Monday, December 4, 2017

More Suite Feet, Part 2 - Mindee

The blog series entry is a continuation from, "More Suite Feet, Part 1 - Mindee & Rein."

After our second set concluded it was time for Rein to depart. She had dinner plans to keep with family and Mindee and I were starting to get hungry ourselves. We weren't going anywhere though as we had more sets to shoot. Also, during our previous shoots, Reese had stopped by because she was in the neighborhood. She wasn't able to stick around and shoot, however, due to some time restraints herself. Wouldn't have minded getting her in another three model set, or some with just Mindee. Oh well...

Mindee and I got a bite to eat at a little pizza place. We took our time eating, but didn't want to sit around too long because Mindee, who had just shot her 30th set of 2017 with the PBJ Bagels set from Part 1, wanted to get to 35 now. I had the room all night, but knew she had to be at work early the next day. So back to the hotel we went.

Chapter 3: Pink Stockings & Black Fence Nets Combo

I had bought these, what I thought was a single pair of stockings, a little over a year ago. I knew I'd use them eventually and Mindee and I finally decided to put them to use. What I didn't know, however, was the stockings were actually two different stockings worn on top of each other. I always thought about doubling up on fence nets. It's something Alice and I recently discussed the other day. Looks like I'd get to double up unexpectedly in this set, however. Turned out to be a good thing though as it gave us some great variations in poses. And since it was a normal pair of stockings with fence nets, that leaves the double fence net idea intact for Alice.

I think Mindee looked amazing in the stocking combo. She was sitting on the bed and I was down at the corner admiring the view. When she began putting those soles out my way, I was in pure heaven. She tugged off the stocking combo as a whole from her left leg/foot first. That left one foot bare and the other with both stockings. From there, I had her just pull off the black fence net on the right foot. That left one bare and one with the pink stocking. After that, I had her pull the black fence net onto her barefoot to get shots with each stocking type side-by-side. See what I mean about the pose variations? It was awesome!

Chapter 4: Crayon Socks

As I explained at the start of Part 1 of this blog series, I had asked Mindee to do a multi-color pedicure for one of the set we were shooting today. This was that set. I had seen a bunch of Crayola Crayon themed knee high socks of various colors at a Halloween store last month. They had a matching shirt and beanie. I couldn't resist. When I pitched the idea for Mindee to do her toes in colors that matched the different socks, she was game.

We finally moved off the bed for this set and onto the couch. The teal color of the couch just added to the color explosion of this set. With this pedicure we looked to try to add in as much color into the other sets as we could too. This one, however... This one was the most vibrant! I can't wait to post it.

Chapter 5: Do You Know What a Brony Is?

While at the store looking for ideas, we came across some My Little Pony socks, candies, and stuffed animals. I had picked up some Pez dispensers a little while ago for an idea and had two My Little Pony ones. Combine them all and we had another colorful theme ready to go.

During this set I mentioned the term "brony" to Mindee, but she had never heard of it. I explained the deal to her and she was surprised. So not only did this set have a cute, girly look to it, but some guys out there are probably going to love it too! Not my thing, but this set sure did look adorable.

Chapter 6: Black & White Sneakers

So we went from two super colorful sets to one with mostly black and white. Mindee wore black and white attire and adorned on those angelic size 8 feet were a pair of black and white Nikes. There wasn't much to this set other than her sticking her feet out onto a coffee table and tugging off those shoes (without socks), but what else do us sweaty feet fans need? We're simple like that and sometimes, simple is best!

Chapter 7: Turtle Pie

We saved this set for last because we knew it was going to involve some clean up. Plus, we had to let the cake thaw out and warm up so Mindee's feet weren't ice cold when she pushed her toes down inside. It had all built up to this and Mindee was really looking forward to it. Set number 35 of the year and turtle pie.

You can probably see that Mindee was cheating and eating some of the cake as I moved around my lights prior to this set. Nevertheless, there was plenty there for her pretty feet to squish into. Seriously, this cake was almost liquid by the time her feet churned through it over and over. You could hear the sticky sounds with each wiggle of her toes. It was a blast!

This concludes the More Suite Feet series. Or does it? Mindee is only five sets away from shooting 40 in 2017. She might wanna go for it...

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