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Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 1 - Mindee

I sit here, starting this blog just before midnight, against my better judgement. I have to get up early again tomorrow morning to take more photos. I'm just too excited not to share today's events and tease what else is coming, however. So, here we go...

Some of you may remember back in 2012 when I did a Hot Feet Week series in the site's column section (which will be eventually transferred over to this blog as the others have been). That series saw me shoot six different models during a week long vacation. Well, I'm doing it again here four years later. And it couldn't have come at a better time with all the sets I've had rained out and/or postponed by models this year. That actually leads me to something else of note.

The 2016 Hot Feet Week was supposed to start on Sunday with Alice, but she had some family matters to attend to. I totally understood. Then, on the following day, the Fourth of July, I was supposed to shoot Felicia in a couple of quick sets. We planned our shoot for the afternoon, before holiday festivities. Well, rain and some other issues arose so I was already down two sets. Luckily, as she's done many times in the past, Mindee was there to save the day on Tuesday.

Mindee was supposed to be my third model of my Hot Feet Week shoots, but ended up being the first. Funny thing, as I look back in the columns section here, she's the one that started off 2012's Hot Feet Week as well. How's that for consistency?

Today not only marked the start of my much anticipated shoots during my eight day vacation, but it also included Mindee shooting her upcoming July feature set for Wu's Feet Links. Her set will be the 11th feature set done by a Soles of Silk model and will also mark the first time any model on the site has done two. Her first was done back in 2010 and is titled, "Power Girl & Piggies." I just think Mindee deserves to represent Soles of Silk yet again for all she's done for me. This was something I asked her to do last year. She quickly accepted and was ever so happy that I wanted her to do another one.

Mindee's warm feet in front of the Ferris Wheel at National Harbor.

Set 1 of the Week
National Harbor Ferris Wheel

So Mindee's feature set was up first. After a traffic filled drive down to National Harbor, just outside Washington, D.C., Mindee began posing for her first of four awesome sets on the day. This one, however, we decided to make just a little bit bigger than the norm. I like to go all out for Wu's sets and, let's be honest, is staring at Mindee's warm feet for a few dozen extra shots really a bad thing?

The location we picked, as you can see, was right on the water itself. Many times I have eyed this location and I finally decided it was time to use it. Mindee has a knack for doing some great sets with amusement rides in the background, so what's another one to add to her ever growing list? This one, however, also had that nautical touch with all the boats and the river in the background.

Once we finished up at this location it was off to an area called Yards Park, which is just a few blocks from National's Park - the home of the Washington Nationals. I had asked Mindee if she'd like to attend a baseball game while we were down in the region and she said sure. Hey, I'm on vacation. Why not do some other fun stuff?

A second location I've always wanted to use was this one at Yards Park.

Set 2 of the Week
Yards Park Bridge

The first spot we used in our new location ended up being another one I've always wanted to use - a unique bridge over a fountain and river. I can't quite describe it, so you'll just have to check out the photo preview above.

We ended up shooting in a small floral area using the bridge as the background to begin. I thought the setting looked great and the colors Mindee was wearing just made things really pop. Eventually, however, I decided to see if we could shoot up on the bridge itself.

Luckily things went quite well on the bridge. I had Mindee do a few poses on the actual beams and then down on the walkway. Normally, I would have figured everyone in the area would want to cross the bridge at this point, but that didn't happen. We were left to our own devices, even with hundreds of people in the immediate area enjoying the park in other ways.

After this set was finished, we returned to my car to enjoy some much needed air conditioning. After all, this is called "Hot" Feet Week for a reason. Man, was it ever hot. This sun burn all over my face and arms in proof positive of that. Okay, the "Hot" also stands for the pretty feet, but it's early July too. Duel meaning!

This location wasn't originally planned for, but worked out great.

Set 3 of the Week
Transportation Walk Fountain

Our third set of the day would see us leave the Yards Park area. On the drive in we saw some neat looking water fountains over by the United States Transportation Authority Building. It was long and looked like we could shoot it at several angles.

Once again, we ran into some luck here. A few people were milling about and others were enjoying a bite to eat on some nearby tables, but we pretty much got to shoot without much interruption. 

It was fun to see Mindee splashing her pretty feet in the water. Seeing her soles with drips of water on them, however, was my absolute favorite. So much so that I almost tumbled into the fountain when I didn't pay attention to my footing. Watch out for that drop!

After the conclusion of this set, it was time for Mindee and I to return to the car once more. We just needed to get out of the heat and take a break. Why I didn't have Mindee doing sneakers with no socks on a day like today is a big mistake on my part. They would have been super sweaty - just how I love them.

With our third set in the books we decided to go ahead and do a fourth. The original idea was to do five, but some good news came up during the day that I'll share at the conclusion of this blog. So, coming away with four sets and just enjoying the rest of the day was a good option at this point. We were getting exhausted.

Mindee's soles seemed extra wrinkly today. I loved it.

Set 4 of the Week
River Street Gardens

This fourth set saw us going back to Yards Park, but further down into a small garden area. The garden, and its seating, looks out over the Anacostia River. A few people were in the area relaxing, and at this point, that's all we wanted to do as well. I directed Mindee to a bench and told her to just sit down and relax. The sun wasn't in full effect here either, so that helped out in a big way.

Even though Mindee had been through a long, hot day, I just loved how she looked in her bright sundress above. She didn't waste any time either. She posed her pretty feet in every which way she could. I barely gave her instruction as we moved at a pretty quick pace in getting this final set done and in the books.

From here the camera work would be done, well, unless you count the foot rub clip Mindee posted to the site's Instagram account (@SolesofSilk). She even used the word "bitch" to describe me in the caption - oh my! On a serious note though, samples from all these sets were shown off on Instagram first, as they happened. A lot of you saw and a lot of you liked and commented on images and video we posted. Thanks for doing that. It's always great to show the girls how much you all love their work while I'm out shooting them. That instant feedback makes them feel very inspired oftentimes.

And now for that news I mentioned above...

Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, should feature sets with Mindee yet again. However, those sets will also include two friends of hers that will be making their debut. I'm trying to shoot them each solo and in every possible combination I can put them into. I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to make every one of those sets happen, but I'm going to try my best. Also, while we were out shooting Mindee asked me if I could keep Friday open as her brother's girlfriend, and a friend of hers, also want to model for the site. This could mean that four new models all debut over the next few days here! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. Talk about a way to get Hot Feet Week 2016 back on the right track! Oh yeah, and Kelsey should be back, and also doing a set with Mindee, if the rain cooperates. Felicia moved her shoot to Sunday, so you'll have that to look forward to as well. I am also going to try and see if anyone is open on Saturday - maybe Jasey Rae and/or Alice?

...Continued in "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 2 - Reese & Rein w/ Mindee"

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