15 Year Celebration - Remasters

The newly remastered/enlarged waffles set, featuring Lauryn.

This blog entry is part of an ongoing series running throughout 2019 that will take a look at all things Soles of Silk in celebration of 15 years online.

If you read "15 Year Celebration - Remakes" you saw that I made reference to the original eight sets that were found on Soles of Silk when it launched on December 29, 2004. I had toyed with the idea of remaking all eight of these sets as part of the site's 15th Anniversary Celebration, but I felt that a number of those sets didn't really feature any memorable theme or location. I wanted people to be able to look at a set, and if they've been following the site for years, be like, "Hey, I remember when <insert model> did that same thing a few years ago."

I ultimately scrapped the idea to remake all the 2004 launch sets, minus one. The reason for that is that I went ahead and decided to remake a set from every year of the site's existence. I'm using the "My 10 Favorite Sets" blogs to draw from for the remakes and posting 15 total remakes. This blog, however, is not about that. It's about those eight original sets done by: Amber, Cierra, Lauryn, Lisa Tyler, Madison, Maria, Mindee, and Sue Lovely.

What I have decided to do is remaster those eight sets, making the pictures larger pictures and touching them up with some color correction and minor alterations as needed.

Back in 2004 I published photos in a 600 x 800 resolution. Needless to say, the internet was not like it is today. There were no smartphones and high speed internet was in its infancy. I went with a resolution suggested by all the web design guides at the time. Honestly, I probably could have went slightly larger in 2004, but I erred on the side of caution.

Some sets, mostly the indoor ones, didn't have the best lighting to them when I published the site in 2004. My goal is to try to adjust the white balance in those as best as I can. I think some of the photos might be next to impossible to adjust, but I'm going to try my best. What do you think of the updated sample above from Lauryn's waffles set compared to the original below? I feel like the skin tones are a little more natural. I know I have some other sets that are going to be a doozy to correct (Madison's Strawberry Cake). Wish me luck!

In 15 years I also feel that my photography has vastly improved. I look back at some of the photos now and I would have never posted them today. Some blurry shots or odd poses I would have never include in sets now. I will be reposting those regardless because I want to reload each and every photo that was contained in those original sets. With Lauryn's set I also found a few extra photos that I never included originally. Those are included in the remasters.

When it comes to organizing all the remaster sets, I am placing a sub-header underneath of the model's gallery. There you will find all remastered sets. I wasn't sure whether or not I should include the photo count of these remasters into the model's photo count at first. Once I realized I would be including some extra photos, I just decided to go ahead and do it. I might change my mind later and readjust those photo set/count numbers. For now though, they're being added to each model's totals.

I'd love to know what you think of this idea to give some love to the site's original eight photo galleries. Do you care to see them remastered and given some love? Were you a fan of Soles of Silk all the way back then and remember these sets? I'd love to hear your ideas and thank you for being a part of the Soles of Silk fan base for 15 years.

Lauryn's original waffles set from 2004.

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