Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday's Shoot - Mindee & Her Mom, Shelby (New Model)

Well, Sunday, July 9, 2017 marks a first for me. Today I shot the site's first ever, mom and daughter combo. I've shot cousins, sisters, even twins, but never a mother and daughter - not even separately. Now I have! Please welcome to the site, Mindee's mom, Shelby.

I've known Ms. Shelby for years now. Mindee is one of my best friends and I've always been friendly with her family. Never did I think that one day, 13 years after Mindee modeled for her first ever photos for Soles of Silk, that her mom would one day join the roster too. Better late than never, huh?

Saturday evening I exchanged a number of texts with Mindee about today's shoot. I knew some possible themes, but I was honestly drawing a blank. I also didn't know how her mom would react to certain themes, or wearing certain footwear - such as stockings or thigh high socks. I had a bunch of them packed just in case, but like we've done so many times, Mindee said we'll figure it out tomorrow. That we did!

I arrived at Ms. Shelby's house around 1 p.m. She was finishing up getting ready. Today's plan was to shoot a solo set with Mindee to begin so that she could see what it was like. Mindee had given her some tips, but seeing it would be more beneficial. With that, Mindee grabbed a pair of socks from my bag with a little puppy dog on the tops of them and we set up shop on the porch swing out front.

Before we began, however, something quite funny happened. Mindee kicked off her sandals and commented that she needed some lotion. Now generally when this is said, that means I go get it and rub it on her feet. Today, however, I aimed to play a little game. Mindee, of course, blew up my spot!

I handed Mindee the lotion and she was like, "What? Really? Because my mom is here you're not going to do it?"

"Nope," I said.

Mindee laughed at me thinking that I was embarrassed. Maybe I was just a little, but I had a master plan. More on that in a bit. For now, it was time to begin shooting. Mindee and Ms. Shelby said not to worry about the next door neighbor out on the porch. I said, "okay," and we were on our way.

Mindee shooting first so her mom (not pictured) can see what it is like.

Within a minute of shooting, Mindee's mom was all over Mindee. She was straightening out her shirt, her hair, and telling her to adjust her boobs... Mindee just looked up like, "Mom! C'mon!"

After a couple more nitpicks by mom, Mindee pushed her away telling her we're never going to get any photos in if she doesn't stop. It was cute! I just laughed. For a change, Mindee wasn't the boss.

When we actually started shooting, the set went by quickly as all of Mindee's do. This set marked her 70th solo set that she's shot, plus all the ones she's done with other models from the site - now 12 different models in all. It goes without saying that I can just point my camera toward Mindee and just shoot whatever she does. I love that. We really do work well together.

During the set, even though the photos were flying by, I stopped from time to time to explain some things to Ms. Shelby. Things like the whole spread toes and scrunched toes poses came up as Mindee was doing them. These are things I take for granted with my regular models, but with a newbie, those details need to be explained.

Once the set was finished, it was time for Mindee's favorite part of shooting - video clips. Mindee always dreads these, but she loves me and does them anyhow. The socks went back on and Mindee pulled them back off in the clip. Ms. Shelby looked on and once we were done, it was her turn for a solo set.

Ms. Shelby kept her feet cool in the hot sun above in her first ever set for Soles of Silk.

For Ms. Shelby's first set we went out back to a little bar set up on the patio. We took out a pitcher of water, which we thought would be fun to pour all over her feet. She was also wearing a pair of flashy wedges that she really wanted to use in the set, so she started off with those.

Unlike Mindee's set, which took place in the shade, this one was done out in the bright, hot sun, while Mindee watched from under an umbrella at a nearby table. It must be nice to coach from the sidelines in the shade, huh? Anyhow, Mindee's mom sat up on the chair and were ready to begin... almost!

Remember how I mentioned above that Mindee was giving me crap for not rubbing lotion on her feet? Well, I went over and grabbed the lotion and gave her mom's feet a little rub instead. Mindee's face was priceless. Hey, I have to make her jealous somehow, right? Mindee knows I love her and will shoot her every day if I could. I have to knock her down a peg or two from time to time though. This did the trick! I figure I'll end up paying for it at some point, in all honesty. She won't forget! Now, however, it was time to begin.

I really liked how the gold of Ms. Shelby's shoes caught the sunlight, along with her blue toenails - the same exact blue Mindee had on hers. I did a number of close ups because of this, but before long, those shoes came off.

Once Ms. Shelby was barefoot, we moved her around the back of the bar area and propped her feet right up to the camera. She grabbed the pitcher of water and got her feet wet for the first time today. I say first time, because it happened again in the last set of the day too. It kinda sorta happened in the third set too, but not with water. More on that below.

Mindee's mom must have really paid attention to Mindee's prior set because I felt like I didn't have to give her many directions at all, especially for someone doing her first set. Sometimes I have to coach every pose, but not with her. That made this set go by quicker than I had thought, which was good because we were both feeling that sun!

With about three-quarters of the pitcher still full, we decided to go ahead and have her pour it out on her feet for the video clip. It was a lot of water, but she used every drop by the time it was over. With that, Ms. Shelby had finished her first set and clip and became the site's newest model. Now, however, it was time to cool off and figure out where we were going to shoot the first mother/daughter team up set.

We looked around out back, but ultimately decided to go back out onto the porch. It was much cooler and the sun wasn't beating down on us there. The porch swing was moved and I began setting up what I had planned on using for this set, two bubble blowing machines. 

Bubbles would be the theme of this set, but we had to make a few adjustments before we began. And, Mindee and Ms. Shelby both insisted that I give their feet a little lotion rub down first. Yup, another first! First ever, mother/daughter foot rub. Mindee insisted on taking a couple of photos of me in my glory too. At least I managed not to have my "shit eating grin," Mindee accused me of having when I shot her and Alice together during Part 5 of the Suite Feet series. Or maybe I've gotten better at hiding it?

This set was the first one I've done featuring a mother and daughter together.

The bubble blowers ended up working better than I had thought, but there was two major problems. The direction of the wind kept changing, making the bubbles blow into the camera, into Mindee's and Ms. Shelby's eyes, and totally out of the picture frame. The second issue was that they blew out so fast that they just became blurs in the photos. I didn't want to shoot on a super fast speed and compromise my depth of field, so we turned them off and the two of them just used their bubble wands instead. Oh well, my niece surely did appreciate the bubble blowers when I got home. They didn't go to waste.

The majority of this set involved me laying down before both women and shooting them blowing bubbles and sticking the long wands between their feet. I was a little embarrassed when they did some phallic looking poses, especially when Ms. Shelby's boyfriend came over and she made sure he saw her doing one. He laughed and told her to "get it!" Oh man, now I know where Mindee gets it from. Ms. Shelby tried to deny it, but I know!

We shot a few poses before we wrapped up this set with the both of them grabbing at and playing with each other's feet. Normally I suggest these poses, but since this was a mom/daughter set, I didn't. Sure, it would be cute, but I didn't want anyone feeling weirded out - this was Ms. Shelby's first shoot, after all. Well, that whole feeling was blown up when they bit each other's toes on their own. Yeah, it was only a photo or two, but they laughed their asses off as it happened, so it was all in good fun.

With the set complete, it was time for the video clip once again. Luckily for us, the dog inside stopped barking right before we shot. With it a little quieter than it was shooting the last few pictures, Mindee and her mom blew bubbles and wrapped the wands around each other's feet again. Some of the bubble juice was even poured onto their feet toward the end of the clip. It looked cute and that's why I said that Mindee's mom sorta kinda got her feet wet in this one too. When the clip was over, I made sure to snap a few pictures of them all wet and honestly, slimy. I didn't realize that the bubble mix would feel like that, but it did.

After putting everything on the porch back in place, we went out back to shoot the final set of the day. Ms. Shelby's feet were going to get wet once again, but so was all of her lower half, along with Mindee's too. This was another duel set with the both of them. It would take place inside a small blue kiddie pool. And that water was just a bit cold having just come from the hose.

How similar are the soles of this mother/daughter pairing?

I began this set with a few standing shots. Both ladies knew that when they put their butts down in the water, it was going to be just a little chilly. I let them prolong that for a few minutes, but eventually, those soles needed to be front and center. Down they went!

Both Mindee's and her mom's feet really came through as very similar in this set. I wasn't the only one who thought so either.

"Mindee definitely has her mom's feet," @kingdoug81 said under the pool photo on the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) page.

I think it is the wrinkled soles that really show that off. With both women's toes scrunched, it's super evident. That's why I also posted a sample with that pose here on the blog. Even their toes are similar too, now that I think about it! What do you think? 

For most of this shoot water was spilling out of the pool. When both ladies got in, some spilled over the edge. We didn't put it on the most level of spots either, so that didn't help. So much water started spilling out when I had them put their heels on the edge, I had to go get a pool raft to lay on. The grass outside the pool was flooding out and I didn't have a change of clothes.

Thankfully the water made this set much more comfortable to shoot, even though that sun was still super bright and hot. We went through this set pretty quickly regardless and did the clip before wrapping things up. A lot more of water spilled out during that clip though. I was so glad to be on that raft for that!

With this set now in the books, all of us were a little beat and very hungry. We picked everything up and put it back in place. Mindee and Ms. Shelby went inside and put on dry clothes and the three of us, along with Ms. Shelby's boyfriend, went and got a much needed dinner. All of us left feeling super stuffed, but the food was great as was the company.

I want to thank Mindee for getting her mom to shoot these sets today. I don't know how hard she was to convince, but this isn't the first relative of Mindee's to appear on the site. Doesn't look like it will be the last either. 

If you're wondering, the following models are related to Mindee (in order of their debuts): Mariah (cousin), Marcy (cousin), Rilynn (sister-in-law), and now, Ms. Shelby (mother). I said it doesn't look like the last either because another one of Mindee's cousins is looking to shoot as well. More on that if/when it happens.

I would also like to thank Ms. Shelby too. I've known you for many years and didn't think I'd ever shoot you. I never thought it was something you'd be interested in, or we could have done this many years ago. Had that of happened, you could have gave Mindee a run for her "most photos on the site" title. You're always welcome to shoot again though. I hope you had a good time. Maybe next time it won't be so hot either!

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