Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday's Shoot - Mindee

For the last month Mother Nature has been giving me the biggest middle finger on my days off. Since I like to shoot outside, Mother Nature thought it would be awesome to have it rain every single day I've had off going back to April. So far this year I've had rain wash out shoots with Alice, Amelia, Ashlyn, and Riley twice. Hell, now that I think about it, Mother Nature also screwed me over with snow back in February when Alice and Jasey Rae were set to team up for some indoor sets.

Speaking of Jasey Rae, she's the only person I've shot so far this year, prior to today. Her shoot was back on March 14 during a warm front that passed through the area (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae"). I guess Mother Nature working with me one out of six times is better than nothing.

It came as no surprise to me that today's forecast was calling for rain. This time, Mindee was my scheduled model and I was insistent on making this happen. It's been getting to me that I haven't been able to get out there and take some new photos. Although I'm not pressed for update material by any means, I've just been wanting to go out and enjoy a few hours of shooting pictures. I'm glad Mindee had the same mindset as I did about today.

Since the forecast was calling for rain I decided to go pick up some rain boots for Mindee to wear. She's never done a straight up muddy feet set, so I figured I'd work with Mother Nature and see if I could make that happen. And since the forecast said we had a little over an hour to shoot our first set, we decided to do a barefoot one before she slipped on the rain boots.

When we arrived at the park I wanted to use to shoot, Mindee and I got out to look around at some potential locations. Within 10 minutes it began to rain. So much for that forecast. We went back to the car and drove around for a bit to see if the skies would clear up. Luckily, they did and we went back to the park and shot the first set.

Mindee shot today's only set on top some lifeguard chairs.

The location for this set ended up being several bunched up lifeguard chairs that had a small boat and canoes laying on the ground below. I figured the spot would give me some different angles to work with and some neat spots for Mindee to place her feet. Although we're all here to check out Mindee and her pretty feet, I just like having a setting that is a little more interesting than the regular old couch, bench, and whatnot. I'm not against those in photos, but whenever I can, I look for different possibilities.

As this set drew to its conclusion, the skies behind Mindee were getting very dark. We could hear the small rumble of thunder over the bay. I decided to go ahead and shoot a clip and wrap things up. Luckily for me, it was still only spitting when we got back to the car. I had Mindee put her feet up on the dashboard and I shot a second clip of her pressing her feet to the windshield. I figured you feet pressed to glass fans would enjoy that.

At this point things weren't looking too promising. The skies were dark, but it seemed like it was a single massive storm cloud. The sky around that cloud were a lot brighter, so we decided to go ahead and see if we could do our second shoot. Mother Nature said, "Hell no!"

Our dumb asses had walked half the length of the park to an area I was thinking of using. As we approached the location, huge rain droplets began to fall. Mindee started snapping a few photos on her phone, which you can see above. Lightning was also coming down periodically, so we backed up off the pier. Of course, we found the next best place in a thunderstorm to stand - under some trees. So safe we are!

After about five minutes we could tell our day was probably over. The rain really started coming down. Mindee didn't want to head back to the car, however, because the trees were at least giving us a little bit of shelter overhead. I suggested we run from tree to tree to try to get to a pavilion we passed on the way. We tossed this idea around for a minute or two, but when the wind picked up and began blowing the rain sideways, we were going to get soaked no matter where we stood. So we made a run for it!

We ended up making it to that pavilion. As you can see from this video above, it was really pouring! We were drenched at this point, but stopped to get out of the rain for a couple of minutes. We still needed to run all the way down to the end of the parking lot shown in the video. Of course, my car was the red one at the very end! Good times!

There was no way I was going to suggest we do our second shoot at this point. Mindee was soaked. I was soaked. We were just miserable, but still managed to get a laugh out of the experience. Needless to say, about an hour and a half after our battle with Mother Nature, the skies cleared up and there were plenty of mud and rain puddles around for Mindee to have stepped in. The only problem was I had already taken her home for the day. Oh well, she still has the boots and those beautiful size 8 feet, so we'll just add it to the agenda for a future set... Unless Mother Nature still has it out for me!

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