Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday's Shoot - Reagan

A week removed from my nine day vacation things are certainly back to normal when it comes to photo shoots. Today I planned to do a couple of sets with Reagan and things almost got rained out! If any of you had a chance to read my blog from June 27, 2016, "A Slow First Half of 2016," you know how the rain has steadily screwed with me all year. Well today, I still got in my photo sets!

Reagan and I have been talking about shooting for a few weeks. I had planned on shooting her during my vacation week, but she had very limited openings and I had a bunch of people to try to schedule. I asked her if she'd wait until a week after vacation as I had no plans whatsoever. She told me it would be perfect!

We met up this afternoon and made our way out to a botanical garden I used to go to when I attended art school some years ago. Although I've shot in this area before, the last time was back in August of 2013 when Ashlyn made her debut (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Ashlyn"). When Ashlyn and I had went, a good portion of the park was closed off for some renovations. I was curious to see what changes had been made. Reagan was all for the idea when I sent her some photos of the gardens from Google.

After a stop for lunch Reagan and I found our way to the park, although a different section of it than I had ever been to in the past. We lucked onto an area right off the road, next to a stream. Inside the stream was a large pond with a boardwalk and numerous benches. It wasn't where I was looking to go, but I liked it. Reagan also thought the area looked nice, so we decided to go ahead and use it.

After a rain stoppage, we continued the shoot.

We began the set and were only about 20 photos in when we saw the sky turn dark gray. A few small droplets of rain began to fall, so we made our way back to my car. Luckily the area we shot wasn't far from the parking lot at all. We were only in the car for about two minutes before the skies let loose - and I mean, let loose!

The center of the storm came and went in about 10 minutes, but the rain lingered on. Thankfully a few Pokemon Go stops were surrounding the parking lot, so the hour or so we spent in the car waiting for the skies to clear was productive! Yeah, I ended up giving that damn game a try and I am having fun with it! Yes, I suck!

Eventually the rain came to a halt. Reagan and I returned to where we left off, albeit with a soaked boardwalk and bench instead. Oh well, we lost so much time I decided not to reshoot the 20 photos we had already done and just move forward.

By the end of the set we had went all the way around the pond. Since the sun was behind massive cloud cover, we were able to shoot wherever we wanted. There were some great spots and I'm glad we mistakenly found this place. Sometimes you just luck out!

Following the set we decided to go ahead and head to the place I had intended to use. Within only a few minutes we were pulling into the correct parking lot. Things, however, looked quite different. The park had spent a lot of money to modernize things. There were new benches, water fountains, paved walkways and bridges, and so many other small touches that just made the park so much nicer than I remembered it. Funny thing is, it was great back then too. I knew we'd find some spots to use without issue.

We ended up having to dodge people playing Pokemon Go doing our second set.

Since these gardens have so many great spots I decided to go ahead and just bounce from location to location. I generally stick to just one area, but thought this might allow me a little bit of freedom. Plus, with the rain just having passed, no one was really in the park. Well, at least for a little while anyhow.

Reagan and I began shooting and after we shot in our third location, we began seeing more people coming by. No one bothered us, or stood in our photos, but the growing presence of people was quite noticeable. That's when we began to notice why. Pokemon Go! People were going from Pokestop to Pokestop and were doing so in large groups. There were so many people in certain places I didn't even bother to try to shoot there.

Eventually Reagan and I would find our way back to the fountains next to the parking lot. Since no one was in that area, we finished things up there. Of course, right as we wrapped things up, another group came by. Good timing!

All in all, it was a good day. Even with the rain, I had fun getting together with Reagan and hitting up a spot I used to go to back in my college days for my art classes - even though there was a sign that said something about no photography. Oops...

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