Wednesday's Shoot - Mindee (Monthly Shoot Challenge - May)

Last week I was at work and I looked over at a calendar. That's when it hit me! Mindee and I were almost out of time to do our photos for May. If you aren't aware, at the start of the year, Mindee and I set a challenge for ourselves in 2019. We are aiming to shoot at least once set every month this year. Worried that we fail our challenge here in May, I sent her a quick text with all my openings to see if she had anything open that matched.

Within minutes, Mindee replied, saying she could shoot on Tuesday, May 28. I said okay, and that was our plan. On Monday, however, Mindee asked me if there was any chance that I could shoot on Wednesday instead. I told her that I could. She wanted to go get her toes done since she was at the beach for Memorial Day weekend. She said the sand was not kind to her feet and she wouldn't have time to go get a pedi on Tuesday before we shot. I said that was fine and planned to shoot on Wednesday instead.

On Tuesday afternoon, I was headed to work when I got a text from Mindee. When I pulled into the parking lot, I checked my phone to see that she had gotten her toes painted a really bright orange.

"These toes are bright!" she said.

"Aww. I like them," I replied. "I'd rub them."

Mindee laughed and told me that she'd see me tomorrow. That's when an idea popped into my head.

"Wanna squish oranges and make orange juice?" I proposed as I walked into the door at work.

"Yes!" Mindee replied with a bunch of s's at the end for effect, along with some exclamation marks and emojis.

So that was that. We had our set idea. I started work and couldn't wait for the next day. It couldn't come soon enough. Yes, I still get that excited about shooting Mindee 15 years later! 

We planned to shoot around 3:15 p.m. I had to be at work by 5 p.m., so this would be a one and done kind of thing. Still, it would appease our May set for the quota of the Monthly Shoot Challenge.

After sleeping like shit the night before, I woke up and got myself ready for the shoot. I had to go grab some oranges at the grocery store, so I went ahead and did that while Mindee drove home from work. We already had a cutting board ready to go as well as a bowl to for Mindee to collect the orange juice.

Mindee squeezing all the juices out onto her orange toes.

Not having too much time to do this shoot, Mindee wore what she wore to work for the day. It actually worked out nicely with the contrasting colors. I knew it would make the oranges pop even more, along with her plump little toes. We set up on her picnic table out back, which was in the perfect position with the overhead sun.

Mindee jumped up on the table, opened up the bag of oranges and put her pretty feet out in front of her like she has done over 100 times at this point. Seriously, she has 96 solo sets to her credit as of this set. Add in all the model duos and trios she's been in, and it's easily over 100, probably pushing 125 or more. And you know what? I can't wait to shoot 100 more sets of my good friend and her heavenly, soft soles.

The beginning of this set saw Mindee's feet simply bare. She worked on cutting up some oranges in the background, while I admired her size 8's and photographed the entire event for all of you. Naturally, we got to the point of her squeezing the juices all over her toes and down her wrinkled soles. You could literally smell the orange juice as she squeezed and squeezed. If that wasn't enough, Mindee was in a silly mood today. She made a fun jokes about the juices squirting all over her feet. I just shook my head. She even said "jizz" at one point. Oh Mindee...

During this entire set, Mindee also made sure to squeeze some of the oranges into a clear bowl that we placed onto the table. I wanted to collect some of the jizz, sorry, juices, for her to stick her feet down into. I grabbed a few cute shots of her foot smashed down inside the bowl. Her foot, much too big for the bowl, looked so pretty with her toe pads and soles pressed firmly to the clear plastic.

Naturally I told Mindee to save some oranges for a video clip to conclude today's shoot. That bowl full of freshly squeezed orange juice would also come into play as she would pour it over her feet, getting in between all of those toes.

It sucks that I had to work today because yet again, Mindee and I threw a set idea out last minute, shot it, and came away with amazing results. I would have loved to have gotten another set in with her bright orange toes today. It looks like I'll get my wish on Sunday, however, as we're set to head out to an amusement park for my birthday. I'm taking my camera and along our journey to the park, we're going to shoot again. That will give us our June set(s) and cement us getting through the first half of the Monthly Shoot Challenge. I'm starting to wish we had made a Weekly Shoot Challenge instead. Oh well... There's always 2020 to give it a go. What about a Daily Shoot Challenge?!?! Don't I wish! Seriously... That would rock!

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