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Shooting Mindee in 2017 - Like a Broken Record

Numbers... numbers... numbers...

Sometimes I find it fun to look at the different statistics of my models over a certain time span. Whether it be in a year, like I do with my Star Model blog series, or over the course of their careers, like I do with the 1K, 2K, and so on Clubs, I just like recognizing their accomplishments. Well, in 2017 one model totally broke records and set marks that I don't know if anyone will be able to surpass - both in a calendar year, or even career. That model is Mindee.

This blog details all the records she passed this year as far as shoots go. I didn't go into her published records, just what she's shot overall. I might do another one of these looking at her published count, but I haven't gone in and looked at all those numbers yet. For now, let's look at these records for photos and sets shot:

During her most recent shoot, Mindee surpassed 30 photo shoots in a single calendar year.

Single Year Records
I would have never believe that Mindee and I would go on to shoot as many photos as we did in 2017. I've often said I could shoot Mindee every day, if I could. I guess this year proved that I wasn't lying. Even with as many photos as we managed to do, I still would cherish seeing those size 8's in front of me right now with my camera in hand. That being said, here's what she accomplished just this year:

40 Solo Sets - As I just stated, Mindee was forever finding time for me to shoot in 2017. She shot sets alone as well as a good many with other models. If she had the time, she was finding it for me and shooting as much as she could. Just under half of her sets came from the "Suite Feet Saga" back in May when she shot 16 sets in two days. Those two days alone would have tied the record she set in 2015 when she earned the top spot as a Star Model (see blog: "Soles of Silk's 2015 Star Models").

When adding up other sets done up through the start of December, Mindee was happily sitting at 35 sets. We thought that would be where she ended up, but then she went and did a set with Melani during the "Suite Teen Feet" series, which put her to 36 sets. Being only four sets shy of 40, we decided to just go for it and met up right before the holidays and nailed them out.

9 Multi-Model Sets - I enjoy shooting multi-model sets, but it isn't always the easiest thing to do with having to match schedules to three, or more people. In 2017, Mindee and I had some luck, however, as she managed to do nine total team ups with the following models: Alice (1), Melani (3), Shelby (2), Emerald (1), and Rein (2).

In May, Mindee shot with her 10th different model, Alice. She'd also shoot with two more in 2017.

Career Records
You want to know what's even crazier than all the numbers you just read? Take a look at the ones below. These are Mindee's career numbers as of 2017. Being the only model from the site's launch to consistently still shoot for me, she's managed to build up quite the foot fetish portfolio!

+80 Solo Sets - No one comes close here. No one! The next closest model to Mindee in career solo sets shot is Cierra, with 33. After that, Charlee and Jamie each have 28 apiece. In all honesty, this has technically been a record Mindee has held and been adding onto since mid-2015. She currently sits at 84 solo sets and counting.

+20 Multi-Model Sets - Mindee is always good for a team up, as you read above. Whether it's with one of her friends, or even someone she's meeting for the first time, she's ready to put her soles right next to some others. As of 2017, Mindee has now been a part of more than 20 sets featuring more than one model - 22, if you want the exact count. Of those sets, 20 have been two model sets and two were three model sets.

+10 Models Shot w/ in Multi-Model Sets - Another record that doesn't come close. As of 2017, Mindee has shot with the following models (in order of appearance): Mariah (set lost), Cierra, Marcy, Emerald, Kelsey, Reese, Rein, Rilynn, Noelle, Alice, Melani, and Shelby. That's 12 models and counting and I'm sure this list will continue to grow. Mindee and I have discussed shooting with the likes of Abby, Kaycee, and Jasey Rae, just to name a few.

+100 Total Sets - When you count all of her solo sets with the sets she's done with other models, Mindee's total overall set count passes 100, at 106 at the time of this blog. Again, Cierra is next closest with 38 sets when you combine her solo and multi-model set counts.

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