Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday's Shoot - Alexa

I had the privilege of shooting Alexa for the second time today. She debuted less than a month ago, on May 7, 2017 (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Alexa") and couldn't wait to do it again. She really loves doing this and she's making me love shooting her more and more with every set we do. She's now up to seven total sets shot here after today and that number is only going to continue to climb.

Today's original plan called for us to meet up around 1 p.m., but neither one of us were quite ready. We delayed our start to around 2 p.m. and then made a quick stop to eat before getting underway. We were headed to a waterfront location downtown. I had a few set ideas in mind and wanted a setting a little different than those we did on Alexa's first go around in May. I wanted something a bit more urban, so to the city we went.

I wanted this set to be totally saturated with the color purple.

The first set up on today's agenda was one featuring thigh high socks. While Alexa was getting ready earlier, I was out buying a shirt and some shorts to go along with said socks. Purple was going to run rampant through this set for sure! I also picked up a little headband for it too.

I loved how Alexa looked in this simple set. Sometimes less is more and this set was just that. We found ourselves a few benches along one of the buildings and began shooting. There wasn't many clouds out today and the temperature was in the upper 80's. This spot though had ample lighting and it was much cooler than being out in that sun.

Alexa had a blast pulling off these big socks, which were only inches from her womanly parts when pulled all the way up. We joked about how big they were, but they still looked great on her. Not only did she pull them off once, but a second time as well for a video clip.

I loved how cute Alexa's feet looked in black pantyhose. They sure felt nice too!

For the second set I wanted to do a set with Alexa in nude pantyhose. Then I began thinking that it might be better to do nude thigh highs instead. Alexa and I tossed around which we wanted to do when I remembered that I also had some black pantyhose as well. It's been ages since I did a standard pair of black stockings. When I showed Alexa the black pair, we both shook our heads and said, "Yes!"

Another aspect of this set that many of you will be sure to love are Alexa's shoes. I said in Alexa's first shoot blog that she has a rather large shoe collection. She brought several pairs along for today. She let me pick the ones she'd have on her feet and I picked the pair you see in the photo above. They don't resemble anything on my site, that I can remember.

With these stockings being pantyhose, and us being out in public, Alexa's stockings stayed on for this entire set. That sure came in handy for me (and her) when the set and clip were finished. I pulled up a chair and gave Alexa's warm feet and nice, long, well deserved massage. Her feet are so soft and those stockings only added to it! Seriously, someone on Instagram (@SolesofSilk) stated that her feet "look like two soft pillows." Well, that description would only do them justice if you're talking about the kinds that your head sinks into - not those firm ones. My fingers just pushed into her soles with no resistance. Even the word tender doesn't do her feet justice. Needless to say, my massage just kept going until she made me stop. I told her it was up to her to stop me, or I'd just rub them all evening. She let me go for a little while longer, since I had already been doing it for quite a while, then stopped it. She laughed saying that we had to get to our third set at some point.

Alexa shredded this pair of nude thigh high stockings.

We didn't quite know what we were going to do for the third set of the day. After talking about several ideas on the way back to the car, those nude thigh high stockings came back to mind. She had some other dresses she had brought along and a pair of big white pumps that I adored. I wanted to see her feet in those so bad! I was kind of liking the idea of nude hose earlier, although we decided to go black. I'll wait while you make a "once you go black" joke... Can't blame you! We made them picking the black stockings earlier too. Guess you can go back, huh Alexa?

For this set I figured would pull the thigh highs off throughout the set. It would really be no different than pulling off the thigh high socks from the first set in all reality. That was our plan. Plans change!

What ended up happening in this set was something people have asked me to do from time to time. Although I've done in the past, it's been a long time since the last time. For this one, the way Alexa's bare feet came into view was by her ripping the stockings off. With the concrete bench, they snagged a few times right away, so why not just ruin them? What I didn't expect, however, was how Alexa would shred them to pieces! The clip after this set is just shred after shred after shred of the stockings you see above. You can hear all the tears each and every time too.

Alexa stuck her legs up on the handrail of this footbridge and spread those toes wide!

When it came time to try to figure out where to shoot our fourth and final set, and what Alexa was to wear, neither of us had an idea. Earlier in the day we had looked at some possible spots, but it was Alexa who pointed over to a little garden/park area. It was also her idea to pull on a pair of camouflage leggings that she brought with her. And just like I said on Instagram, her booty sure looked nice in them! Yes, a foot guy can totally appreciate the backside too!

We ended up shooting this set all over the garden area. The set started off with Alexa wearing a pair of black shoes, without socks, which she stayed in for quite a few photos. She hinted at me that she could feel her feet sweating inside. Now, normally I'd think she would just be stating facts, but I already believe that Alexa knows that me hearing that is a massive tease. I know her true intent! 

Alexa sure was right though. When those shoes came off, I stuck my fingers between those plump toes and they were damp. I should have left her in them for a few more hours! Too bad it was after 6 p.m. or I might just have...

Throughout this set Alexa and I joked about numerous things. At one point the topic of ballbusting somehow came up, which I admitted to liking. She was intrigued and asked me questions. I shared some stuff and noticed she was always giggling like a schoolgirl when the topic was being discussed. For the rest of the shoot I dropped little ballbusting jokes to make her burst out into laughter. It made for a fun finish, along with her sticking her feet all over the different items in the garden - like the bridge (above) and light fixtures (seen on Instagram).

After this fourth set it was time to call it a day. We made our way back to the car and headed home. I dropped Alexa off and then came back here to write this blog. Although I paid Alexa a lot of compliments above, I cannot stress how much fun I had today. I'm so glad Alexa was curious enough to give this all a try last month. Alexa is second only to Mindee in total sets shot here early on in 2017, with seven. She's loving this and can't wait to shoot again. Thank you for all the love you give her for her efforts via email and on social media. I'll be sure to give her a nice long foot rub for all of you next time! Don't be jealous! Did I say how soft they are? Oh yeah, and how sweaty they get in shoes without socks? Sorry, Alexa must be teaching me how to tease a little myself!

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