Preview - May I Have More Mindee Again?

Two months ago Mindee owned March with the month-long event, "Mindee's March Past 7K." Over the course of that month she joined the 7K Club (7,000 photos), took place in an interview that talked about her journey from 6K-7K,  and she had her 100th set published to the site. I'd say that was a great month!

Here's the thing though. That month-long event was designed to help me put a dent into the over 30 unpublished sets. I knew that if I really wanted to make a dent in that backlog of Mindee's content, she'd need two months. So here we are again, for the second time this year, preparing for four consecutive weeks of Mindee updates. In May, I bring you, "May I Have More Mindee Again?" 

As many of you may recall, this is the second time the month of May has been focused upon Mindee. In May 2018 the first "May I Have More Mindee?" event was held. At the time, I was also faced with having dozens of unpublished sets of the site's most photographed model. Still, it's never a bad thing to have so many amazing sets of Mindee just waiting to make it onto the site.

So here we are again, two years later doing the second "May I Have More Mindee" themed event. Four more sets of hers are slated to go onto the site. Back in March I let Mindee pick the sets she wanted for the "Mindee's March Past 7K" event. For May she let one of her family members do the picking. These are the four sets that she chose:

This will mark the third Mother's Day update in a row featuring the Mindee & Shelby together.

Week 1 - Mother's Day See Thru Socks
Mindee and her mom, Shelby together again! This will mark the third year in a row that these two will be together for the Mother's Day update. I told the both of them that I would like to make this an annual thing moving forward and they both agreed. How about all of you? Does that sound like an amazing plan or what?

This set has been one I've held onto for WAY too long.

Week 2 - Mindee-Poo!
Let's just say that the person who picked the sets for this month absolutely loved this set. It's been one I've also been sitting on for the longest, shooting it back in April 2017. The whole theme stems from me calling Mindee, Mindee-Poo and usually substituting the word "Poo" for the poop emoji. It got to the point where I even left poop emoji stuff on her porch as a gag once. This is a goofy set, but if you don't have fun, then why do it?

One of the more unique settings we've ever stumbled upon. Messiest too!

Week 3 - Muddy Swamp Stumps
Shot during our attempt at the Monthly Mindee Challenge in 2019, this set was one that wasn't really planned, but came out to be so memorable. Walking around a historic park, we made our way around a bend and looked over to the swamp area. Stuck in the mud was a bunch of wooden stumps so that you could walk from one path to another. My eyes lit up and Mindee gave me that look. She knew she would be having muddy feet at that point and this may have been some of the squishiest mud I've ever seen. She said this was one of the grossest sets she's ever done. Look at that smile up there though... you'd never know. I think she liked having her piggies wiggling in the mud!

Mindee's fourth different model trio set, this one also featuring Kaycee & Reagan.

Week 4 - Pinwheels
In 2019 I finally got my wish to shoot Mindee and Kaycee together. Little did I know that I'd get the chance to do it again, but one up it by having Reagan involved as well. What made this day even more memorable was that we shot this really early one morning before we all rode out to an amusement park to ride some roller coasters. Couldn't have asked for a better day!

It will be nice to finally see all these sets on Soles of Silk. Still, I have a lot more of Mindee on the way in the coming months. With the current Coronavirus situation, it looks like I might get a chance to put a further dent in that backlog if I'm unable to shoot in the months to come. I really hope that's not the case. I'm so ready for this to be over. I'm sure Mindee and my other models are as well. So when I'm able to get all their pretty feet back in front of my camera, I'm jumping at the chance. Guess that means I'll be shooting a bunch of new content with Mindee too! The cycle never ends with having a ton of unpublished sets of Mindee. And guess what? I don't want it to!

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