Thursday, July 12, 2018

Wednesday's Shoot - Jasey Rae

On Wednesday afternoon, Jasey Rae and I managed to escape work for a few hours and shoot one doozy of a set! And in just three days, everyone, members and non-members alike, will get to enjoy this set. Why, you ask? Well, today's set will serve as the July 2018 Wu's Feet Links feature. I will have a blog feature detailing this set, and what it means to me, in the days to come as well. In this blog though, let's go over some of the basics of how the shoot went. I'll save the background, lead up, and fun little tidbits for blog I always write accompanying my feature sets.

Jasey and I ran out of work at 1 p.m. on Wednesday. We both had to be back in a few hours, but we knew we'd have plenty of time to get the set in, as long as things went according to plan. That almost didn't happen, however!

When Jasey and I arrived to our location, the same turf field Mindee and I used just last week (see blog: "Friday's Shoot - Mindee"), we noticed three teenage boys sitting up on some bleachers. We pondered going across the field and shooting the set as far away from them as possible, but their cat calls made us change our mind. I truly believe one of them kept yelling, "Get that pussy!" Had we stayed, it might have gotten out of hand. I also didn't want Jasey to feel uncomfortable since she'd be in a skimpy outfit.

We returned to my car and decided to wait the boys out. Maybe they'd leave since it was a hot, and very humid, 92 degrees. As our luck would have it, they all got on their bikes about 10 minutes later and did not return. This left us plenty of time to get in our set.

Jasey and I made our way back down to the field, which was a long walk from the car. Well, I had to do it twice to retrieve the large exercise ball that we forgot to bring down the second time. Why couldn't the parking lot be closer? 

Now that no one was in the area, we decided to shoot right at the 50 yard line, where a bright blue logo adorns the center of the field. With a pink and blue color scheme in play, that only helped frame Jasey's pink attire and workout mat even more. When you add in the bright blue sky, the already vibrant color palette even brighter. Seriously, this set is one of the more colorful ones I've shot this year.

Jasey Rae pulling of her moist socks on a 92 degree, muggy day.

If you don't follow the Soles of Silk Instagram page (@SolesofSilk), the preview shot above will be your first "sniff," of this feature's cheerleading theme. Well, cheerleading in the broad sense. You have to add in the shoes, socks, and super sweaty feet. This day was a hot one and only helped make this set's theme a reality! Oh yeah, Jasey was also surrounded by lots of blue balls, some of which were quite squishy too!

I'm not going to get into too many details of how this set went as I'd like for you all to enjoy the set when it's published this weekend. I think a lot of you are going to love it. It's certainly up there among the best ones I've shot for Wu's, in my opinion. When it comes to photo count, it's also among the top, with more than 130 pictures. 

All this though... you just have to wait a few more days to enjoy. If I've learned anything from Jasey, it is that the tease game needs to be strong. So yeah, you gotta wait! Just be lucky that you only have to wait a few days. As for me, however, I should be getting this beautiful friend of mine, and her dainty feet, in front of my camera again tomorrow. We have another break from work and plan on using it. At least you'll have some more "teaser" pictures of what we shoot coming your way to hold you over.

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