Sunday's Shoot - Alice & Leah (New Model)

Two more sets. Two more models shot - one of which, is a newcomer. Add that to the list of productivity I've had over the last several weeks and I don't know how things could get much better. Well, maybe if I had another all day shoot planned for tomorrow. Oh wait, I do! Before I get ahead of myself here, today's shoot deserves some attention. No, scratch that! It deserves a lot of attention!

Last year Alice tied Mindee as my site's most photographed model for 2016, with 11 sets each. It was her second time doing 11 sets in a calendar year, which is awesome considering that she's only been shooting for those two years. She just keeps modeling her size 11's and I keep on shooting them. Well, she's already got two under her belt for 2017... or is that inside her sock?

Alice wasn't today's only model, however. And unlike last Tuesday, when I shot Felicia (see blog: "Tuesday's Shoot - Felicia") followed by Mindee (see blog: "Tuesday's Shoot - Mindee"), today's sets featured Alice with a debuting, Leah, and her size 6 feet. Both models, shooting at the same time. 

Already in this young 2017 Soles of Silk is seeing its second new sole mate. Last Monday, Melani shot her first sets (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Melani") and she's also the model I'm shooting all day tomorrow. Like Melani, Leah also has small size 6 feet and loved every minute of shooting. She was a breeze to shoot and can't wait to do so again soon. Good stuff!

I met up with Alice and Leah today around 1:45 p.m. We were running about an hour and a half behind as Alice had a long night and didn't get much sleep. It, however, afforded me some time to scout some potential shoot locations and hit up a store for extra props. Alice apologized several times, but I assured her it was okay. She's been there every single time I've asked her to shoot these last two years. She's never been someone who blows me off, or stands me up. I wasn't upset at all. I told her she just owes me some extra time rubbing her feet. She agreed and said how she enjoys my forms of punishment.

After some small talk I began setting up my photo lights for the first set. This gave me some time to shoot the shit with Alice and to also get to know Leah. She seemed like a cool person who was really looking forward to her first set. Normally, I'd have a new model sit and watch the experienced model do a set first. When she's done, then I'd have the new model shoot. Since we were running behind, however, both girls would be in on this first set - and man, oh man, did these two have a shit ton of fun shooting this!

Leah's (left) & Alice's feet wouldn't stop sweating during this first set of the day.

The theme for this first set was originally going to be an Easter one. While it still kind of is, it's been morphed into something "larger." It'll go up on the update following Easter and will see the girls get a crappy Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. It was full of small white chocolate bunnies and soft marshmallow candies. How boring! These two ladies, with some cute bunnies on their shirts, prefer milk and/or dark chocolate treats. Something a little bigger, or is that a lot bigger? Not to mention, harder and full of nuts... um, almonds.

Alice and Leah began this set in some thigh high stockings, complete with bows. While their legs and feet were encased in these stockings, they rummaged through the Easter Bunny's basket, which was appropriately blue for something so "vanilla." You can tell the girls were not impressed.

Once the snowbunny basket, full of chocolate, came out, that's when gals began to really liven up. Things got super silly. Feet were grabbed, toes were licked, and chocolates were pushed into the spaces between all 20 of their toes. The best thing of all, both girls' feet kept sweating the entire time this happened. I couldn't help but give them a rub here and there. I love them that way! They were literally dripping wet.

After a ton of photos and the customary video clip to end the set, we wrapped things up. There were so many laughs to be had about what just happened. Alice loved getting in another set with another model. Leah simply loved being shot for the very first time, saying how much fun it was. I... Well, I was just in awe of the sights that had just transpired. It's going to be one of the most memorable sets I ever shoot, I'm sure. Well, maybe until these two shoot again.

At this point we realized we were running short on time and got ready to go do our next set. The original plan was to shoot two solo sets (one with each of them) and then another duo. Since time was of the essence, we decided to save the solo sets for another time. Instead, another two girl set it was!

The three of us jumped into my car and drove off to a near by high school. I was looking for a track to use as a setting. Sadly, however, when we got to the school, the sun wasn't in the right space in the sky to shoot in my desired direction. We found a slightly different spot instead, and got things underway.

Dozens of people walking the track, kept looking our way during this shoot.

Now, some of you might be asking right up front, "Why another over the knee high socks set?" Well, I recently bought two dozen pairs of these socks from a website for $1 per pair. I thought the offer was too good to be true, but if it was, I'd only be out about $30 after shipping. Well, the socks came in two weeks time and my models have been scooping them up ASAP. This time the color choice of socks would be blue and white. I think it's safe to say, both these ladies love blue for some fun reason.

Alice and Leah began this set wearing their own pairs of socks - Alice in the white with blue stripes and Leah in the blue with white stripes. By the end of this set, however, those socks would be on each other's sweaty feet. Mixing foot sweat seemed to be a secondary theme of the day too. It happened in the first set and now it was happening again. I love my hobby!

Needless to say, the entire time we shot this set, people walked by us and just stared. We even had a male senior come walking along the bleachers as we used them to shoot. He was doing some kind of up and down the bleachers work out and passed us by a few times. Toward the end of the shoot we had a male sitting off to my right and a female off to my left, both looking at us as we shot. Both got up to leave when we wrapped up too. So odd! Guess the girls were putting on a show? I know I sure thought so as I shot the photos of the both of them pulling and tugging on the four socks throughout.

With time running out, we wrapped up this set and headed back to Alice's place. While we didn't get in as many sets as we had planned, the day was still an amazing one with two awesome ladies. Alice has been a blast to shoot from her debut back in 2014. You all know how passionate I get about shooting with her and those lovely size 11's. As for Leah, in just two sets she came across as having done this for several years as well. I know she's going to be having more great sets down the road. With that being said, I really hope I see both these ladies on a regular basis here in 2017 and for many years to come. I can only imagine the craziness that will ensue if that turns out to be the case! Luckily for you, I'll be sharing it right here on the blog, on Soles of Silk, and on the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk), and Twitter (@SolesofSilk) accounts.

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