Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Monday's Shoot - Esmerelda

This blog is a follow up from "Sunday's Shoot - Esmerelda."

Since I was not the only person to have plans with Esmerelda on Monday, I found some places to go visit for a few hours prior to our shoot. I also decided to check out some possible shoot locations while I was at it and found what I thought would be a good one for a sporty theme. Man, oh man... Did that ever result in a moment that irritated me beyond belief.

This set marks the first time in 14 years that I had the police called on me while shooting.

Once Esmerelda was ready to shoot, I picked her up at her hotel. She brought a couple of different outfits with her as we were planning on doing two sets. The first set was to be shoot at a track behind a high school a couple of miles from her hotel. We were decided to include her sneakers and some purple knee high socks with this one. Esmerelda, herself, came up with the idea to put her hair in pig tails. I said to go for it.

So this set was going along very well. There was only one couple using the track when we arrived. We managed to get done most of the set when a young, I'd say 20-something couple came down to jog. They ran around once and then left. That's when I noticed the woman staring at us as she walked off. She stood at her car, with the door open, and her cellphone in her hand. She eventually left and we went about our shoot - only stopping if the other joggers, or the kids who came by to use the field off in the distance. Little did we know, that woman who left the track had called the police.

A female officer showed up and asked us what we were doing. I was honest and said that we were taking some photos. She asked to see my ID and asked Esmerelda for hers. She, however, left hers at the hotel. After looking into our ages, the officer came back and told us things were fine and that someone had called thinking that I was taking photos of an underage girl. She then complimented Esmerelda for looking good for her age.

At that point I asked the officer if she wanted us to leave. She was really nice and I wasn't wanting to cause any issues. She said no and that we could stay since everything we said checked out. I shot a few more photos, but then a second officer arrived. He was an older guy and he made Esmerelda go up to the car of the female officer. The male officer then began questioning me. He asked me if I went to high school, why we were in the area and from two different areas of the United States. I told him we met online and she likes having photos taken and I like shooting photography. He then asked to see what was in my book bag. I didn't have anything to hide. I pulled out a towel, a water bottle, and some hair ties. That's when he said, "Those hair ties look like something a kid would wear."

Like, really?

They were bright colors, but damn... I guess every female who wears a colorful hair tie or headband when they go jogging (the theme of our set) is trying to look like a kid. That's when I started getting a little annoyed.

I blurted out, "We're not shooting porn. And why would I shoot an underage person out in the open?"

At this point, Esmerelda came back from the other officer's car. She said we were good and could go. The guy cop, still trying to be pushy made some statement about being the boss after I said that we'll go ahead and leave - even though we were told by the female cop, that we were okay. Seriously, I was so annoyed. This was the first time I've ever had cops called on me. 

I get it though. I wasn't upset when the female officer came by, doing her job, and asked us what was going on. She looked into our information and saw that there was no underage stuff going on. Too bad we didn't just leave after our interaction with her. Her fellow officer was a little pushy with his insulations. Oh well, I got in enough photos, although only a handful of her 100 percent barefoot.

After returning to my car, I told Esmerelda I didn't feel comfortable trying to shoot any other outdoor sets in this town. I didn't want a second run in that day with an officer. That's when we decided to shoot the next set back in the hotel room instead.

Our final set ended up back in her hotel room due to outside circumstances.

In what ended up being our final set of our two days together, Esmerelda really wanted to use a bright pink pair of fence net stockings I had in my car. She loves bright colors and said several times how much she loves how colorful my sets generally are. 

When I finally got my lights set up, we were underway and the combination of those pink stockings and her teal top made this set one of the more colorful ones we did overall. Colors were popping in most of the sets, but with two bright, almost neon colors, this set kicked it up a notch.

Once this set was wrapped up, I put everything away and we hung out for a bit before I headed back home. We talked about all the fun times we had over the last couple of days and agreed that we need to try to meet up again down the road. The two of us really hit it off well. I only wish I would have had another day to take her out and show her some fun tourist spots in the region. She really wanted to go to Hersheypark and I was telling her all about some of the caverns throughout Pennsylvania. Maybe next time? I'm sure there will be a next time too. I made a new friend in Esmerelda and I wish her the best of luck with everything she does. I can't wait to add her onto the site next week and I'm guessing all of you can't wait either.

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