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The 1 Pair of Feet, 2 Girl Pose & Foot Rub

A pair of feet - one right foot and one left foot. Many have been in front of me over the years and many of them have gotten massaged before, during, and after a shoot. But not all "pairs" of feet are created equal, so to speak. Nope, as a matter of fact, they can totally different. That's the case when that "pair" of feet belong to two different models.

This year I was lucky enough to do a number of two girl photo shoots. In several of those sets I was able to get the girls involved to each stick out one foot - one sticking out a left, and one sticking out a right. With two feet front and center, it's like a pair of feet, but yet it's not. The visual, however, is quite neat.

At first glance this one pair of feet consisting of two different girls' feet looks like it belongs to one person - with some exceptions, one of which I'll discuss a little later. Where you can really tell the difference though is when you touch that "pair" of feet.

This "pair" of bare feet actually belongs to two different models - Marcy (left) and Mindee.

During my most recent two girl set with Mindee and Marcy, the two cousins "paired" up their size 8 counterparts to make an almost perfect "pair" of feet. This happened during their long-awaited M&M's themed set (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Mindee & Marcy").

It was about a third of the way into this large set that I was finally treated to the "pairing." I'm at the end of the bed, both girls had pulled off one sock and had their bare feet framed in between. I made the comment to the girls that their bare feet really worked well in creating this faux "pair" of feet for the camera. The girls laughed and wiggled their toes as I shot a few more. After those shots I showed them the shots on the camera viewer so they could see what I was seeing. They both agreed that it did indeed look like the feet belonged to one person at first glance.

With my hands free at this point, as the girls looked through some of their other photos, I decided to go ahead and put them to use. I grabbed onto each foot and started to press my thumbs into the centers of this "pair" of feet. This isn't the first time that I've done a foot rub to two different feet, but damn if it wasn't the the closest it's ever felt to feeling like I was only rubbing one girl's feet - at least that I can remember.

"It's odd. They're the same size, so it feels like I'm just rubbing one person's feet," I said.

"You're loving life right now, aren't you," Marcy asked laughing.

"Yeah he is! Look at him down there," Mindee answered before I could muster a response.

I just shook my head and kept on rubbing. And when I say, "kept on rubbing," I mean just that. We had a long pause at this point where I just rubbed both girl's foot as they relaxed and talked about stuff going on in life.

Needless to say, this was a really unique experience for me. I felt like I had my hands gripping on a single set of feet, except for tiny nuisances. Marcy's foot is a little bit more slender than Mindee's. Mindee's feet have a bit more softer padding to them. Marcy's toes are slightly skinnier. I'm able to shove my fingers between Mindee's toes easier as they spread farther apart. The other thing I would notice is when I'd trail my fingers and thumbs down the girls' arches at the exact same time. That's when I'd feel the subtle differences of the depths of each one's arches. Each curve began and ended in different parts of the foot and weren't the same exact depth.

Eventually this special little massage would come to an end, but I'd end up tending to both girls' feet, both solo and separately numerous times before we wrapped up. It was that one pair of feet, two girl foot rub, however, that stuck out in my mind. It was probably the closest any two girls' feet have felt that I've gotten to rub when "paired" like that. 

Saying Mindee's and Marcy's feet were the "closest," however, means that I have other experiences to compare it to. Several other experiences from this year actually. The one experience even involves Mindee and took place only a couple of weeks prior.

Mindee (left) & Cierra making a "pair" of feet with one foot each.

Before I met up with Mindee and Marcy to do the M&M's set, I met up with Mindee and Cierra. On the agenda was a thigh high stockings set (view blog: "Thursday's Shoot: Part 2 - Mindee & Cierra").

Unlike Mindee's and Marcy's set, I didn't focus many photos on foot "pairing" pose, but i did manage to get in a few. The one showcased above was one where the girls had their feet pressed to the guardrail. This gave the illusion that the girl's feet are the same size because their feet are obstructed by the wood. But believe me, Cierra's are smaller and overall, skinnier. They also happen to always be sweaty... VERY sweaty!

Of course this photographer couldn't help himself on this day either and grabbed onto both girl's feet. The foot rub wasn't as long as Mindee's and Marcy's due to time restraints, but I didn't pass up the chance.

This "pair" of feet, however, felt so vastly different from one another. Mindee has plumper toes. Cierra's feet are more slender. Mindee's arch is deeper. Cierra's feet are moist 24/7.

I loved every minute of the few I spent down at these two girls' feet nevertheless. If any two models on my site deserve some pampering, it's these two. Mindee and Cierra are the top two models on the site when it comes to the number of sets and photos they've posed for. I guess I'll have to find some more time to shoot, and of course, rub their feet together.

Reagan (left) & Kaycee "pairing" off their feet in New Jersey.

Now to jump back a few months to August. I was finally able to shoot Kaycee and Reagan together, which also means it was the first time I got to rub their feet at the same time (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Kaycee & Reagan").

During this shoot we had numerous stops due to random acts of silliness, or me wanting to reach out and grab onto these girls' feet. Of course I made sure to do it while the girls each had a single foot front and center to make the infamous "pair" of feet. I wasn't surprised when the girls laughed and cracked some jokes while I tended to my task of pampering their feet. It was just that kind of day.

This "pairing" of feet also didn't feel as similar as Mindee's and Marcy's did, but these two girls surprisingly had some shared characteristics. First and foremost, sticking my fingers between both girls' toes proved that they both have some plump little toes, with a slight edge to Reagan's in that department. The other thing both girls shared was the overall smoothness of their soles. Usually one girl will have smoother or softer soles than the other. These girls' feet, however, were pretty even in that regard. Where the main differences laid was with the shapes of each girls' feet. Reagan's feet are smaller and wider, where Kaycee's are a little bigger and more slender.

Again, it was still awesome giving this "pair" of feet a nice, good massage. This one had the added bonus of being in public where numerous people also saw me pampering the two girls' feet. Oh well, it's what I do!

The most unique "pair" of feet I've ever had "paired" off belong to Camille (left) and Alice.

About a week and a half before the good times with Kaycee and Reagan were had, I actually got to do the most unique "pairing" of feet that I've probably ever captured, and of course, rubbed. These feet belonged to Alice and a debuting, Camille (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Alice & Camille").

I was already majorly stoked about getting to have Camille pose for the first time, but was even more excited to see her put her size 7 feet right next to Alice's much bigger, size 11's. I actually ended up getting to see it happen twice that day too, the second time, with baby oil and a rushed "pair" of feet foot rub.

There's no need for me to really explain why this "pair" of feet didn't look like, or feel like it belongs to the same person. You can see plain as day in the above photo those differences. That's what made the set rock, however. Just when it came to the foot rub, I surely wasn't getting that Mindee and Marcy feeling of it being like a set of feet belonging to one person.

One thing I really regret about this particular set is the fact that the sun was going down and we were rushed for time. With the girls' feet covered in baby oil, I really wanted to spend more than the few minutes I got rubbing their "pairing" of feet. Luckily for me, I did get in some good foot rub time in the sets shot prior.

So as it sits, it looks like Mindee and Marcy have had some of the closest feet when it comes to my experiences with the one pair of feet, two girl foot rub scenario - at least in recent memory. I'm sure the twins, Kellie and Kimmie, would rank right up there as well, but I can't remember if I ever got to rub their feet in this "paired" pose. I know I've rubbed both their feet countless times though! Too bad they still weren't active on the site, or I'd surely get them to do the one pair of feet, two girl pose and foot rub so I could report back to you. Guess the photo below from their last shoot together will just have to let your minds wonder if...

A twin sister foot "pairing" of Kellie (left) & Kimmie.

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