Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday's Shoot - Abby

After having my first four shoots this week not happen (see blog: "Heat Waves, Video Cards, Blisters, & Car Accidents... Oh My!"), it felt so nice to finally have one of my models baring her feet for me. That model was none other than Abby, the one who started it all! It's been three years since our last shoot, and although we only did one set today, it was long overdue and came out amazing. The preview on the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk) has been quite the hit with a lot of you saying how glad your are that she is back.

"She looks better than ever!" said bondo.dude.

"Stunning. She's like a fine wine bruh," footsietootsies commented.

"My love is back. I've missed her and those sexy soles," angels_sole_heaven professed.

"Good lord. It's so good to see her soles again. She's all around perfect," wrote cassrob321.

"Another awesome surprise, the beautiful Abby, the soles that started it all from your early website, even before Soles of Silk was created," a.andorno said. "It's gonna be great. I'm already imagining a duo between her and Mindee. Oh gosh!"

So yeah, the general consensus early on is that people are glad that Abby is back. I know I was, and it's funny that a.andorno mentioned a team up with Mindee. I actually tried setting that up about a week prior to my vacation, but both of them were not open on the same day. Abby and I did talk about that potential set today, however. I know Mindee would be down. She'll shoot with anyone. She really loves team ups and talk about one that would be simply legendary!

Now, onto today.

Abby and I planned on meeting up around 1 p.m., but Abby was having to deal with some important phone calls. Then the nail salon she wanted to go was supposed to open at noon, but at 12:45 p.m. there was still no one there. We decided to meet around 2 p.m. instead.

In the lead up to this shoot, Abby took a real liking to my "Cereal Killers" shoots that I've been doing behind the scenes. None of them have been published just yet, but thus far, six models have done sets recently where they step down into a large bowl of cereal. Those models include: Charlee, Maya, Melani, Mia Kay, Mindee, and now, Abby. 

I let all the models pick out which cereal they wanted to use, as long as one of the other models hasn't used it already. I have also blocked Trix from being used since Cierra did a shoot with that back in 2010. Which cereal did Abby pick? Very Berry Cheerios. What did I buy by accident? Fruity Cheerios. Yeah, mistaken identity. I didn't even know there were so many different types of Cheerios out there now! It's insane! Abby forgave me and we figured that these would at least work nicely since they're colorful.

It was so great to have Abby back shooting again after three years.

After setting up, Abby got up on her counter top and got ready to get her feet nice and milky, and for the first time in all the sets, gooey too. Why gooey, you ask? Well, Abby thought it would be neat to include bananas in her set. I loved the idea and that's exactly what she did. It made for a very nice addition. I've always loved her creativity in wanting to give our sets just a little something extra.

Watching Abby go to town in this set reminded me of just why I've loved shooting her all these years - she has so much fun! She didn't lose a step in her absence and she came up with quite a few poses and positions for her feet that even I didn't think up. I shot them all and the photos went by so quickly. Before I knew it, I had shot more photos than I usually do for a set. We shot a nice little clip that saw her smashing up the bananas and dipping her feet into the cereal bowl and called it a day.

Even though we only shot the one set today, I still loved the outcome. I told Abby to keep me in mind and that we have to plan something else again soon. Maybe that shoot with Mindee? I know that's going to be a classic, no matter what theme we come up with. How about you? What kind of theme would you love to see Abby and Mindee do together?

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