Mindee in the Lead Now... So Far

Mindee easily claimed the lead after the Suite Feet series of shoots.

Back in May I wrote a blog titled, "Leah in the Lead... So Far." At the time, newcomer, Leah, was my most photographed model of the year with six sets. As a matter of fact, the top three spots were taken by newcomers. Melani had five sets and occupied the second spot. Alexa was in third with three sets. It wasn't until fourth place and beyond that any models who debuted prior to 2017 were found. This was the list back in May 2017:
  1. Leah - 6 sets
  2. Melani - 5 sets
  3. Alexa - 3 sets 
  4. Jasey Rae - 2 sets
  5. Alice - 2 sets
  6. Felicia - 1 set
  7. Mindee - 1 set
Well, that was May. Here in September, as I'm slowing down with shooting, the list looks quite a bit different. There are some new models, but Mindee surpassed the the entire roster, going from last to first, mostly in a single weekend during the "Suite Feet Saga." She hasn't been sniffed since. Well, unless you count the times my nose was between her toes, but that's not the focus of this blog...

As it currently sits, there are now 13 total models who have shot at some point during 2017. Two more newcomers joined the roster and four existing models found themselves in front of the camera again for the first time this year. Here is how they break down as of this point in time:

  1. Mindee - 24 sets
  2. Melani - 15 sets
  3. Alexa - 9 sets
  4. Alice - 7 sets
  5. Leah - 6 sets
  6. Emerald - 5 sets
  7. Jasey Rae - 4 sets
  8. Charlee - 4 sets
  9. Camille - 4 sets
  10. Shelby - 3 sets
  11. Reese - 2 sets
  12. Allie - 2 sets
  13. Felicia - 1 set
Although Mindee is in the lead by nine sets, this race could have been a lot tighter. Melani, who has been no slouch this year when it comes to shoots, was scheduled to do several more days that were not able to be done for various reasons. Could she have been in the lead? Probably. No one will know. Still, Mindee would have probably insisted on doing more to push past her. Mindee and I also had some postponements due to weather, so her number could have easily been even higher too.

With all that being said, this list is in no way finished for the year. Just recently both Jasey Rae and Mindee had some missed shoot time due to rain outs and are looking to reschedule. Charlee, Alice, and Allie have been in contact with me as well. I have also been hitting up Kaycee to shoot as she hasn't done so at all this year. I miss shooting with her!

So, with 2017 inching toward its end, how do you think this year's Star Model listing will play out? Will Mindee and Melani maintain their hold on the top two spots, or will someone else step up in these last few months and see a lot of camera time? I guess we will just have to wait and see!

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