15 Year Celebration - Remakes

Mindee's 2019 remake of Lauryn's 2004 original, waffles set.

This blog entry is part of an ongoing series running throughout 2019 that will take a look at all things Soles of Silk in celebration of 15 years online.

Over the last several months I have made regular mention that some of the sets that I've been shooting were slated to be a part of something big in 2019. I was purposely vague with details because I wanted everything to remain a secret until my plan was put into action. Now, with the first update of 2019, it's time to share the details of this plan - a plan I've been working on for two years.

While shooting in 2017 I began to realize that the site's 15th Anniversary would soon be upon us. I began to toss around ideas for things to do when 2019 arrived. I thought of some of the tried and true items such as themed interviews, avatar sets, and blogs, but I wanted something more. Eventually that idea would come and it came to me when I was thinking about movies. That idea would be remakes.

It seems like Hollywood is all about the remakes and relaunches these days. While those aren't always looked upon fondly (I'm looking at you "Ghostbusters: Answer the Call"), I thought I could do similar, but in a way that was more of a homage to the Soles of Silk's past.

I tossed around the idea for a bit and told a few of my models about it. They liked where I was going with my idea and told me they'd be down to be included in whatever I came up with. I continued to talk to a select few, mainly Mindee, Abby, and Jasey Rae and they were a big part in helping me refine things.

One of the initial ideas I had was to remake the eight original sets on the site when it launched on December 29, 2004. When looking at those, however, I realized that a few of them really didn't have any memorable theme or location that would make it easy to draw parallels between the original set and its remake. I scrapped this idea, but later came up with an idea that would help celebrate these sets as well. Read the other blog I published today titled, "15 Year Celebration - Remasters," for more information on that.

What I needed was something that allowed me access to more memorable sets. At first I thought that I could just pick sets arbitrarily and publish them whenever. The more I thought about it though, the more I didn't like that idea. That's when I remembered the "My 10 Favorite Sets" blogs I post annually.

Each year I pick my 10 favorite sets from the calendar year. This is something I began in 2013 and have done every year since. With the blog's popularity, I went back and retroactively made lists for 2004-12 as part of the site's 10 year anniversary in 2014. These blogs would give me plenty of things to chose from. It would also give me 15 sets in total if I did one from every year. It just made too much sense!

During the last two years I have slowly, but steadily been reshooting certain themes and/or locations to secure a remake set for each year of the site's existence. My aim was to have a different model doing the remake than the one who appeared in the original. For example, Mindee (above) remade Lauryn's Mini-Waffles & Syrup set (below) from the site's launch in 2004. It was hands down the most popular set early on and had people in love with Lauryn. I wish she was still shooting today! She was so fun.

I already have more than 10 models taking part in these 15 remakes. I have a couple still left to shoot, but I'm waiting for warmer weather and they're not set to be published for months yet. I'm going to go in order, hence the 2004 mini-waffles remake this week.

I hope you enjoy these nods to the site's last 15 years as we celebrate the site' 15th anniversary. Without you and these wonderful models, none of this would have been possible. Be on the lookout for tons of content celebrating Soles of Silk and I'd love for you to share your thoughts and memories with me.

Lauryn's 2004 waffles set.

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