Those Closest to K

I am someone who always likes to give my models as much credit and focus as possible when it comes to what they have done for Soles of Silk. This is why I have created the "K Clubs" when a model reaches a 1,000 photo mark. To this day, there are 14 models who have reached the 1K mark, two who have reached 2K, and one model who has gone on to hit 3K and 4K.

All that being said, there are a handful of models who are less than 100 photos shy from reaching 1K, and that model who's gone on to 3K and 4K is now just shy of 5K. I'd like to look at each of them, their current photo counts, how many photos they need, and the overall likelihood of them reaching it. Now, onto the models:

Photo Count: 982 
# of Photos Shy: 18 (1K Club)
Likelihood of Joining: Unlikely

It really sucks that Ryan is only 18 photos shy of 1K. We haven't shot since 2013, so she could have broke this mark a long time ago had she kept on the pace she was shooting at upon her debut. All of the sets that we did were shot between 2011 (when she turned 18) and 2013. If she was still shooting today at that pace, she would have probably become a 2K Club member and easily on her way to 3K.

I've learned to never say never, but going on five years now, I'm starting to lose all hope that Ryan will ever return. I don't know why, but she just never answers me when I have asked her about shooting more photos. If we had a falling out, apparently I wasn't informed.

Photo Count: 978
# of Photos Shy: 22 (1K Club)
Likelihood of Joining: Foregone Conclusion

Being only 22 photos shy of joining the 1K Club, Kaycee's next update will add her to the ranks of the 1K Club. Kaycee already has a couple of sets waiting to be published, so her inclusion is only a matter of time.

Kaycee has been someone who, up until 2017, shot for me very regularly. We weren't able to get in a single shoot last year, but I had a bunch of sets of her to use that we had already done. It probably doesn't seem like she missed a beat at all to all of you. Still, I'd like to built up my Kaycee collection offline once again and have tons of content of her and those adorable feet. She wholeheartedly agrees.

Photo Count: 4,974
# of Photos Shy: 26 (5K Club)
Likelihood of Joining: Foregone Conclusion

Having shot 40 sets in 2017 and just having published the first of those sets in January, Mindee is not only well on her way to the 5K Club, but she has enough photos waiting to be published to put her into the 6K Club and even the 7K Club.

Mindee will break the 5K mark with her next update, which should come within a month's time. Be ready for another footography blog as well as the customary interview with Mindee on her last 1,000 photos.

Photo Count: 949
# of Photos Shy: 51 (1K Club)
Likelihood of Joining: Possibly

Had I written this a few months ago, I would have listed Aspen as unlikely instead of possibly. Late in 2017 I saw that Aspen was moving back to the area, so I reached out to her. She replied and we made some small talk. Long story short, she said she'd be interested in shooting once again, so hopefully that comes to pass. With only needing 51 more photos, a single set would put her in the 1K Club.

It's wild to think that Aspen shot all of her photo sets in slightly over a year's time frame. Had she kept on shooting at that pace, she'd be easily in the 2K Club by now and even chasing, or possibly passing the 3K mark. We were quite close and had lots of fun going out to shoot. I really miss her!

Photo Count: 946
# of Photos Shy: 54 (1K Club)
Likelihood of Joining: Foregone Conclusion

Before the summer of 2017 it had been three years since Emerald had last shot. We had done a number of photos, which I was slow to add to the site so that her appearances could be prolonged. Still, once the last set I had of her was published on May 4, 2016, I had no idea if Emerald would ever join the 1K Club. She was left sitting at 880 photos for over a year.

When Emerald reached out to me and was finally able to spare me some time, we made the most of it. I knew that we'd need two sets or more to put her into the 1K Club. We shot four solo sets and then a set with Mindee for a grand total of five on the day. Having only published one of these sets so far, it is a foregone conclusion that Emerald will be joining the 1K Club, and doing so with her very next update.

Jasey Rae
Photo Count: 944
# of Photos Shy: 56 (1K Club)
Likelihood of Joining: Foregone Conclusion

When Jasey Rae shoots, we tend to do it in spurts. All those spurts have finally amounted to her being one set away from entering the 1K Club. I can remember when I thought that her original 150 photos from our first shoot would be all she did. Thankfully she shot for me again two years later and we've managed to keep doing so from time to time.

In all honesty, I'd really like to shoot with Jasey more moving forward. She always is a blast to have on camera and I love all the sets she's done. If I have it my way, she'll be like some of the other models who have passed 1K and are building up their photo counts for a future entry into the 2K Club.

Photo Count: 1942
# of Photos Shy: 58 (2K Club)
Likelihood of Joining: Unlikely

For seven years, Layla was one of Soles of Silk's most frequent models when it came to new shoots and sets being published online. Sadly, that is no longer the case and we have not shot since 2012. The outlook of her getting the 58 photos to be the third model to enter the 2K Club looks grim since she now lives many hours away. Still, should the chance ever arise that we could get together for a couple of sets, it'll only take one. I'll keep those fingers crossed!

Notable Mentions
Although Melani currently sits at only 443 photos as of now, she shot just under 1,500 photos in 2017 alone. With a special event planned for March, her photo count is going to rise quickly. She might not get to 1K in 2018, but she's already shot enough photos to be in the 1K Club once they're published. By the end of the year, I'd like to have enough photos in waiting to assure her entry into the 2K and even 3K Clubs at some point. Guess we'll have to try and shoot as much as we did in 2017.

Kelsey, who I was unable to shoot at all in 2017, is currently at 1,660 photos. She has over 200 photos waiting to be published. That still makes her about two to three more sets away from reaching 2K, but I'm pretty sure she'll make up for lost time shooting this year.

Those are the models who are closest to K. Hopefully some of my other models go on a tear in 2018 and I'll be writing about them on a list like this next year. Only time will tell.

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