Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday's Shoot - Mindee & Her Quest For 40

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Mindee and Rein. We shot the "More Suite Feet" series, with the two of them featured in Part 1 and just Mindee in Part 2. Those shoots put Mindee at the 35 sets for 2017 - a number she was quite happy with. Then, one week later, I asked if she wanted to swing by for a set with Melani. As she always does, Mindee found the time to get in on a single set in the "Suite Teen Feet Series - Part 1" when the two teamed up for the third time this year. That created a problem. Mindee now had 36 sets.

Now you're probably asking yourself, "What's the problem?" Well, you see, Mindee liked the idea of her set count being a multiple of five. She was happy with the 35, but when she got to 36, she joked that she needed to get to 40. I agreed, but to be perfectly honest here, with the holidays approaching, I never thought we'd find the time to do anymore. Then this weekend happened.

I sent Mindee a specialized interview talking about all the sets we did in 2017. I playfully said that we'd have to change some of the questions if she found herself with some time to make that 36 a 40. Her response, "What are you doing Sunday?"

I had no plans. None. So why the hell not? I love Mindee. She's easily the best female friend I've ever had. She also, obviously, does amazing photos and has some of the prettiest feet. So I ask again, "Why the hell not?"

With only a day to come up with some themes, I decided to keep things simple. No food. Nothing messy. Barefoot and easy! We were going to shoot at her place and get these sets done over the course of just a few hours that she had open. We'd make it work, but what would we do? Well, you'll just have to look through the sets below to find out!

Recent weather is what inspired this set. Well, that and how much I love moist female feet.

Set 37: Only 3 More to Go!

Today's first set was inspired by the weather around here lately. It's been cold and it has snowed a few times over the last week. It has been a while since I saw Mindee's pretty feet come out of a pair of boots, which actually leads me to fun little tidbit. The pair that Mindee wore in this set are a pair that she bought for her own daughter as a Christmas gift. Yes, she's about the same size as Mindee, and no, she's old enough to model for the site... yet. Maybe one day though. That is, if she even would decide to do like her mom and grandmom, Shelby, did when they did some mom/daughter combos (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Mindee & Her Mom, Shelby"). Heck, could even do one with all three generations, if that would turn out to be the case! That's a number of years away though. I'll keep the fingers crossed!

Back to the set now. Bundled in her coat, gloves, thick socks, and boots, Mindee's first set of the day warmed up those size 8 feet real nice! She pulled off the coat and gloves first, leaving the boots and socks for last. That's never a bad thing for those of us who love our female feet warm and even a little moist from sweating.

Eventually, of course, Mindee would bare those beautiful bare feet, doing a few extra shots than I normally do in a set. I just had some good angles down on my knees at her feet - a running joke we had today. Oh well, I have no problems getting down in front of Mindee's feet. Never have, never will!

Mindee getting in some toe sucking action in this set.

Set 38: A Couple of More Now...

Now here is a set that gets requested from time to time. I can't quite say I "get" the kink, but there are numerous people who request that I have a model vacuum her feet. Well everyone, Mindee did just that today. For a model who it's hard to find firsts for, at this point, 13 years and over 100 sets later, this one was a first. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, Madison might be the only other model who shot a vacuum set and that set was published all the way back in 2008. Upon reviewing that set now, she did a lot of phallic looking poses with the tube and suction unit between her feet, but nothing really vacuuming them.

Mindee did!

Watching Mindee position the suction attachments to her feet was rather fun. The small, narrow tipped attachment worked perfectly between her angelic toes. The brush tickled her feet a little bit, but the funniest part was when she went without the attachment and just let it suck to her feet. I teased her that if she left a bruise on her foot because of it, at least I had photographic evidence to prove to her husband that it wasn't a hickey!

Not how most of us probably wanted to see Mindee's panties, but take what you can get!

Set 39: So Close You Can Smell it!

More chores! Sunday is a day many people use to do chores. With some clothes that needed to be folded, why not turn it into a set? It's simple enough and Mindee would be able to stick those tender soles straight out. And yes, they're tender. I've rubbed them too many times to count, although I could count how many times I did today. Five, unless you count when Mindee rubbed her gooey feet on my face after the last set. More on that later. I'm getting ahead of myself.

For this set, we were off to Mindee's bedroom. She threw the clothes basket off to the side and got to work on her laundry. Shirts, socks, shorts, and even her undies made an appearance throughout the set. I told her she should include some granny panties, which she refused. No, she didn't include any thongs either.

For such a simple set, I was really loving how this one came out with the splashes of color in a room full of blacks, whites, and grays. It was perfect and it inspired me to also shoot Mindee's last set of the day in the same spot. The much desired, set 40.

I seriously cannot get over how awesome Mindee's feet look covered in globs of lotion.

Set 40: Mindee's Mission Accomplished

Lotion. I bring a huge bottle of it to every shoot. Oftentimes, I'm the one who's rubbing it onto the pretty feet before me. Even though I did earlier during the first, second, and third sets, now it was Mindee's turn. Okay, I still rubbed some on her feet during this set too, but she started things off.

The plan for this set, since Mindee had already done a set with lotion that was published back in 2009, was to do it again, but use an exorbitant amount of the creamy stuff. I handed her the bottle and that's exactly what she did.

Some of you might have already seen just how much lotion Mindee ended up getting on her perfect feet on the site's Instagram page (@SolesofSilk), but if you haven't, it was a ton! Her feet were so gooey. Globs ran down her feet and you could hear them slide past one another as she went from pose to pose. Even the photo sample above doesn't show them at their sloppy peak.

Now, as I stated above, today's sixth foot rub kind of happened at the conclusion of this set. There was no way in the world that I was not going to grab hold of Mindee's feet for the fifth foot rub once the camera was put down (the fourth one happened to start this one off when they had no lotion on them). Her feet were a mess and I wanted my hands to glide all over them for a memorable little rub. With so much lotion on her feet, however, it surely wasn't soaking into her skin. Mindee would reach down here and there and rub some up her legs and thighs, and even onto her arms to spread some of it around. I jokingly put my face up to her feet and said that I'd take some. Mindee, naturally, put her soles to my face and smeared the cream all over. I just sat there, once again, on my knees, and accepted it. I'm sure Mindee relished in my position. I know I did!

So there you have it. Mindee's quest for 40 has been accomplished. I don't know if this record will ever be broken, although Mindee's already joking about beating it with 50 next year. The only way I could see this broken is if I find myself my much fabled, "hot asian girlfriend/wife" with cute feet that I so desire and I can shoot regularly. Still, I'm sure Mindee would shoot lots of sets with her and they'd take turns tormenting the ever living shit out of me. Then Mindee will ask to do one at the end of the year and beat her by a single set. Mindee would have it no other way! Neither would I! I love shooting her and I'm so glad she loves shooting for me. It's never a bad time and even with a year like 2017, I can't wait to do some more.

"I'll let you catch up and use up some of them before I have you take more," Mindee texted me as I was writing this blog.

"Uh no," I replied.

And that's the way it is. I don't care how many sets I have of my friend Mindee. She will always be welcome in front of my camera. For all that she's done for me with emergency shoots, getting her friends and relatives to shoot, to the countless interviews. I can't say enough about her, although I think I'm going to try in another blog where I'll be able to focus on just that. She deserves it.

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