2017 Soles of Silk Wish List

Now that 2016 is in the books, it's time to look at what's ahead for 2017. I compiled a little "Wish List," if you will, of things I'd like to see happen this year. Some of them are shoots, but not all. There are a lot of behind the scenes things that go on with maintaining a site that I'd also like to focus on. So here we are, the 2017 Soles of Silk Wish List:

I was lucky enough to finally shoot Mindee & Kelsey together in 2016.

More Mindee & More Kelsey... Especially Together
In 2016 Mindee stole the show with her monthly updates, Wu's Feet Links feature model set "The Ferris-t of Them All," and shooting with five different models. One of those models was Kelsey

In 2016 I made an effort to schedule more photo time with Kelsey as she's someone I've wanted to have a larger presence on the site. We were able to do a number of sets last year, which landed her on the "2016 Star Models" listing, along with Mindee and Alice, below. 

In 2017 I want to keep up regular shoots with both of these lovely friends of mine. I'd especially like to have them do numerous two girl sets, like the one above. That was years in the making and the sight of their feet finally together was one I'll never forget. The relentless teasing I endured from the both of them was also something that should happen on a regular basis. I love these gals and am glad to have them so involved with Soles of Silk!

Alice is poised to have an amazing 2017.

Alice's Ascension
No new model in Soles of Silk's history has shot as many sets as Alice has in her first two years. It's not even close. With so many sets of Alice's shot and ready to go, I'm aiming to feature her on a regular basis in 2017 - just like I did with Mindee last year.

Alice will also be representing Soles of Silk as the July 2017 Wu's Feet Links feature model in a set that I know will be among the favorites of site fans. As I said in my "2016 Soles of Silk Year in Review," this might be the best set I've shot as far as the Wu's Feet Links features go. Of course, you can follow along with the teaser for this set by checking out the "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature."



Drowning in 10 Feet...
Can you imagine seeing all 10 feet, belonging to these five models above, in one set? Well, Jasey Rae could... sorta. One afternoon while it was super slow at work, Jasey and I got around to talking about doing some sets. She mentioned how she'd like to shoot with both Abby and Alice, and at some point, another one with Kelsey. From there, we began thinking how neat it would be to just have all of the girls together in one set.

I liked the idea and told her that I've done two sets on the site that featured four girls and that's when it hit me... Why not do the site's first ever, five model set? I mentioned adding Mindee to the mix and Jasey's eyes lit up. I think her legit response was, "Yesssssss!" 

This one might take some work, but talk about five very different sets of feet, all in one set. I'll be in heaven that day! There is no doubt about that!

My friend sent me this photo of her foot in the tub some time ago.

New Models
I wasn't sure if I'd get to shoot any new models in 2016 and then all of a sudden, Hot Feet Week happened in July and Mindee got Reese, Rein, Rilynn, and Noelle to all to join in on the fun. Even though they were the only new additions to the site, I was glad to have them and am always happy to see new models arrive. As for 2017, I do have a few people who have expressed interest in shooting for the site.

One of these girls sent me some fun videos of her feet back in July 2016, which I published to the Soles of Silk Instagram page (@SolesofSilk) as a surprise to her. The original plan was to shoot back then, but some relationship issues came forward, so she decided to wait. Just last night, however, I asked her if she'd be up for shooting when the weather gets a bit warmer. Her response, "I think that can be arranged."

I had another person contact me late last year, who is a friend of Camille's. She said Camille had told her about the site and she wanted to know if I was looking for anyone else to do it. Sadly, she fell under the weather on the date we tried to schedule. By that time it got to be too late in the year to shoot outdoors at and we just postponed until 2017. In recent conversations, she said she's still game and I told her when it begins to warm up, I'll be in touch.

I have a third new model who wants to join the roster as well. Up until several weeks ago, this girl was a coworker of mine and had just turned 18. She told me she has cute feet and wanted to be on my site. I swear, the girls at work all talk! When I reached out to her this week and she confirmed that she's still game. Since we're no longer working together, however, I said that we'll keep in touch and plan something when we can. Her addition should bring two small feet to the site as this girl is tiny. I wonder what size shoe she wears?

Carlin is massively overdue for some new sets and keeps saying she wants to do some.

More Time for a Wider Variety of Models
In 2016 I spent a lot of time shooting the same models numerous times. It wasn't done on purpose. They were just the ones who best matched my schedule, or in some cases, didn't back out on me when we did schedule. In 2017 I hope that I can find some time for those models I haven't had much of a chance to work with lately. Some of which, haven't shot in more than a year - such as Carlin above. I can't make promises that this model or that model will shoot, but I will at least make the attempt to schedule them. 

Learn Adobe Muse
A couple of years ago I began dabbling with some new design concepts for the site. I was (and still am) currently using Dreamweaver for layouts, but last year I decided to get the Adobe Creative Cloud membership. With that came Adobe Muse.
I watched a few online videos about Muse and saw that it shares many similarities with Adobe InDesign, which is used for page layout. I have a decent knowledge of that program, having had used it for the newspaper I worked for, and currently for the product and page designs I do for my current job. I'm hoping that learning the program will be easy. Now if I could just find some time...

The Hur Gallery is one of my more regularly updated artist galleries.

Find Several Regular Artists
Over the years I have been lucky enough to find artists who enjoyed creating work based off of the Soles of Silk models, like Cierra above. Some of these artists are still active today, while others are not. I'd like to see if there are any other artists out there who might be interested in doing some work in trade for membership time. If this interests you, email me at footphotographer@yahoo.com. I will probably make a full blog piece about this in the future.

In Closing...
While these aren't all of the things I'm hoping to see happen in 2017, they're some of the larger ones. I'm really hoping to be able to push hard on some of these things and see what I can come up with. A lot of times a surprise will come along and the next thing you know, you have a gem on your hands. Here's to 2017 and all the models who will help me make things happen!

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