Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wednesday's Shoot - Jasey Rae

As you read on Monday I was in contact with a lot of my models about planning some upcoming shoots (see blog: "News & Notes - March 2017"). Well, after that blog was published, Jasey Rae and I struck up a conversation. The weather was slated to be in the low to mid 60's on Wednesday, so I asked her what her schedule looked like before our evening shift. She said she was open, so I asked her if she'd like to shoot. It didn't take her long to respond with a, "Sure!"

The fact that I had my first shoot of the year planned made me so excited. I've had the itch to shoot for months now. Shooting most of my content outdoors, I'm glad when the warm weather moves in to this region. Jasey, on the other hand, was excited to once again be the first model I shot in a calendar year. Last year she was the first model to do a shoot as well. Make sure you remember that fact. It'll probably make it onto the trivia contest at the end of the year!

Jasey Rae was the first model to shoot new sets in 2016 and now she did it again in 2017.

I told Jasey to dress casual for her shoots. We didn't have a lot of time, so we'd just keep things simple. The first set would be with flip flops as people are always requesting them. We found a location where we could be alone at a park and I began the shoot.

Overall, the weather was beautiful. There was some wind here and there, but it just felt good to be out doing photos again. I couldn't have asked for a better model to kick 2017 off with than Jasey - once again. Remember... trivia contest! Anyhow, I've always adored her soft little feet. She's teased me with her plump toes since we met, knowing I'm a sucker for those chubby things. Or is it that I'd like to suck on those chubby things? Hmm... Either, or...

Minus me stepping in some strange dips in the ground and almost stumbling a few times, this set went off without a hitch. Even though I've been doing this for so long, you sometimes just encounter problems. There was none to be had here and 2017 was off with a bang.

Once we finished up the set we shot a clip with Jasey pulling those same flip flops off of her pretty little feet. Sometimes I don't know how I manage to hold the camera still with two feet as adorable as Jasey's before me. They truly are too damn cute! I know many of you agree, and have said so on the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk), Twitter (@SolesofSilk), and on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. Those little things can mesmerize you with just a glance. Believe me, I know!

With one set in the books, rather quickly I might add, I said to Jasey that we should go ahead and shoot a second one. She had painted her toes with a glittery color that I loved, so I wanted to make use of it for at least one more set. Jasey was game, so we went off to find a second location.

As we drove to our next location we toyed around with some possible ideas for her next set. Jasey had packed several pairs of shoes, but we ultimately decided to do something she's never done in a set, and a theme many of you request. That theme is baby oil. That's right, those round toes and pillowy soft soles were now going to be slick and shiny too.

Always soft, now Jasey Rae's soles were also slick and shiny too!

After we arrived at the park we decided to use, we made our way around a small pond to one of the benches. I had Jasey prop her feet up for some quick, non-oily photos. I had her show us what those feet looked before those first drips of baby oil were to dribble between those toes and down her soles.

It didn't take long, however, to get to that baby oil out and onto her feet. After all, it was the theme of the set and something I've wanted to see for a while now. I handed her the bottle I keep in my book bag and told her to go for it.

"Squirt as much as you want on them, but just be sure to save some left for the video clip afterward," I said.

"I will," Jasey responded laughing.

And with that, one of the most beautiful things happened. Jasey's soles became super slick and shined in the bright sun above. Highlights popped up on every rounded curve of those succulent soles. It was a sight to behold and one I was able to capture with countless photos.

True to her word, Jasey also managed to save some baby oil for a video clip. I said above that I don't know how I manage to hold onto the camera without shaking it, but this sight before me was even more extravagant. I cannot get over how slick those soles became. I don't think she's done her last set with baby oil after seeing this first one. Nope. It's too damn cute not to see again one day.

In all honesty, Jasey and I could have probably shot a third set after this one. We, however, decided to go get a bite to eat and relax a little bit before work. I told her we could easily squeeze in sets like this if we find ourselves with the same schedules again in the future. She agreed and we ate our food and chatted about life. That's one of the benefits of shooting people who are also my friends. We can just hang out and enjoy time together doing this or that in addition to shooting some awesome pictures. 

It goes without saying that today was a great day. It felt so good to get the camera in front of some bare female feet once again. I'm so glad Jasey was able to find me some time and I'm really going to try to get her to shoot more often. I always have fun when we're out and I'm glad she enjoys kicking off her shoes and teasing me with those tantalizing toes of hers. I'd love to see her photo count continue to rise whether we're shooting something simple, like today, or one of the heavily themed sets we have planned. I know Jasey will make these sets memorable.

Extra Notes
Hopefully this weather continues because I'm looking to shoot a brand new, 18 year old model this coming Monday. I mentioned her in the blog on Monday and can't wait to see her little feet before me for her first photos. I also have plans to meet up with Felicia for a set or two on Tuesday - as long as the weather is decent. Keep those fingers crossed! And hey, I'm open for a few hours next Wednesday too, Jasey! Can those plump piggies come out to play again? 

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