1,000 Toes In: The First 100 Models of Soles of Silk, Pt. 2 (Ann - Briezzy Lane)

Welcome to the second installment of the "1,000 Toes In" blog series. This series celebrates on each of the first 100 models to appear on Soles of Silk. All of these models deserve all the praise I will throw their way in these 10 blog entries. Please be sure to check out all the previous entries, as well as any newer ones, once they're published. Now, onto the next 10 models on Soles of Silk:

Ann (size 7.5)
Model #: 40
Debut Date: April 11, 2007
Published Sets: 3
Published Photos: 142

I only had the pleasure of shooting Ann one time. I was introduced to her through Wendy. They were friends and Wendy asked me if I was interested in having Ann come on board. I told her I trusted her judgement and would love to add a new model to the site.

I began the day shooting Wendy and then Ann came by later. With Wendy's second set of the day wrapping up, Ann got to do her first one for the site (above). Shortly after, however, Ann saw just how crazy things could get. Wendy and her teamed up for a set that saw the two with a large bowl full of macaroni and cheese. All four of their feet got pushed into the bowl and there was so much cheesy goodness clumped up between all 20 of their precious toes.

That was the last time I ever saw Ann, or really had any contact with her. I don't know if she's still friends with Wendy as I'm not in regular contact with Wendy these days either, sadly.

Ashlyn (size 5)
Model #: 77
Debut Date: August 28, 2013
Published Sets: 6     
Published Photos: 321
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2013 (9th), 2015 (9th)
Other Notables: Has really smelly boots.

I remember the first time I saw Ashlyn, the older sister of a coworker of mine. She was with her family and came into our workplace. I thought she looked cute and wanted to ask her so bad if she'd be willing to shoot. Long story, short, however, she ended up being a friend of Ryan's. I asked Ryan to see if she'd be interested in shooting and the rest is history.

Our first shoot together was one I will never forget. She came out of her house barefoot and walked across the road, to my car, and got in. I immediately thought to myself, "Great, now her feet are going to be dry and dirty." That wasn't to be, however. They were still soft and smooth. Ashlyn admitted to me that she walks around barefoot all the time, so her feet are used to it.

When we got to our shoot location, the first set saw Ashlyn with a pair of boots that she brought along, which she slipped into while we were still in the car. After a little bit of a walk around the park, we sat down and began shooting. As the set progressed, and the boots came off, I could immediately smell them. They were strong and smelled like Fritos corn chips. Mind you, we were in a flower garden, and I could no longer smell the flowers. It was so fun and I've teased her about it ever since.

Ashlyn and I only got to shoot one additional time following that first day, but we have finally made plans to shoot again after a number of years. I'm so excited to be shooting this fun loving female again. I've always found her to be so beautiful and fun to be around. I hope she manages to schedule with me a few more times this year and build up a nice collection of new photos to add to the site.

Aspen (size 8)
Model #: 70
Debut Date: August 8, 2012
Published Sets: 12     
Published Photos: 949
Wu's Feet Links Features: All American Feet (July 2013)
Star Model Accolades: 2012 (2nd)
Set Blogs Appearances: 2012 (1st & 8th), 2013 (7th)
Other Notables: Shot her first sets one day after her 18th birthday.. Only 51 photos shy of joining the 1K Club (1,000 photos). Always made me rub her feet, which she called "paws," since I nicknamed her "Cubster," back when we worked together.

I had such high hopes for Aspen. This girl wanted to shoot for me so bad before she was even old enough. She was friends with numerous other girls at our work, who also shot for me. Her desire to shoot was so high that she waited only one day after turning 18 to show off her soft, luscious soles for the first time. Had she not had plans on the actual day she turned 18, she said she would have shot on that day instead.

Needless to say, Aspen was an instant hit. She's still one of the most popular models to ever appear on my site. She did a bunch of photos during her initial year of 2012, including a memorable Christmas one with Ryan. Talk about a team up people couldn't get enough of! She also placed second to Wendy that year in the Star Model rankings. In 2013, she also shot often and then... gone!

I had always considered Aspen to be a very good friend, but for some reason she just up and changed her group of friends and rarely ever kept in touch with me, or several others. I kept asking her if she'd like to shoot again, and even managed to get sporadic replies from her, but no follow up once dates and times begin being mentioned. It's frustrating!

I actually texted her tonight to see if I could swing a shoot or two with her during an upcoming vacation of mine. I'm trying to shoot some models I haven't gotten to work with in a while and I told her I'd very much like for her to be one of them. It also bugs me like no other than she's only a single set away from breaking the 1,000 photo mark and joining the 1K Club.

Audrey (size 9)
Model #: 100
Debut Date: June 6, 2018
Published Sets: 1     
Published Photos: 63
Other Notables: 100th model to appear on the site.

The beautiful big feet above belong to the model who holds the distinction of being the 100th model to shoot for Soles of Silk. They belong to Audrey, a fun loving female who reached out to me in an email to ask about shooting for the site. Her sister, who knows a couple of people who have shot, told her about Soles of Silk and told her to check it out. I'm so damn glad she did!

Audrey admitted to being a little unsure about shooting, at first. By the end of her first, she was having a blast and we were all joking like we've known each other for a while. I said "we were all" because her sister, who also is very pretty, with cute feet, came along too. Her sister did not shoot though, but I told Audrey to tell her she's always welcome, if she ever wants to. She would have made for a good 100, 101 punch for the model count.

In the weeks to come, Audrey and I have come up with several fun shoot ideas and a few messy ones too. One of them even has quite the naughty connotation to it. She really liked some of the shirts that Mia Kay wore in her first sets (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Mia Kay"), and now it looks like she's got one for herself coming up. I can't wait!

Autumn (size 8.5)
Model #: 35
Debut Date: February 21, 2007
Published Sets: 4     
Published Photos: 232

Autumn and I are coworkers and have been friends for over a decade now. She's always been a very quiet, very private person. She doesn't bother anyone and never gets involved in drama. Although we were friends, I never approached her about shooting for the longest time. When I was discussing shooting new models one day with Abby at work, she mentioned Autumn as a possibility. I told her I wasn't sure she'd do it, so Abby decided to feel her out for me.

Long story short, Autumn was, more or less, waiting for me to ask her for some time. When I told her I just figured she'd say no, she rolled her eyes at me and shook her head. Soon thereafter, Autumn and I were doing her first ever photos and she become the 35th model to appear on the site.

Autumn and I only shot four total sets over several years. She got a new job, but does still work with me part time. I've asked her about shooting a few times, several years ago, but didn't seem to be into the idea. She didn't say no, but I felt like her body language said it for her. Some people just move on, or change their mind. I think Autumn is one such person.

Barbie (size 6)
Model #: 47
Debut Date: May 28, 2008
Published Sets: 3     
Published Photos: 161
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2008 (5th)
Other Notables: Has appeared on numerous other foot fetish and fetish sites over the years.

This adorable blonde, named Barbie, I only met with once. It only took me that one day, however, to become such a huge fan of her little feet and cute smile. She was travelling with Danielle, shooting with other photographers. When Danielle asked me if I'd like to shoot her, along with another model, who turned out to be Barbie, I took them up on the offer. They thought it might be nice to have a second photographer present during one of their stops so neither of them would have downtime as the other shot. I wound up getting a couple of sets with each model, as well as one of the two together.

Barbie was a hit for the site when she debuted in 2008. Even though she lived a few hours away, I had hoped I could meet up with her again. Her size 6's were adorable and would have looked great in regular sets over the years. Sadly, that was not to be the case.

Bethany (size 8)
Model #: 33
Debut Date: August 23, 2006
Published Sets: 5     
Published Photos: 348
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2006 (3rd & 5th), 2007 (1st)
Other Notables: Natalie's cousin.

During a visit to the beach to meet up with, and shoot, Molly, I was introduced to her friend, Bethany. Her, and her then boyfriend, came to Molly's condo and we all hung out one night in the hot tub. I was immediately taken back by how cute Bethany was. She was quiet and shy, but deep down inside, I wondered if she'd be up for shooting. I didn't bring it up, however, since her boyfriend was present.

As the night went on, Molly brought it up instead, telling her all about it and how much fun it was. Before Bethany left that night, she agreed to come back the next day to shoot for me. Talk about lucking out as I had already done some wonderful sets with Molly, and now, I was getting a brand new model that I didn't expect, and a damn cute one at that.

Bethany turned out to be so fun to shoot and we got along quite well. Like so many other models, I hoped she would become a regular on the site. For a while, it looked like she might. She did live a couple hours away, but still managed to be a part of the site's second ever, four model set. That set also included Molly, and Madison, and Lauryn, and was themed to Christmas. Then Bethany got her equally attractive cousin, Natalie, to shoot as well. That would be our last shoot together. From what I understand, I think Bethany has moved to the west coast, or did for some time. I have not been in touch with her in many years.

Bobbie (size 8.5)
Model #: 81
Debut Date: July 2, 2014
Published Sets: 4     
Published Photos: 283
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2014 (5th & 9th)
Other NotablesDebuted with a Fourth of July themed update (seen above).

I worked with Bobbie for a couple of years. We always got along and sometimes hung out together with the same group of friends. For the majority of that time, however, she knew about my site, but didn't shoot for it. Years later, she became single and decided to give it a try.

In all honesty, I loved shooting with Bobbie. She was worried she wouldn't photograph well, as being in front of the camera was never something she clamored for. She did great though and had a lot of fans. They loved her and her feet. We shot a couple of times and after she got a new job, we sort of lost touch. I still speak to her from time to time and we've tossed around the idea of shooting again, which she always says she wants to do. It just never happens. Perhaps I need to reach out again and try to get some dates planned.

Bridgette (size 11)
Model #: 85
Debut Date: December 24, 2014
Published Sets: 3     
Published Photos: 218
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2014 (10th)
Other Notables: Felicia's twin sister. Debuted with a Christmas themed set, followed by a New Year's themed set, both with Felicia. Currently tied with Alice and Molly for biggest feet on the site.

Bridgette and I used to work together and her twin sister, Felicia, and I still do. I worked with both at once and eventually Felicia began shooting for Soles of Silk. Bridgette, however, took some time to come around.

It was ultimately Felicia who got her sister to come aboard and be presented as a Christmas and New Year's gift in consecutive updates at the end of 2014. People loved those sets, although some question if they are in fact, twins. Kimmie and Kellie, the first set of twins to appear on the site are identical, where as Bridgette and Felicia are fraternal. Still twins, nonetheless.

I was glad to have Bridgette shoot for the site as I knew she had big feet. I always used to tease her about them at work and I knew there would certainly be fans of them when her sets made their way onto the site. I ended up being right and hoped to see Bridgette make regular appearances, but that turned out not to be the case. It seems like a few boyfriends over the years have been behind her reluctance to shoot again. The door, however, is always open should that ever change.

Briezzy Lane (size 8.5)
Model #: 53
Debut Date: May 25, 2009
Published Sets: 3     
Published Photos: 126

Briezzy Lane is another model I only met with once and someone I met through another model of mine. Jordana and I would try to get together whenever we found ourselves in the other's neck of the woods. On one pass through, Jordana asked me if I'd be interested in shooting some photos with her friend, who was traveling with her. She told me that her name was Briezzy and she was just getting into modeling. I said sure and made my way down to see them one evening after work.

As always, my photos with Jordana looked great. When Briezzy shot, I couldn't believe just how long her toes were. I knew I had something special for all the fans of long toes out there. When she spread them, look out! Just look at that photo above. Those things separate so far from one another! It's a thing of beauty!

I shot two solo sets with Briezzy that evening as well as a set of the two together. I really loved the duo set as they poured lotion all over their feet and I watched them slip all about. That, however, was the last time I saw Briezzy and those long toes.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the 10 models above. Be on the lookout for Part 3 of this 10 part blog series in the days to come.

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