Soles of Silk Presents Kiss My Feet the Game

Kiss My Feet will be launched on the PS4 with later releases on the Switch and XBox One.

Soles of Silk Game Studios, a division of Soles of Silk, announces its debut title, "Kiss My Feet" featuring Mindee and Kaycee on the Sony Playstation 4, available today, Monday, April 1, 2019. Releases for the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft XBox One are planned for a June 2, 2019 release.

"I'm so excited that the release of 'Kiss My Feet' coincided with Soles of Silk's 15th anniversary celebration," said Mindee, one half of the game's main protagonists.

"To be included in something so monumental for Soles of Silk is such an honor," added co-star, Kaycee. "Doing it with Mindee, even better!"

"Kiss My Feet" is a fantasy RPG that tasks players with planning and shooting the first ever pairing of one of Soles of Silk's most iconic duos in Mindee and Kaycee. Site owner and photographer, Patrick, had been dreaming about shooting these two together for years and was finally able to make that happen in February 2019. Now, you, the player, get to make this shoot happen and hold the camera for their first ever photo shoot.

How will you fair with trying to plan this shoot? Is everyone off work on the day that you pick? Are your camera batteries charged? Are the models happy? These choices and so many more will effect how your experience plays out, or if it plays out at all!

"Shooting Mindee and Kaycee was such an amazing time. It seemed like everything lined up perfectly to make one of my all-time favorite shoots a reality. I hope gamers enjoy trying their hand at being the one to plan this amazing shoot," said Patrick.

Both Mindee and Kaycee do all of the voice acting for "Kiss My Feet," which includes countless hours of dialogue. And yes, included are a few variations of the f-word from the lips of Kaycee. This is why the game includes a language warning on the back.

If "Kiss My Feet" is a success, DLC is already being planned that will add Alice in to the mix. You thought it was hard to arrange a shoot with two of the site's most teasing models? Think you can handle three? More information on the release of any DLC packs will be announced here on the Soles of Silk Blog, probably on a future April Fools Day.

A high resolution version of this game cover will be added to the Downloads section of Soles of Silk, inside the Members area, on the April 3, 2019 update for anyone wishing to print it out and make their own physical copy.

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