Sunday's Shoot, Part 1 - Emerald

Earlier this week I texted Mindee and told her that I'd like to get in a shoot sometime soon, even if it was just a set or two. She told me she had a few hours Sunday evening and would be down to shoot. I told her I was open and we finalized the details.

On Saturday, while texting Mindee to confirm that we were still on, I ended up reaching Emerald. She was using Mindee's phone and asked if I had any free time for her to shoot on Sunday too. Since Mindee wasn't free until the evening, I told her yes. It's been three years since we last shot. You best bet I was going to make some time for her. 

We agreed to meet up at 11 a.m. so we could shoot whatever we could before Mindee was free. And the plan was to shoot a set with Mindee when she was ready to go later on. We'd wrap up the evening with a set or two of Mindee solo. That's exactly how Sunday went too. I love when a plan comes together!

Emerald and I ventured off to a waterfront location for the first two sets of the day. After parking the car I showed her some of the socks and shirts I had brought with me, if she wanted to use them. She took a liking to the thigh high socks with the hot pink stripes. It matched the pink on her shirt perfectly. Emerald put them into her bag and grabbed a few other outfits too. We were then on our way down to the water.

It was great having Emerald shoot again. It had been 3 years since her last shoot.

We started the first set of the day with Emerald laying out on the pier. Those long socks sure did stick out with her dark shirt and jean shorts. I had her show them off quite a bit before even starting to pull them off. I figured you sock fans out there would enjoy having those shots before seeing her get barefoot. Eventually, however, those long socks would find their way onto the pier. Emerald was then showcasing those lovely size 7 feet of hers that I fell in love with back in 2012, when I took her first photos.

Even though it had been three years since her last shoot, Emerald hadn't missed a beat. We wasted no time, except for when we paused for me to do a fun photo of me rubbing her feet. The sole intent, pun intended, of this photo was to piss off Mindee. She adores my foot rubs, but was busy helping family with some errands at the time. We figured she'd be at least slightly jealous it wasn't her feet getting the attention. She didn't seem too mad though. Guess she knew she had one waiting for her when she was finally free.

After the first set, we walked back up to land, and over to a small overlook area. It was rather private, so we thought getting in a baby oil set would work out nicely. Emerald had never done one to that point, so I told her I'm sure some of her fans would love to see it. She was all for it, so she sat down and we were underway once again.

Emerald's soles were so slick. I know because I rubbed them after the shoot.

I had Emerald do a number of shots without the baby oil to begin. I always like to show the application a little ways into the set so you can see the difference in shine and slickness versus her plain, bare feet. Believe me, once she began pouring it on, it became quite evident too. They were so slippery!

Again, the photos in this set flew by. I looked down and saw the photo count rise to about where I like for my sets' number to be. We did a few more, just in case shots, to be sure they'd all be usable photos. In all honesty, I figured I didn't need them. I just liked the sight of Emerald's oiled feet that much, so why not take a few more? 

When this set was done, I went ahead and put my camera down. I pulled out a towel for Emerald, but first, I was rubbing those slippery soles. My fingers and hands flew over them with ease. Emerald sure didn't seem to mind as we just chatted for a bit. Eventually, however, we had to get on our way. We weren't sure when Mindee would be ready and we had some more sets to get in.

For our third set, we left the waterfront area and went to a sports and recreation facility. They have countless ball fields for all kinds of sports. We made our way over to some stands to shoot a favorite theme of mine - sneakers without socks!

The shoes Emerald brought with her for this set were red and black. I loved them! I knew they'd stand out nicely in photos. I can't remember if I've ever shot someone with red sneakers all these years. Well, not with this much red, that is.

Emerald began the set showing off her feet in the shoes and then went on a slow shoe removal that I didn't want to stop shooting! Every little tug of a shoelace, pop out of a heel, or sniff of her own shoes, just made this set one I can't wait to publish. Funny thing is, I had thought the same about the two sets we had just shot too. This was turning out to be an amazing day. And we weren't done yet!

While we were wrapping up this set, Mindee told us that she might not be done until around 5 p.m. Since we were making great time, we decided to go ahead and shoot a fourth set and then figure out what to do from there.

We left the sports complex and went to a nature center. We wandered through the woods and found our way out to a small seating area in the middle of the marsh. There were so many cattails you couldn't even see the river at all. We heard people canoeing past us, but we never once saw them. I guess that was good though as Emerald needed a quick change into her dress and some of the most colorful heels I've ever shot.

Emerald was excited to have her colorful shoes in this set.

The heels you see in the lower portion of the photo above were ones Emerald was eager to use in a set. I loved them when she showed me a picture of them the night before, so I told her to bring them. These shoes just might make it into another set too. I don't want to give details about that set yet, as it will be huge news, if it happens. I also don't want to promise something and it not come to be either. Believe me, if it does happen, you'll love it and I'll be showcasing it all over social media, the site, and the blog.

We began the fourth set with some standing shots. I wanted to capture her feet pressed into those shoes in the most natural of ways. She spun around in a few different poses and then it was over to the nearby bench. Once there it was time to pull off those shoes and dangle them from her dainty toes.

It was during this set when one of the strangest of things happened. We saw what looked like a butterfly, or moth of some sort, flying around. Within seconds of spotting it, it landed on Emerald's foot. I took a couple of photos, trying not to scare it away. Scare was NOT something this little flying critter did, however. We couldn't keep this thing away! It landed on Emerald's shoes, her feet a few times, and then went and sat on my camera. When I tried to move it so he'd fly off, he'd just fly right to wherever I put it. it was crazy!

Eventually we wrapped up the set and our butterfly/moth friend went and found something else to do, albeit, like 10 minutes later. Mindee, however, still needed some time. Since neither Emerald or I had eaten all day, we some time to go eat and shop before finally catching up with Mindee. 

For what happened when these two got together again, read, "Sunday's Shoot, Part 2 - Emerald & Mindee."

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