Thursday's Shoot - Kelsey

It was only three days ago that I had 20 of the site's plumpest, chubbiest, and cutest toes on Soles of Silk in front of my camera all at the same time. Those 20 piggies belonged to Kelsey and Jasey Rae, who each did a solo set, and then one of them together (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Kelsey & Jasey Rae"). Although that day was a memorable one, I did hope to get in more than three total sets on the day. Luckily for me, Kelsey was able to spare some free time today to do a few more before going into work. Now I just have to find some more time for Jasey.

I met up with Kelsey today around 1:15 p.m. It was a little warm, but nothing unbearable. I'm glad because today's plans involved Kelsey wearing some nude pantyhose in one of her sets. It was an idea I had hoped to do on Monday, but ended up putting off due to time restraints. Well, we got it done first thing today.

Kelsey and I drove over to an area that features some boardwalks and piers hoping we'd find a spot where no one else would be. We lucked out to find only two people in the vicinity of where we wanted to shoot. They were on their boat, however, so we stuck to the boardwalk leading down to the piers. We didn't draw any attention, as I figured. Plus, the spot was nice and afforded us a few different pose variations.

After all these years, I finally got to see and feel Kelsey's feet in pantyhose!

Seeing Kelsey's feet encased in the nude hose was quite adorable. It's hard to believe that after 10 years on Soles of Silk and over 1,300 photos published to the site, this was her first ever set in stockings of any kind. It won't be the last, I promise you! Those toes were just too cute. I must do it again one day. Maybe a different color or style? Suggestions are always welcome!

Kelsey and I made really good time on this set, so I couldn't pass up the chance to give Kelsey's stocking covered feet a little massage while she was sitting up on the railings. Thankfully, the sun had went down and the breeze had picked up. Like I said, today was warm and we both happened to be wearing black. Sweating, however, was well worth feeling her warm feet like I had never felt them before. Yup, a first for a Kelsey foot rub after all these years!

After I got done playing with Kelsey's feet she made a quick change of clothes back at her car. I sat in mine for a few minutes to enjoy the air conditioning and then we were off to shoot a second set. Even though I didn't really have any kind of theme or idea in mind, we had the time. That's all the justification I need to put Kelsey's little size 6.5 feet in front of my camera. Give me her feet and a spot for her to pose and I'm game.

Kelsey lotioned up her feet real good before showing them off here.

What we ultimately ended up doing was walking in the opposite direction along the boardwalk from where we had just shot. We found a pier that lead out to an overlook area and decided to stay on the pier just off the land itself. It sat in a little inlet area that I thought made for an interesting spot. It's not like you'll even be paying attention to it with Kelsey showing off her feet anyhow. C'mon, I'm one of you too. I know it is hard not to focus on those charming things.

Right before we began I decided to add a prop to the set. I gave Kelsey the bottle of lotion I bring along to all my shoots. I had her squirt a bunch on her feet for the first half of the set and rub it in. I just wish I was the one who rubbed it in! Oh well, I digress.

Kelsey's feet looked great coated in the white cream, which she said was warm from sitting in my hot car for a couple of hours. Once it was all rubbed into her skin, however, I had her start sticking her feet up on the pilings and doing some other poses where she couldn't really be rubbing her feet.

We ended up wrapping up the day with a video clip of her rubbing more lotion into her feet. So if you're one of the many people who like seeing the models rubbing their own feet, you'll love this clip for sure. Well, once it's published. Until then it's all mine!

It was truly great to be able to hang out with Kelsey again today and do a few more photo sets for the site. She's building up quite a few photo sets that will be making their way onto the site regularly for the foreseeable future. And the best part about it is, I told her I'd like to schedule her again a time or two here in the summer and into the fall. She'll certainly be climbing the ranks when it comes to photo count. Maybe she'll be the site's third member in the 2K Club along with Cierra and Mindee?

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