My Favorite Photo Sets of 2015

In 2014 I did the first ever Favorite Photo Shoots blog for Soles of Silk, ranking my 10 favorite sets from 2013 (see blog: "My Favorite Photo Sets of 2013"). It got such good feedback that I decided to make in an annual blog. This is just a fun way for me to look back at some of my favorite sets and recount all the things I loved about each.

Now, to be eligible for this listing the set had to be published in 2015 - not necessarily taken in 2015. I shoot so many new sets it's hard to get them all online ASAP. So I'm only counting the ones there were part of an update to the site. I also always leave out Wu's Feet Links feature model sets, so Kaycee's "Dockside Damsel" set is not eligible.

Feel free to let me know which sets were your favorites and why. It wasn't easy for me to come up with this list. If you asked me to do it again, I will honestly admit to the fact that it might not come out exactly the same. It's hard to pick favorites as all these sets, and a number of honorable mentions, were each special to me for different reasons. 

Now, onto the list!

10. Oil Slick

Model(s): Kelsey
Published Date: July 8, 2015

I've shot baby oil on feet plenty of times. I'm not quite sure it's had the same look, however, as when it was poured all over Kelsey's pillowy soft soles, and plump little toes. Seriously, it brought out every wrinkle and every round curve of her adorable feet. Not bad for a set that was just a last minute idea. Many times, those are the ones that surprise you! I think this one also surprised a group of teens that walked by that we didn't see until last minute.

9. Skater Girl Soles 

Model(s): Ashlyn
Published Date: April 8, 2015

Not only was this one special due to the colors and neat location, but this was a set idea asked for by Ashlyn, herself. Since the first time we shot, we began throwing around different ideas for future sets. Doing one with her long board was priority number one for her. As long as she brought along some more of her smelly shoes, I was game! And she did...

8. Pudgy Piggies on the Pier

Model(s): Jasey Rae
Published Date: September 30, 2015

Talk about a return to the site! Jasey Rae hadn't posed since 2013 - the same year she debuted. I milked those sets out slowly as I wasn't sure if she was going to pose again. Well, luckily for me she did. If she had done so earlier in the year, you would have probably seen a few of her other sets on this list too. She really knocked it out of the park upon her return with several great sets that showed off her plump toes oh so well. Don't be surprised if you see them on next year's list - well, unless she poses for more that are even better!

7. Job Search Stockings & Soles

Model(s): Mindee
Published Date: January 7, 2015

If I was going by backstory alone on these sets, this one might be the best of all time. So many funny things happened from the moment we walked out of the car to begin, to when we returned to the car after we were done. I've talked about them numerous times on the blog and in interviews with Mindee, so I won't repeat them all here. The set, however, came out just like I had hoped and really got me loving women's feet in nude stockings - especially Mindee's.

6. Lovely Feet on the Lake

Model(s): Amelia
Published Date: May 13, 2015

On a hot, miserable day, Amelia and I lucked out to find a bunch of benches, out on a landing in the middle of a lake that were unoccupied. We went out and the breeze felt amazing. What happened after we cooled off for a few (and after a foot rub, of course) was some amazing poses of Amelia's pretty little feet. She stuck her feet every which way possible and I just snapped photo after photo. It was just one of those sets that went flawlessly with some really great results. I made sure to treat her to another foot rub after the set as well. Yeah, I'm such a nice guy!

5. Gazing at the Gamer Girl

Model(s): Alice
Published Date: October 14, 2015

As you all know by now, Alice has posed for quite a few sets here in 2015. Only three of them have made it onto the site at this point in time, however. Had some more of them also been published, you would have seen her a few times on the list by this point. That being said, this particular set was one I loved because it captured the sheer beauty of her big size 11 feet. Add in the nerdy element of some video games and how could you go wrong?

4. (tied) Squishy Blue Balls

Model(s): Kaycee
Published Date: June 17, 2015

This set and the one found below share the number four spot for a reason - they're sister sets carrying the blue balls theme. Kaycee's set was actually done months after Mindee's. I had shown some preview shots from it and she loved the theme so much. I still had the socks Mindee had used so I asked Kaycee what she thought about doing a sister set to it, featuring the same socks. Kaycee loved the idea and was all for it. We changed things ever so slightly so the sets weren't identical, but at the end of the day, it was a super fun theme done by two girls who get a kick out of teasing.

4. (tied) Blue Balls Everywhere

Model(s): Mindee
Published Date: June 10, 2015

Mindee's blue balls set was almost published to the site much earlier than it was. After talking to Kaycee and coming up with the idea to do a sister set to it, this one was put on hold until I could shoot Kaycee's. I wanted them to go up in back to back weeks. Mindee had a blast shooting this set and was honored that Kaycee wanted to do a follow up. As always, there was a ton of silliness involved while shooting this set. That's to be expected when shooting with Mindee. Now I just need to pair them up for one where they both do the blue ball theme together. Man, talk about teasing!

3. Sweet Licorice & Sweaty Soles

Model(s): Cierra
Published Date: June 24, 2015

I was so very happy to get Cierra back to the site in 2015. We met up and made the most out of a very hot day, shooting a number of sets. This was the first set I published on the site to mark her return because it most effectively showed off my favorite aspect of Cierra's little feet - how much they sweat. During this set with some licorice, Cierra's sweat glands were on overdrive as her feet were soaked. All that glistening in the photo above shows you just what I mean. The licorice sure was extra soft having soaked it all up too. Those are the pieces I kept grabbing to eat. Cierra could eat whatever came out of the pack. I wanted mine well soaked in between her moist toes! Yum...

2. Next Stop... Some Fine Fishnet Clad Feet

Model(s): Emerald
Published Date: June 3, 2015

When I found a pair of nude fishnet pantyhose with black seems running up the back I began thinking about who to have wear them. When I mentioned them to Emerald, she was all over it. She put together an outfit with some cute shoes and we made this set a reality. The results were simply amazing. Her feet looked adorable trapped under those fishnets. As a matter of fact, the only thing that came off in this set was her shoes - the pantyhose stayed on. I've only done that a few times in my sets, but this time was one I knew it would work out perfectly. Those little feet looked so damn adorable.

1. Coasters & Cute Feet on the Beach

Model(s): Mindee
Published Date: July 29, 2015

Things that I like checklist: Roller coasters - check. Beaches - check. Pretty bare feet - check. You combine those three things into a set and it's going to be hard to beat. Of all the sets Mindee and I planned during our vacation at the end of June, this was the one I was most looking forward to. I'm so very happy the sun poked out during an otherwise, rainy few days, to make this set a reality. Mindee, as always, nailed it and we left the park/beach that morning with my favorite set of 2015.

Honorable Mentions (8): Alice - Chicken Nuggets, Aspen - Augustine Bridge, Emerald - Heels on the Bench, Jamie - Rainy Day Soles, Lela Beryl - Comic Cards, Mindee - Blue Flannel, Mindee - Christmas Lights, Riley - Pink Over the Knee Socks

So what photo sets were your favorites from this year? I can only imagine what will be on next year's list with so many great sets just waiting to be published, plus any new ones done in 2016.

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