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My Favorite Mindee Sets of 2016

While writing the December 26, 2016 blog titled, "My Favorite Photo Sets of 2016," I came up with idea to do a spin-off blog that counted down my favorite sets featuring Mindee from 2016. Since I did a Monthly Mindee update this year, she had a ton of material to chose from. I think it's only fitting to dedicate an entire blog to her and all just the 13 sets she did throughout 2016. And in this blog, I will also be counting her Wu's Feet Links feature set, "The Ferris-t of them All."

Before I begin, I must say that there isn't a bad set in this bunch. I love all of them. Ranking them was not easy! All kinds of factors went into why I placed each set where I did. Ask me to do this set again at some point, I will honestly say that there is a good chance that I might order them differently. Anyhow, onto the list:

13. Rainy Day Lifeguard Stand
Published Date: November 30, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 65

One of the more recent updates of Mindee's, this set was a memorable because of the story behind it. It was raining before we got to the park and the forecast was calling for a massive storm to roll through. We decided to chance it and came away with a quick set on top of a lifeguard stand and a row boat. We got in some good angles, but the lighting wasn't as good as many of the other sets you'll find below. Nevertheless, I still like how this set turned out. We did try a second set and literally got drenched for our ambition!

12. Funnel Cake Mix
Published Date: July 13, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 84

This is one of the more unique sets I've ever done. Obviously this this far from the first time I've done a food product in a set, and it isn't the first time Mindee got her feet all gooey either. What made this set extra interesting was the fact that the funnel cake mix we used was first poured into her shoes, and then she stuck her feet into them. When asked how that felt, Mindee replied, "To be honest, it was kind of gross! The water used to mix it was warm, so if I had to describe it, I'd say, 'warm and gushy.' My feet were suctioning inside the shoes."

It was really hard to put this set at number 12 and is probably the one I debated the most in my head. We got a lot of great poses and the theme is like no other, but in the long run the shoes and funnel cake mix do cover up what many of us love the most - Mindee's flawless feet!

11. Cleveland Waterfront
Published Date: May 18, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 65

The photo above is one I had as my computer's wallpaper for months. So how can the set be placed at number 11? Well, it's pretty much because I just loved so many of the other sets and something had to be here. I loved the setting used for this set, although the bright sun did hinder some shots. Overall though, I have no complaints about this set and just might put this photo back as my wallpaper now that I'm thinking about it.

10. Muddy Boots
Published Date: February 17, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 74

For a set shot at the end of December, during a rare warm span of weather, this one was spontaneous and I love how well it came out. We didn't really have much of an idea going into this, so we just went with what we could think of. Mindee grabbed a flannel and her boots. She wore them without socks for a bit before getting to our destination, which made me look forward to this even more. Mindee really got me into boots this past year and when you look a little further down the list, you'll see another reason as to why.

9. River Street Garden
Published Date: December 28, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 73

The final set published to Soles of Silk in 2016 belonged to Mindee, and rightfully so. This set was shot during the first shoot of Hot Feet Week - 2016 and was the one that wrapped up a very hot, but very productive day. 

I let Mindee take it easy in this one, finding a quiet little spot along the river where she could lay back, kick her feet up, and just relax. And to make things even better, I gave her a foot rub for about an hour at the conclusion of this set. It didn't matter that numerous people walked by as I stuck my fingers between her soft toes. I wasn't embarrassed pampering her feet in public. They deserve it! And even if I was, I'm sure Mindee would have made me do it anyhow.

8. Supergirl Socks & Books
Published Date: April 20, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 89

I've always enjoyed including comic book themes into sets on Soles of Silk. Back in 2010 Mindee did a Wu's Feet Links feature set called, "Piggies & Power Girl" and it was a massive hit. For some time following that set, I aimed to also do one themed to Supergirl. Little did I know Mindee would also do that set years later. It makes total sense with Power Girl being Supergirl from another dimension and all. Okay, enough nerd talk. Mindee made this set a fun little one playing with a pair of Supergirl socks, all while reading a few graphic novels featuring Superman's female cousin. These sets always appeal to my nerdy side!

7. Boardwalk Boots
Published Date: September 28, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 79

Taking an afternoon off from work to do some photos with Mindee awhile back rewarded me with three great sets, two of which you see on this countdown. The last one is yet to be published, but will surely be a hit once it is.

Looking for a simple idea, Mindee grabbed a pair of boots and we were on our way. I found us a secluded spot on a boardwalk/overlook by a pond. With Mindee knowing full well how I love women not wearing socks with their sneakers, she didn't even ask me whether she should with these boots - she just didn't! Watching her pull them off really made me fall in love with that visual. Now I'm always looking to do some more sets with boots and no socks because of it.

This photo is the one which replaced the one number 11 on my computer's desktop as the wallpaper. It shows less of her feet than that one, but that is because I just love how teasing the pose is. Seeing her with her foot not yet all the way out of her boot is just amazing. Too bad it's not scratch and sniff...

6. Old Roller Coasters
Published Date: June 1, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 65 images

There is a reason why Mindee has been in three sets featuring roller coasters in her Soles of Silk modeling career. We both love riding them and have hit up countless parks either together, or with groups of friends. We're always looking to do more and even have plans to visit some in 2017. I can't wait!

This set was done in a small park that features the world's oldest roller coaster, although that's not the coaster you see in the image above. Although we didn't have as many coasters to chose from at this park as we have in her other two coaster sets, the fact that we got right up on the world's oldest made this set a classic in my eyes. Plus, there is just something about wood coasters that make for a great background.

5. Pink Over the Knee Socks
Published Date: October 26, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 103

I had never shot over the knee socks for the site before and then I did it twice within a month with Riley and then Mindee. Riley's set went up immediately, but Mindee's took a while with so many sets of hers to publish. Ultimately, this set was published at the end of October and is the one that put her into the 4K Club (4,000 photos). The bright colors and poses in this set just put it over the top for me. 

I couldn't stop shooting this set. Mindee did so many great poses, and had tons of fun stretching and wrapping those long socks every which way. If we weren't scheduled to meet up with Cierra for a two girl shoot afterward, we might have kept going.

4. Super Sweaty Soles w/ Cierra
Published Date: August 31, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 64 

Speaking of shooting with Cierra, this set, done on a different day from the one I spoke of above, was one that wasn't planned. However, sometimes that works out for the best and that was the case here. Our last minute decisions to shoot this one rewarded me with one heck of a set. 

Sneakers? Check! No socks? Check! Sweaty feet? Check! My two most photographed models? Check! Seriously, it's hard to outdo that checklist. If it wasn't for time restraints and me giving their damp, sweaty feet some massage time off and on throughout the shoot, it would have most certainly been a larger set.

3. The Ferris-t of Them All (Wu's Feet Links Feature)
Published Date: July 15, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 100

Up until 2016, no model had ever appeared in multiple feature sets on Wu's Feet Links representing Soles of Silk. In 2016 Mindee became the first. With all that she has done, and the countless sets she's been doing these last few years especially, she truly deserved that distinction.

This set also marked the first one shot during the 2016 Hot Feet Week back in July (see blog: "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 1 - Mindee"). It was done at National Harbor, just outside Washington, D.C. in front of a ferris wheel I've wanted use as a background. We had a fair amount of people walk by, but we didn't care. Mindee's feet are so gorgeous and we just kept on shooting this amazing set knowing people were looking at her soft foot bottoms as we did. Many of you expressed just how much you loved this set once it was published and we both appreciated reading all your kind remarks. 

2. Candy Cousins w/ Marcy
Published Date: February 17, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 137

Whenever Mindee and Marcy team up in a set, silliness is sure to ensue. The other thing that is a definite is an amazing set. Seriously, these two together in front of my camera always equals something special. That was the case with their Candy Canes set in 2010 and then their Soccer Goal set in 2014. And it was also the case with the M&M's themed set from this year.

On top of all the great photos that came out of this set, I couldn't tell you how many M&M's I grabbed from between these two girls' toes during the shoot. Mindee kept yelling at me and Marcy kept laughing. It was a good thing I had bought so many because we could have easily have run out. I guess I would have just had to have spent more time rubbing their feet, which I spent a good amount of time doing anyhow. 

1. Swirl Lollipops
Published Date: March 23, 2016

# of Photos in Set: 100

As I expressed in much detail on "My Favorite Sets of 2016" blog earlier this week, it was hard to place this set anywhere but number one. Mindee looked stunning! She always does, but there was just something about this set that gave it that extra "wow" factor. 

A lot of you were impressed too, and you even expressed it to me in emails, comments on social media, and in forum posts. You loved the stockings, the setting, how colorful the set was, and the little bit of size teasing that was involved between the small and large swirl lollipops scattered all over the bed. I loved it for all those same reasons. And I must say, rubbing her feet in these unique stockings sure was something vastly different than any stockings I've ever felt on a pair of feet. So yeah, that made this one memorable too.

What sets of Mindee's did you like the most here in 2016? I'd love to read which ones were your favorites in the comments below. Moving into 2017 you should fully expect to keep seeing regular updates with Mindee. You might even see another one of these countdown lists featuring just Mindee again next year. She has a lot of sets waiting to be published and we're bound to take many, many more. This gal totally deserves all the praise she gets from all of you and I'll never tire of having her in front of my camera.

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