the first time in a while is that I will probably do quite a few basic sets. Keep themes simple and centered on things that people often say they like to see on Soles of Silk. It just so happens that one of the themes I hear lots of good things about is one I adore shooting too - sweaty feet. Namely, sneakers and no socks. Ava also knows how much I like shooting this, so it came as no surprise that I wanted her to do this when we were talking about ideas.

This first set of the day would be our basic one. It would be Ava showing off her size 9's after they got nice and moist inside those ADIDAS shoes of hers. She even gave them a playful smell or two throughout the set, as you can see above. Jealous?

Sometimes these more simple themed sets just kick ass and come out so well. That was the case with this one. We got some amazing poses in with that railing. She was able to prop her feet up onto it. It allowed me to get Ava's soft, wrinkly soles right up into my camera. And yes, they really are as soft as they look. Those thick wrinkles... Wow, just wow! And with the evening sun coming in, it left some nice shadows under each and every wrinkle on her poses with her soles scrunched. They're so thick! Or is it thicc? I can't keep up with the lingo!

This theme was one we were supposed to shoot two years ago. Better late than never!

Ravens Set... Two Years in the Making

When Ava first shot for me back in 2018, one of the themes that we were looking to do was a Ravens set. We were unable to shoot it that first go around, and with Carmella joining Ava the second time we shot, the set ended up not happening in 2018. In 2019 we didn't shoot at all, so I had been holding onto the shirt you see her wearing in this set for two years now. Well, it's finally been used as well as a pair of Ravens flip flops I had picked up some time ago. Thankfully, they were her size.

The original plan for this set was for Ava to wear a pair of black Vans she really wanted to use in the set. Yes, that would have made two sneakers and no socks sets on the day. Hey, I wouldn't have complained had that happened. Before we were set to meet, however, she texted me to tell me she couldn't find the shoes. Guess it is a good thing that I pick up extra props from time to time and had the flip flops. I was so happy to be able to use them too. I buy so many props for sets that I "might use one day." It's time to start using them or giving them away. They just take up too much space. Like the blue balls Kaycee used a couple of weeks ago. I've had those for a year or more too. It's partly because of Covid-19, but some of it is just me thinking that maybe one day I'll use them.

Anyhow, we moved to the bleachers for this set. The staircase we had used for the first set was located just to the left of these bleachers. Until this set, we had the whole area to ourselves too. No one was around. Naturally, once we began shooting this set, someone arrived to use the track. That's what happened when Kaycee shot here recently too. Someone came down after we began. Oh well, what can you do? No one bothered us either time.

We flew through this set since it was after 5:30 p.m. at this point. The sun was starting to cast long shadows and I had to try hard to keep my own out of the photos. 

After we got in our photos, I pulled out the GoPro for the video clip. About a minute into the clip, two more people came down to use the track. The entrance area to the track made it so they wouldn't be close to use for a few minutes at least. Things worked out nicely in that regard and we wrapped up the clip easily without having to put on a show to anyone a few feet away. No pun intended!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

It was great catching up with Ava today. She looked amazing for our sets and I really loved her hair and eye lashes. She didn't miss a beat with these sets either and maybe it was best that it took us this long to shoot the Ravens on. She nailed it.

Ava and I are looking to shoot again at some point in the near future. We might move indoors for the next ones, or at least some before the end of the year. We have a size tease set planned that she's really wanting to do. She's seen some size teasing sets that other models have done and wants to do one of her own. With her size 9's, she knows her big feet would only make the message more loud and clear too. I totally agree! She also wants to step in a cake if we shoot inside. I swear, girls always wanting to be stepping in some kind of food in sets! I guess it does look fun, huh? 

Be on the lookout for more sets from Ava before the end of 2020. If today was any indication of how those will turn out, the future is looking bright... and messy... and quite teasing!

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