Sunday's Shoot - Melani

There are things that I have been looking forward to for a really long time. The build up has been immense. Sometimes it feels like its never going to end, but then it does... sorta.

Today I finally got to shoot with Melani for the first time since the end of 2017. After shooting 21 sets in her debut year, we went the entirety of 2018 without any new sets. We both were busy and had some things going on in life that just didn't make anything happen. Today, however, that wait ended. Again, sorta. 

I rented out an AirBnB for the day and our check in was set for 3 p.m. I never booked through AirBnB before, so this was all new to me. I was looking forward to it and had picked out a place that we both loved. A little modern, with splashes of color that I knew would come through so well in the photos.

After getting in the shower and putting everything together for the day's shoot, I had some running to do before picking up Melani at 2 p.m. There were a few props we still needed, but I also needed to tend to my tires. I had a low pressure warning pop up a couple of days ago, but attributed it to the cold weather. When I pulled over to put air in my tires on that day, the valve caps wouldn't budge. Only one of the four came off. The others were stuck! I thought they could be frozen.

Today it was a lot warmer than the last few days, so I tried to tug the caps off again. They wouldn't budge. They weren't frozen. Nope! It was worse. I squirted some WD40 on them and was able to get a second one off, but the two at the front of the car were locked in place. Well, until I snapped one of valve stems trying to get the caps off and all the air leaked out of my tire.

I was so mad! I didn't have time to tend to this. I had put out money for the AirBnB and I wasn't about to blow off Melani. No way! It's been too long and I love shooting her so damn much.

I called Melani and told her what was going on. She offered to drive, which was a major relief. I said left my car in front of my house, planning on dealing with it tomorrow instead. Melani pulled up at 2 p.m. and we grabbed the props we needed and were on our way.

We arrived at our townhouse right at 3 p.m. We made our way in and I began immediately setting up for the first shoot. Melani went and got dressed, although she was already wearing the majority of the clothing we were going to use for the set.

Melani's little feet after pulling off her boots and boot socks.

Today's first set saw Melani bundled up in some boots and boot socks. It's been cold outside and I think she looked adorable as hell in this attire. It makes me want to do nothing more than pull off her boots and boot socks and pamper her cold little feet for her seeing the photos we took. I'm sure many of you will feel the same. Nothing like pampering a pair of pretty feet fresh from socks and shoes. 

Even the shots where you can't see her feet in this set, with them covered completely in the socks and boots, she looked so damn cute. Check out the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk) page for some samples of that. We did a slow tease before sharing a photo of her tiny feet. Melani's all about teasing, so it was only natural!

Once this set was finished, I moved the light kit upstairs to the bedroom. There was a bunch of color going on in the bedroom and I knew it would be perfect for the second set - a size teasing one with an inchworm plushie.

Melani is such a huge tease, especially to those "inchworms" out there.

As I said, Melani loves to tease. Not only does she like to show off her feet, knowing full well how much you want them, she also likes to put some fellas in their place - including the one in the room holding the camera. When I saw an inchworm plushie online, it inspired an idea. When I shared that idea, Melani was all about doing it. I found her a matching shirt and some other props to include to round out the set. One of those items was a foot shaped bug swatter. No need to put up with those little itty bitty tiny inchworms, right?

Melani went to town flashing a bunch of fun gestures to the camera here. She was enjoying herself to the fullest and loving the results. She wasn't the only one. I was teased beyond belief, but that's part of the game. She knew it and it only made it better.

During this set we sent a photo sample to a friend of Melani's who is interested in shooting for Soles of Silk sometime soon. She absolutely loved the shot and I can't wait to get the two of them together. I think I'll have two teasing models before me from what it sounds too. Torture? You bet'cha! 

With this set done, Melani and I began moving to our third spot for photos. Like earlier in the day when my valve stem snapped, however, we were about to face some bad news. Melani's mom, who recently had some surgery, was not feeling well. She called Melani, needing her to come home. She wasn't sure if she might have to go to the hospital. We quickly cleaned up what little mess we made and put the light kit away.

Melani felt so bad about having to end things early, but I understood and assured of that. Emergencies happen and family comes first. We are hoping to reschedule again, maybe even this coming Sunday. I really hope so. I even told her to just consider it one of her many teases. I hadn't seen her or those little feet in over a year, then got a little taste. Now I have to wait to see and pamper them some more. She liked that a lot and is embracing it.

It sucks that this day got started off on the wrong foot and ended on it as well. I'm just happy that in between I got to stare at, pamper, and photograph two of the cutest feet. Two wrong foots will never overshadow those two little feet of Melani's. I can't wait to reschedule with her as we have some other great ideas yet to come.

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