Sunday's Shoot - Alice

Another Sunday in the books with some great photos of Alice and her big size 11 feet. It was only a month ago that Alice and I spent the day on the beaches of New Jersey shooting four amazing sets (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Alice"). Well, today we spent several hours shooting two more amazing sets. Although there weren't any beaches this time around, we did elect to shoot on the waterfront - this time, in Baltimore City.

I met Alice around 1 p.m. We made a quick stop for lunch because she had just gotten off work and we both hadn't eaten anything yet. From there we were off to the same location I used last week with Mindee (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Mindee"). Mindee did two sets last week, but while we were there, I saw several other locations that looked like they might make for good spots too. When I told Alice of the area, she said it sounded like a good plan.

Being Labor Day weekend, I was worried that there might be a few people in the area when we arrived. That didn't turn out to be the case, however, as there was only a person here and there lounging around enjoying the day. And talk about a beautiful day! It was warm, but not hot. There was a gentle breeze that kept you cool. And I had the added bonus of seeing a barefoot Alice before me. Talk about making a good day, great!

For the first set on the day I did a theme that I have been sitting on for a little over a year now. I was given a selfie stick as a gag gift from Mindee when we did our mini-vacation trip last year (see blog: "Vacation Shoot - Mindee"). My initial plan was to have Cierra use it, as well as the shirt you'll see Alice wearing below. Well, after numerous failed attempts to communicate with Cierra these last few months, I decided that I didn't want to wait anymore. I asked Alice what she thought of the theme and if she'd like to go ahead and do it. She loved it, and as always, was game to shoot the set.

Alice shooting some selfies while I shot photos of her big sexy feet.

We went with a rather large wooden bench for this one. I thought it would provide a lot of space for Alice to move around, and with the position of the sun in the sky overhead, it gave a nice background of the waterfront behind her. There were a ton of boats out today and you can see them going by in almost every photo.

While shooting this set, I told Alice to take a number of selfies of her feet as we went along. I thought it would be cute to post a follow up blog to this one where I post her photos. So, be on the lookout for that soon after this blog goes live.

If you're wondering what Alice's shirt says, since I mentioned the shirt up above, it reads, "Places to go. Selfies to take." It seems like she's always got some unique shirts on in her sets these days, doesn't it?

After wrapping up this first set with a video clip, we made our way back to my car so Alice could change. We found a nice little shady spot to shoot her second set. It looked like a nice little relaxing area, but our plans ended up changing.

Once we left my car and were on our way to what we had planned to use for the second set. About half way to our location I saw a bright yellow spiral staircase behind a small playground. I ran over to give it a look and saw it wasn't locked, or even gated in any way. No one was around so I asked Alice what she thought about shooting on it instead. Once again, she loved the idea and we were underway in only a matter of minutes.

Alice pulling off the flats she wears to work every day.

It was cute seeing Alice standing there in her black flats to begin this set. You see, I had asked her last night if she'd be up for shooting a few photos of me sniffing her feet. I've been wanting to update the avatar I use on here and on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. She laughed and said of course. I playfully added that she could bring some smelly shoes as a bonus. Little did I know, they'd be the ones she wears to work every day, and had just worn before we met up to shoot. Talk about being in luck! 

Due to all of those things, I had Alice do a good number of shots wearing her flats before pulling them off. I have my tricks to make my model's feet just a little more sweaty and/or smelly. I'm sure Alice was onto me though. Knowing her, she probably knew it would make me that much more happier when it came time to shoot those photos. More on that in a bit.

We began this set at the bottom of the spiral staircase and slowly worked our way to the top. Once there, I had Alice slowly kick off those flats. I figured her feet might get dusty at this point and told her if it happened, to just go for it. The platform was a little dirty and her feet were slightly damp. It just seemed bound to happen. Alice, however, did a good job of not letting them get too dusty. That was a good thing because once this set was done, it was time to get those long toes to my nose and those flats close by for an added treat.

Alice shot a few photos of her feet in my face for my new avatar.

I handed Alice the camera for these. She shot a few pictures while she laughed her ass off. She pinched my nose, pressed her soles to my face, and just had a blast taking each shot. I had a blast as well and can't wait to update that avatar. By time you read this, it might have already been changed. I'm so glad to have Alice's big feet featured in my new avatar. I've been using the same one for a few years now, so the change will be a welcome one.

With the second set and my avatar pictures done, I asked Alice if she wanted to try to squeeze in a third set, or go relax for a bit while I give her a good, long foot rub. She elected for "B" and didn't take long to come up with her answer either. But no matter how you looked at it, I won.

I let Alice pick the spot for her foot rub, which turned out to be the spot where we were originally going to shoot the second set. It was in the shade and had a great view of the water. It was a two-tiered seating area, so Alice sat on the top and I sat on the bottom. I joked that my place was down below at her feet anyhow and she playfully agreed - or maybe that wasn't her being playful? Hmm...

With me now in my apparent "place," I gave Alice's size 11 feet a thorough rubbing for the next 45 minutes. She commented a number of times how relaxed she was and good it felt. That always makes me happy to hear. If it wasn't for the fact that Alice had to meet up with some family members for dinner, she might not have stopped me after 45 minutes either. I know I wouldn't have stopped, so there's a good chance that we'd still be down there in the dark with me sliding my fingers in between those super long toes, scratching those huge soles with my finger tips (she liked the light tickling sensation), and pressing my thumbs deep into her arches. 

In all seriousness though, today was another great day with a model who has been so prominent on Soles of Silk since her debut in 2015. She's done so much for me and I make sure to tell her how much I appreciate her and all she does. I'm glad that all of you take the time to compliment her and her work in emails, on social media, and on the forum. All of your words, paired with my praise, make her enjoy doing this so very much. Be sure to check out her selfies in the follow up blog, "Sunday's Shoot - Alice's Selfies."

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