Soles of Silk - 2006's Star Models

Beginning in 2015 I began naming Soles of Silk's Star Models, which was a listing of the three models who shot the most photos that calendar year. While putting together 2017's Star Model list, I began to wonder just who the site's Star Models were from 2004-14. That curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go ahead and retroactively name those star models in a blog series. I had quite a few surprises along the way too. (Remember: These are sets shot, not published during the course of the year.)

The third year shooting for Soles of Silk saw only one new model (sort of) make it to the Star Models list. The other three became the first ever to repeat, one of which repeating first place appearances. The 2006 Star Models list sure does feature some of the site's most recognized models, by both the sheer number of photos they've done as well as their popularity with the fans.

Now, onto 2006's Star Models*:

2. (tied) Molly
Debuted: 2005
# of sets posed for in 2006: 5

Two years on the site and two years as a Star Model. Molly loved shooting and in 2005 I got the chance to go to the beach with her and her husband. We stayed at a condo owned by their family and naturally, I brought my camera along.

I shot a couple of sets the first day out on the beach. Later on that day we came back to the condo and I got to shoot some awesome indoor sets. I would have came away with more, but Molly introduced me to her friend, Bethany, during the trip and she agreed to shoot for me the second day. Had that not of happened, Molly would have done more without question. It all turned out good though because Bethany was adorable and a blast to shoot.

2. (tied) Madison
Debuted: 2004
# of sets posed for in 2006: 5

She topped 2004's Star Model list, but new models in 2005 sprang up and filled 2005's. Madison, who I figured would top these lists the first few years came one set short of doing so here in 2006. Nevertheless, she did some amazing work in 2006.

Many of you will probably remember the image being the site's splash page graphic for many years. This is one of my favorite sets that I did with Madison, which is saying a lot because we did a ton that I loved. I'm sure the constant foot rubs, smelling, and goofiness we had when shooting also led to some downtime that could have seen her do another set or two easily. Oh well...

2. (tied) Wendy
Debuted: 2006
# of sets posed for in 2006: 5

Here is the only new model to appear on this year's list. I say new, but in all reality, Wendy shot for my old site, The 10 Little Piggies, in the late 90's. She was one of the most popular models on the site back then, so I was so glad to have her back shooting for Soles of Silk.

Wendy and I made the most of her first year on the site getting in five sets. Like the models above, she only missed the first place spot by a single set. I made sure we got in some sets knowing how popular she was on the first go around with a web site. My gut feeling told me she'd be just as popular, if not more. I turned out to be right on the money. She was massively over and quite a few people remembered her from my old site.

1. Kellie
Debuted: 2005
# of sets posed for in 2006: 6

Kellie becomes the first model to place first in two different Star Model listings as well as the first to do it in back-to-back years. She just loved shooting for me and I, obviously, adored shooting her.

In 2006 Kellie and I made a trip to the beach and got in some really fun sets. The one above was perhaps the most daring set I had done to date. It's not every day you see someone sitting on the boardwalk at a popular beach town stepping in funnel cake. I love funnel cake...

Needless to say, the constant fan reaction to Kellie's work made me only want to shoot her more. While this will be her final appearance (as of 2017) as a Star Model, she continued to model for me, just not as often as we did this early on.

Thanks for joining me on this stroll through Soles of Silk's history. I always aim to give my models as much credit as possible. Without them, Soles of Silk wouldn't be what it is. Please be sure to check out the next retroactive installment where I cover 2007's Star Models.

* When I began naming Soles of Silk's Star Models in 2015, I decided to list the three most photographed models of the year. When going back to do these blogs retroactively, it became apparent that there would be many ties. Due to this fact, you will often see more than three models featured.

Retroactive Star Model Leader Count (as of 2006)

This portion of the blog was added in November 2017 when I went back to do the Star Models of years past (2004-14). I wanted to see which models made the most appearances throughout the years and who actually shot the most, well, the most? Wanting to know this information, I decided to share the results at the conclusion of these blogs as they progress. I will include this on each and every installment moving forward.

Most Overall Appearances
  • 2 appearances - Madison (2004, 2006), Kellie (2005, 2006), Molly (2005, 2006)
  • 1 appearance - Lauryn (2004), Lisa Tyler (2004), Sue Lovely (2004), Kimmie (2005), Lexi (2005), Layla (2005), Wendy (2006)

Most Overall 1st Place Appearances

  • 2 appearances - Kellie (2005, 2006)
  • 1 appearance - Madison (2004), Layla (2005)

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