Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dream Duos #5 - Kaycee & Ashlyn

Welcome to the fifth installment in an ongoing blog series here on the Soles of Silk Blog. In this series I take a look at two models on the site who I'd love to see shoot together someday.

Kaycee (left)
Shoe Size: 7.5
Debut: July 9, 2014
# of Photos on Site: 906
Other Models Shot WithReagan

Ashlyn (right)
Shoe Size: 5
Debut: August 28, 2013
# of Photos on Site: 371
Other Models Shot With: none

Here is a team up that would just be so awesome, if I were able to make it happen - hence, a dream duo! Kaycee and Ashlyn are both models who I'd have to say have their own styles about them. Whether it's outfits, make up, or things that they enjoy, I can honestly say that neither are you're stereotypical female. That's why I love them both. Well, that and they have adorable feet and are both sweethearts. It makes them amazing to have in front of my camera. All of their shoots thus far have been memorable for different reasons.

Kaycee has already shot with one model, her good friend, Reagan. It was Kaycee who got Reagan to shoot in the first place, so it was only natural for them both to want to shoot together. As for Ashlyn, she has yet to shoot with anyone else. I'd love for her first team up to be with Kaycee!

Generally Kaycee is one of my most photographed models, even earning herself an appearance on the "2015's Star Models" blog. This year we haven't been able to shoot anything, but that's very atypical. We've even been talking about squeezing in a few sets before it gets too cold here though. Either that, or I'll have to find an indoor location and we'll make something happen.

When it comes to Ashlyn, however, it's been quite a while since we last shot. We still talk about it and she assures me she'd love to do some more photos. With all that's going on in both of our lives, we just don't get to schedule anything. It's a shame too because people have loved every one of Ashlyn's sets when published. The same is true about Kaycee as well. Imagine combining them into one set? I can!

One thing I've always said about multi-model shoots is that they're generally best when I can shoot two models who are friends with one another already. Although that is not the case with these two (as far as I know), I still think things would come out really well. The three of us have a very carefree attitude towards life, so I'm sure any set we planned would be nothing but fun.

So what do you think? What kind of shoots would you love to see these two in together? I, for one, think something with some stockings would be cool. Maybe even something with Converse shoes? Heck, maybe it would be best to tell these two to come up with a theme together and I'll shoot whatever they decide upon. They're both creative, so I'm certain it would be great.


Be on the lookout for future Dream Duo entries. Which two models would you most like to see photographed together? Don't hesitate to let me know.

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