Dream Duos #8: Size Matters Edition - Alice & Ava

Welcome to the eighth installment in an ongoing blog series here on the Soles of Silk Blog. In this series I take a look at two models on the site who I'd love to see shoot together someday.

Alice (left)
Shoe Size11
DebutMay 6, 2015
# of Photos on Site1,964
Other Models Shot With: Camille, Leah, Mindee, and Maya

Ava (right)
Shoe Size9
Debut: June 20, 2018
# of Photos on Site196
Other Models Shot WithCarmella (not yet published)

Size Matters! Bigger is better! Either of those two popular sayings represents this dream duo featuring Alice and Ava. With a combined shoe size of 20 (Alice 11 and Ava 9), this is a combo I have been wanting to pair up more and more as the days go by.

When I was younger and really starting to explore my foot fetish, I was partial to little feet. As the years went by, I would begin to have new experiences, thus letting me experience feet of different sizes. Whether it was with past girlfriends such as Abby and her silky soft, size 6's, or through opening my first site, The 10 Little Piggies, I started to learn how much fun having a variety of sizes could be. Still, however, my preference was for the little ones.

Fast forward to 2015 and Alice was in front of my camera and shooting her first photos. She was a little hesitant, as many of you know through her numerous interviews on Soles of Silk as well as Alice's January 22, 2016 Wu's Feet Links Interview. I, on the other hand, was falling in love. Falling in love with her huge, narrow soles and her long, skinny toes. I knew during her first shoot that I wanted more of Alice and I wanted her every chance I could get. And lucky for me, I have gotten a lot of experiences. She's set to join the 2K Club (2,000 photos) soon. And it's so weird that Alice is actually the third model to have size 11 feet on Soles of Silk, but it was her that really inspired all this.

Ever since Alice's debut I have began longing for more new models with big feet to join the site's roster. In 2018 I got a chance to add another friend of mine, Ava, to the site. Her size 9 feet were ones I had hoped would be on the site from the moment she turned 18. Like Alice, Ava used to work with me. She, also like Alice, wanted to shoot for me at the age of 18, but took some time to think about it first. When she finally let me know that her size 9's were ready, I jumped at the chance!

While Ava's feet are two sizes smaller than Alice's, they're still big. They differ from her's so much too. Ava's toes are a lot more plump than Alice's long, skinny toes. Ava's soles are thick and wrinkly where Alice's are smooth and slender. Alice has the length, but Ava has the thickness. 

I mentioned all those traits to Ava when talking with her about this pairing the other day. She agreed that the pairing would be amazing. She even threw in how awesome it will be to have two pairs of big feet of different races together too. I agreed, knowing while all these differences would be at play, the one trait tying it all together would still remain - size!

Speaking of size, both these models have done pairings where their much larger feet were posed alongside much smaller feet. Alice's feet have dwarfed Camille's size 7's, Leah's size 6's, Mindee's size 8's, and Maya's size 7.5's, although with Maya, it was like the two were long lost long toe sisters. It was uncanny how similar their toes are. As for Ava, her size 9's towered over Carmella's little size 5's in the only pairing she's done thus far.

We're not done with "size" yet either.

In the past, Alice has jumped at multiple opportunities to do sets with a size teasing theme. Her big feet are perfect for it. When I mentioned it to Ava, she said she'd love to do it too. That's when the whole idea to pair up these two was born. Watching both these fun loving friends and their big feet flash me tiny gestures and make it well known how true it is that bigger is indeed better... I just can't begin to imagine! I hope I get the chance to be before these two ladies and their huge feet soon. I'm thinking that I'm in for one hell of a tease and showcase of power with these two!


Be on the lookout for future Dream Duo entries. Which two models would you most like to see photographed together? Don't hesitate to let me know.

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